Kanaan loses win to Dixon at Miami

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A new era in Indy Car racing began as the re-unified series assembled for its first race in Miami.

Fear of a crash-strewn race as the Champ Car converts got up to speed on the ovals were not realised as the race saw only three safety car appearances.

But the last was by far the most dramatic as it came following race leader Tony Kanaan’s collision with Ernesto Viso.

Viso had spun in front of Kanaan who clipped the spinning Venezuelan. Kanaan stayed on-track at the head of the field during the subsequent yellow flag period. But as the race resumed with three laps to go the field led by Scott Dixon streamed past Kanaan, who was black-flagged.

Marco Andretti was third ahead of Dan Wheldon, whose bid to win a fourth consecutive race at Miami was thwarted despite a spirited drive from the rear of the field.

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