2008 Bahrain GP Live Blog: Practice 2

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The live blog for Bahrain Grand Prix practice 2 has now closed – you can review the discussion in full below. The next live blog will be live during free practice three. See here for Bahrain Grand Prix session times.

Join in the Bahrain Grand Prix Free Practice 2 live blog above or launch it in a new window by clicking here.

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  • 7 comments on “2008 Bahrain GP Live Blog: Practice 2”

    1. Hamilton won’t get a penalty, because friday engines are different from 3rd/4th practice and race engines. So he is still good for qualifying

    2. thanks for that excellent live blogging, really nice feature.i just left a note for f1wolf that i found some video of the hamilton incident, these usually dissapear quite quickly, so hurry up and look. ive got it in a post here; http://f1bloggen.se/2008/04/04/bahrain-grand-prix-traning-1-2/ 

    3. It doesn’t appear like Massa has any problems with
      TC ban.

    4. that wing flexing vid that varun requested


      aspect ratio is wrong, so it’s even more exaggerated.

      Can anyone suggest a video sharing site that supports widescreen? I thought youtube did

    5. Thanks Daniel for the link. It does appear to be a very strange accident. The car is just sliding on the sand as if it were ice. Hamilton is yet to learn the technique of taking hands off steering just before an impact. If he continues like this, he will hurt his wrists pretty badly very soon.

    6. Lady Snowcat
      4th April 2008, 18:25

      Kimi went out for a quick lap but was baulked by Lewis’s accident as his flying lap encountered yellow flags… he therefore only just managed to pop in a lap that beat the earlier time of Felipe… he then carried on for quite a few laps on his soft tyres….

      Felipe came out at the last moment and did one flying lap with no traffic and went in …. so I’d love to know the respective fuel loads…..

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