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How did you rate the Malaysian Grand Prix? Have your say below.

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12 comments on “Rate the race: Malaysian Grand Prix”

  1. Feel sorry for guys like Button, Webber while Massa makes a mess without traction control. Webber drove a great race, deserved much more than 7th IMO.

  2. MacademiaNut
    23rd March 2008, 9:02

    If Massa does this for one more race; and Renault not able to get their car up to pace, you can see what the result would be.  Alonso in Red! 

  3. If Alonso does spend the season with Renault and doesn’t do well this season, we will probably see a better and calmer Alonso next year (it at Ferrari). I just heard somewhere that Vettel could go to Ferrari next year, any truth in that?

  4. Never say never, but Red Bull own Vettel’s contract and have had a long-term option on him for some time and I don’t think they’ll want to give him up. He’s the only driver from the (enormous) Red Bull driver programme currently in a Red Bull F1 car.

  5. Alonso in red? As a ferrari fan I must say… no, thanks! :) Kimi is good enough for us, even Massa is a good second driver imo, if only he could get used to the exclusion of traction control and would accept his role as a second driver.

    Kimi and Alonso is not an option, it’d happen what happen with Hamilton. He doesn’t like strong team mates… not to mention Alonso continuously bashed Ferrari and Schumi in the past, having him @ Ferrari would be like stabbing Schumacher. NO THANKS!

  6. Vettel will be at Red Bull next year when DC retires, and Ferrari the year after as they will probably give up on Massa. Ferrari would never give Alonso a drive, according to that Schumacher book by James Allen he messed them about by changing his mind about a test drive a few years back, so he isn’t exactly flavour of the month over there.

  7. Alonso is too chicken to take on the challenge of Raikkonen as teammate.

  8. In Spain, the 2009 Alonso-Ferrari contract is considered a done deal.  Alonso’s protracted contract negotiations with Renault were due to Flavio’s refusal to sign him for only one year while Alonso could not commit any longer because of his contract with Ferrari.
    It was Jean Todt who felt aggrieved  when Alonso turned them down a few years ago and famously said that Alonso would never drive for Ferrari while he was there.  He’s not there anymore (what’s more, his move to CEO at the end of last year was seen as the first step in preparation for Alonso’s arrival in 09).
    Alonso’s reputation has been severely tainted in the UK because of last year but this is not the case in the rest of Europe where he is still  regarded as an asset to any team. So while the consensus here is that nobody would want him the reallity is that they all would.

  9. I agree with Rikhart, Alonso would not want Raikkonen to rip him apart, which he undoubtedly would. Perhaps I’m Ferrari biased, but in my eyes, Raikkonen gets on with the job and has built a good team dynamic with Massa. Despite Massa’s rubbish form, I’d rather keep him than risk destroying the team with Alonso, who would demand (undeserved?) number 1 status.

  10. I view Kimi at Ferrari as a natural progression, especially when Kimi announces he won’t race for long. The two would overlap for a year or two if Kimi wants out as he’s stated.

    The prize is having 2 world champions on the same team. The problem is managing them both without the McLaren ’07 problems. I think Alonso has learned a lot from last year and as many have observed his one year contract at Renault was done for a reason…..going to Ferrari in ’09. Or any other competitive team such as BMW if Kubica goes elsewhere, such as Ferrari fi Vettel is unavailable.

    Alonso’s one year contract may have been a case of any port in a storm, although it’s hard to imagine his resistance to a multi year deal at the sums of money thrown at his feet.

  11. cs: Never trust spanish media for Alonso related news. Never trust italian media for Ferrari related news. Never trust The Sun for…. nothing. All of them are a bunch of exalted guys trying to fill their news with something impacting in order to get audience.

    And if that’s true, maybe the solution then is getting Todt back then. And Schumi replacing Massa after Bahrain :)

  12. Redsword, no doubt you have a point, however not all spanish media should be equated to the Sun. As and Marca tend to be the only spanish newspapers that get mentioned when it comes to F1 but there are other respectable media sources in Spain that report on the sport.

    And just a little quote from the Italian Gazetto dello Sport that illustrates my first comment:

    "(Alonso)… è il solo motivo per cui il team francese guadagna un punto anche oggi."

    "(Alonso)… is the only reason the french team won a point today".


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