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Click here to read the F1 Comments Live discussion for the Australian Grand Prix qualifying session

F1 Comments Live for Australian Grand Prix qualifying has started – use the link above to join the discussion on the qualifying for the race. Read on for more information about the session and track and tips on where you might be able to watch it online.

Albert Park, Melbourne, track map

2008 Australian Grand Prix, Albert Park, Melbourne, Circuit diagram

Track information

2007 pole position: Kimi Raikkonen 1’26.072
2007 fastest race lap: Kimi Raikkonen 1’25.235

Full throttle: 65% of lap
Top speed: 303kph (188mph)
Longest flat-out section: 10 seconds / 735m (803yd)
Gearshifts per lap: 60
Tyre wear: medium/low
Brake wear: high
Downforce level: high
(Source: BMW 2007)

Track and event links

How can I watch F1 live online?

ITV are broadcasting qualifying live in Britain online and one television.

TVlizer carries some sports channels live, including Eurosport France which carries some F1 sessions.

The ‘Wheels’ channel on TVU may be showing the session live. You will need to download the TVU player to view it.

There’s usually discussion about where to find the session in the comments so do check in to see what other people are using.

Live timing

You can follow live timing at the official Formula 1 site, which requires free registration.

Join in F1 Comments Live

You can launch F1 Comments Live in a new window – this should make it easier for you to fit around other open windows e.g. the live timing screen: launch F1 Comments Live in a new window

Or you can launch F1 Comments Live in your browser window.

Please only use the comments form below to report any technical problems. I’ve tried having everyone post their comments in there during the F1 sessions and it just makes the site crash!

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  • 4 comments on “F1 Comments Live: Australia qualifying”

    1. I’ve only just joined Quali, what happened to Kimi?  It’s just finished Q2…I couldn’t bet on the results that have just come in!

      On you go Vettel!

    2. technical problem left him stuck on the track (on the entry to the pit lane) and therefore he was not allowed to continue.

      In that last session Kubica could have taken pole had he not ran wide.

    3. Just saw on ITV, I can’t imagine Kimi’s going to be chippy cheery, it’s not looking good when a front runner (nevermind grid car alone) breaks down.  I’m not sure about Domenica’s ability in the first qualification of the season alone.

      Massa’s obviously not got to grips with the car (TC perhaps?), I didn’t expect such a sub par performance, but good on Kubica.  Even when he ran wide it didn’t look as bad it may have seemed.

      Shame on Ferrari and Williams, good on BMW.

    4. Hi Loki, sorry I missed you comment earlier, the live discussion runs in a separate window – the link is at the top of the page. Do drop in for the discussion tomorrow, it starts an hour before the race and there’ll be a new post on the site for it.

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