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Around this time of year with the season about to start I get a lot of visits from people who are new to the site.

To those of you who have started reading F1Fanatic.co.uk recently I wanted to say hello, introduce you to the site, and point you in the direction of some of the best stuff!

What is F1Fanatic.co.uk?

F1Fanatic is a blog for F1 fans run by me, Keith, with occasional contributions from other writers as well.

The site is regularly updated with a variety of articles including comment on Formula 1 news, F1 videos, pictures and other cool stuff on the web. There’s also round-ups of F1 coverage in the news and on blogs and reviews of Formula 1 books and other products.

Every race weekend there are previews, coverage of practice, qualifying and the race, stats analysis and – new for 2008 – live discussion of qualifying and the race.

A quick tour

The top menu gives you links to pretty much everything on the site, from details on the latest F1 season, to videos, to F1 statistics.

The two menus on the right list some of the most recent and most popular articles – including comments people are making on the site right now. For technical reasons the ‘All time’ most popular articles list is not entirely up to date. Here is an accurate list of the top ten posts on F1Fanatic.co.uk.

At the bottom you’ll find direct links to driver biographies, team information, and every race on the F1 calendar.

There are also links to the various ways you can interact with F1 Fanatic – through the F1Fanatic Facebook Group, Twitter, Google Calendar, Youtube, Flickr and good old fashioned email.

One last thing – at the bottom of each article you’ll find a link titled ‘Share This’. It allows you to quickly share F1Fanatic articles on popular social bookmarking sites likes Facebook, Digg, StumbleUpon, Del.icio.us and others.

Get the latest from F1 Fanatic

There are two ways you can keep up-to-date with the latest content on the site.

You can sign up for a free daily email which includes links to all the articles added each day. Or you can subscribe to the F1 Fanatic RSS feed.

Either way it’s free and I won’t go spamming you or giving your details away to other people.

Who reads F1Fanatic?

Here’s where F1Fanatic readers have come from so far this year:

36.9% – United Kingdom
16.4% – United States
3.8% – Canada
3.8% – Australia
3.5% – Spain
3% – India
1.9% – Germany
1.8% – France
1.4% – Brazil
1.4% – Finland

Hello to our one reader from Kyrgyzstan!

Any questions?

Leave a comment below or send me an email.

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  • 11 comments on “Welcome to F1Fanatic.co.uk”

    1. Hi Keith,

      I just wanted to say, sterling job on the site. Your content has given me something to help with the F1 withdrawl since the end of last season. Keep up the good work


    2. Thanks Warren you’re very welcome!

    3. As someone who’s only been using your site for the pasy year, thanks Keigh for your hard word. A definate must read resource.


    4. …and let me add some congratulations on the redesign. It looks great and offers a big readability improvement.

    5. Yeah, one "must" since first time I was here. Nice redesign, easy to read and comfortable feeling. Maybe you could send the template to Clive Allen (F1 Insight). His design makes me see carbon fiber texture all around after few minutes reading.

      Thanks for very nice work.

    6. Yea Great job!Love the new graphics!Always interesting reading.i am a Fan

    7. I’m a new ‘regular’ here, and just wanted to add my thanks to the great work you do here. It’s easily my favourite F1 site :)

    8. Hey, that’s as close as most of us will ever get to sitting in an F1 car, Architrion!  ;)

    9. i always wondered how many people from here visit this site… heh, im minority dude :D! Argentina don’t even get to the 1.4% xP

      3 hurras for the Kyrgyzstan visitor! :D

      i don’t know how i got to this site last year, but im sooo glad i did it :) thanks Keith!

    10. Keith well done! I have been going this website for over a year and i like this website. I even have to say i prefer going on this than ITV.com.

      Thanks Keith

    11. I found this website by total accident but I am so glad I did. Ever since I found it I just have to keep coming back on because this is undoubtedly the best F1 website there is.

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