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Join me tonight for live comments during the third practice session and final qualifying session for the Australian Grand Prix.

Practice is at midnight British time and qualifying is on at 3am (see the full Australian Grand Prix session times) . After last night’s commenting frenzy caused some server problems I’ll be trying a different solution tonight which will hopefully prove quicker, better, more reliable, and offer some cool extra features including polls:

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  • 5 comments on “F1 Comments Live starts tonight”

    1. Bah, I can’t see the itv feed. And I have no cable. And in my stupid country no company has the rights to transmit, and or the will to transmit F1 practices. So you can all go live commenting or whatever, see if I care :(

    2. Actually, you’re not going to believe this, sometimes (most) I d/l the races the day after, because the argentinean commentarist
       that we get on fox sports are really really bad.

    3. Rather than having it this way, you could run an IRC server (or I already run one ;)) and have a web interface through which your site’s users can connect to it (A Java applet interface like PJIRC or something like CGI:IRC). The ones who know their way around IRC can connect to the server directly with one of the many freely available IRC clients (mirc, xchat, etc).

      You have my email with this comment, shoot me an email if you need help or want my server’s info. I’d love to talk to other F1 fans on irc.

    4. It looks like ITV will not be showing practice 3 on their website.

    5. Sadly not but there’ll still be live comments on it here. I’m having a look around, there may be other ways to watch it live on the internet. If anyone has any solutions, do post them…

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