Mosley hit by further sex allegations

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The News of the World has published a stack of fresh allegations against Max Mosley this morning.

The newspaper is clearly not concerned about Mosley’s declaration that he will sue them. In a “tell-all” interview with one of the prostitutes (a typical tabloid tactic) it specifically targets Mosley’s defence that his now infamous bondage session with several call girls had a Nazi theme.

This was an entirely predictable move by the newspaper and is further proof that Mosley must step down from his role as FIA president to spare Formula 1 more embarrassment while he works to clear his name.

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37 comments on “Mosley hit by further sex allegations”

  1. Hmm … if it wasn’t so sick it would almost be amusing. How long can he stay on?

  2. Edinburger Neil
    6th April 2008, 9:13

    until the general assembly, no longer I think!

  3. I think you’re right, this was obviously going to happen. NOTW won’t let it drop until Max resigns. I’ll bet they’ve already written next weeks expose, which will widen the scope of it.

  4. But why does this effect his ability to perform his job? I’m not being naive and am aware of the knock on effect or supposed ‘bringing the sport into disrepute’ which appears to be everybodys argument, but how does it exactly? I don’t see how it effects F1 or any other FIA governed sport. In fact, like any press it raises the profile ultimately, I don’t think Ashley Cole was almost fired for cheating on his wife, but it did sell a lot of papers and probably raised his and Chelseas media profile temporarily.I think this is a case of over-reaction within motorsport at its first proper run in with the media and its very personal lives.

  5. because of the racial element (Nazi) involved in his sex scandal he is unable to perform his job as many car manufacturers and other major business/political/you name it people would not want to be photographed shaking his hand or anything of a sort as it is just complete negative publicity from now on.

    Think about it, if you are a head of a massive company or state or government the last thing you need in your tenure is to be associated with a racist Nazi. So therefore as the head of the FIA he will be making the entire FIA look like as if they approve of the Nazi element and therefore tag Formula 1 and all other FIA approved motorsport as a racist sport.

    Now we fans know this is not to be true but if you go and grab the common man who has no idea of what F1 is about they will not see it that way.

    Basically the whole thing is down to perception which is a major part of Public Relations and F1 (and other motorsport) in this current climate cannot afford to have piss poor PR, let alone a racist Nazi at the head promoting it.

    Also I believe that the King of Bahrain stated he would not want Mosley to come to the Grand Prix which is a comment that Bernie also said. So what good is a FIA President if he cannot come to major events and promote it amongst the commercial and political world?

  6. The racial element is to be challenged as I understand it, of course the NOTW are going to argue it was a Nazi orgy, because he’s an easy target. He is not a popstar, or an actor, or any form of role model, he is the president of an organisation and has to answer to his shareholders and board members, not the public.Piss poor PR? Last year one of the biggest sporting scandals happened in during my lifetime when McLaren were found guilty of spying, and they got a fine. That was clearly more detrimental to the sport, and in fact perhaps the automotive industry, particularly Mercades image.Also, I don’t think it is necessary he attends events, Bernie is the face of F1. Its no big deal in other sports if the President of the governing body doesn’t attend. Anyway at least if he doesn’t attend perhaps he can watch the coverage on ITV and get wound up over James Allen like the rest of us…

  7. the fact that he has to spend his time and best efforts on fighting these and who knows what other allegations is alone a reason why he should not run FIA now. anywhere he shows up people will ask him first about the orgy and then maybe car racing questions may follow…. 

    and NOTW will not let go … he could save that million dollars or so
    the extraordinary meeting is going to cost, save us more of this sick story and simply go … but to do that he would have to have interests of car racing and not his own in mind

  8. He’s supposed to be launching ‘Racing against Racism’ at the next Grand Prix…

  9. Tom — as Keith said, how can he have any claim to fight against racism after this …. his only get out is if it is completely fabricated, which looks very unlikely at this point.

  10. Did anyone ever hear the saying – ‘You shouldnt believe everything you read in the press?’.
    British press, especially.
    Why should someones sex life be anyone elses business in the parties invovled are all consenting adults……’what ever turns you on Max’

  11. it is not about believing what is in the press … it is about for example what is the hottest F1 topic right now – Kubica’s pole or Max Mosley ? We are an hour from the race and what are we discussing …. Is that right ? this would not be the case if not for Mr. Mosley …

  12. KB — the British press has some of the highest reporting standards in the world, certainly more so than the US press … their investigative journalism is second to none.

    I think Clive said it — once you pay for sex in a rented flat with five hookers your private life isn’t quite so private is it? You could argue that McLaren got Ferrari’s data in private too ….!

    Anyway, given that Max hasn’t refuted the allegation means that it is likely true. The Nazi element is probably open to interpretation … but when you are having a debate about that then you know you are in trouble. According to autosport NOTW is sending the tape to members of the FIA senate so they can decide who is telling the truth.

  13. Tom,

    Let’s put it this way. If you were the head of an association where you have to adjudicate and manage competing interest in a fair and balanced way, (not that mad max has ever lived up to that) you cannot have a reputation that can be easily questioned or manipulated. In his role as ahead of the world motoring body, Max isn’t a CEO as a public official. He is the face of the FIA and their efforts.

    So what this has to do with this situation? The very fact that he can be compromised and/or be put in a compromising position this easily. For example, if a certain car manufacture doesn’t like their crash test rating, they could manipulate the situation by threating Max that they have more unsavory information about his personal life. Max has put himself in the situation where hisl authority is compromised by his personal actions.

    It that reason why he needs to resign. Not for what his personal life has done to the FIA, but how his personal life could do to the FIA in the future.

  14. The newspaper are sending copies of the video tape to the FIA Senate:

  15. Robert McKay
    6th April 2008, 11:31

    I’ve read the new reports, and the "racial", "Nazi" elements still feel very thin to me. Most of this "story" is pure spin – look at references such as "German (not Nazi) military uniform". My favourite is this: 

    "One ‘guard’ uses the term ‘facility’ — the sort of clinical language associated with Nazis
    Oh come on, that’s tenuous to the point of being the NOTW’s own interpretation. Other words like "pervert" and "chilling" are ridiculous hyperbole.

    This is gutter press of the lowest order.

  16. It may be gutter journalism but even if there are no Nazi conortations, Max was pretty stupid for enacting out a German prison/ torture scene (of which there is no doubt if you read the transcripts) … why wouldn’t you just act out an English dungeon scene? Why German?

  17. And as for why German? 2 of the prostitutes were German, so why not talk in their own language so Max’ desires can be more adequately met?

  18. @Rohan:"And as for why German? 2 of the prostitutes were German"According to the NOTW, he also spoke German to the three English-speaking prostitutes, as well as speaking in English with a fake German accent

  19. Four out of the six F1 car manufacturers, including the largest car manufacturer in the world, want him out.  Bahrain asked him not to even visit their country while they host the F1.  Numerous motorsport clubs from around the world have asked him to leave.  If he can’t meet any of these people, if he is persona non grata with all these organisations, then he cannot function as President of the FIA.  It is as simple as that, he must go and the sooner the better for motorsport.

  20. Did anyboy notice Masa WON the Bahrainian GP?

  21. The British press….standards – complete contradiction.
    I dont get how Mr Mosely and 5 prostitutes has anything to do with F1…….or safety on the roads……

  22. Michael Counsell
    6th April 2008, 20:21

    On this topic, the blog is just as bad as the News of the World.  First they pay someone to back up their story and essentially retell it then make up the some tenuous conclusions which insult the intelligence of anyone who reads it.  By posting a link and agreeing with they’re conclusions and referring to this article as "further proof" you are advocating the newspaper articles and sexposes (typo but im leaving it in…) into private lives should be used in order to remove people from positions of authority.

    Imagine of Max Mosely was found to be gay or bisexual.  In a lot of countries that is illegal.  Should he then have to resign?  What about if he was found to be a polygamist in some countries that is legal and acceptable for people with power?

    And another thing if he was seriously a Nazi why isn’t he spending more time fronting some kind of Nazi organisation (like his dad) because surely he has contacts.  Instead he’s running a worldwide automobile association and trying to campaign against racism and trying to improve the environment.  Where is the logic in that?

    His position isn’t compromised as the answer to blackmail over your personal life, slander and libel is legal action.  That’s the whole reason these laws exist.

    Best thing for the sport is if the newspapers/websites and blogs stop reprinting and linking to the articles.  If they do really care about the sport as they claim they would.  Freedom of press is a good thing but freedom implies a choice.

  23. Mr. Michael Counsell apparently doesn’t realize the mess MadMax has made of F1 racing.  Frankly I don’t give a hoot what MadMax does in his off hours but if this is what it takes to clear us of him, so be it.   ANYTHING to rid us of him is acceptable, ANYTHING!  He IS that bad!

  24. Michael, you can’t expect me to ignore what’s going on on the off chance that Mosley may be entirely innocent. I’ve reported this story with what I consider a due degree of scepticism (see my original post in which I explained my misgivings about the ‘Nazi’ angle).

  25. Michael Counsell
    6th April 2008, 20:46

    Number 38, I’m glad someone’s said that, even though I disagree…

  26. Michael Counsell
    6th April 2008, 20:49

    Innocent of what?  It’s not about innocence it’s about whether this kind of reporting is a proper means of forcing someone out of a position of power.

  27. Michael Counsell
    6th April 2008, 20:52

    Re-reporting it only creates the perpetuates scandal which is supposed to be a bad thing.

  28. Michael Counsell
    6th April 2008, 20:53

    Post 28 doesn’t make sense can it be deleted?

  29. I thought it made sense. I didn’t agree with it though.

  30. Michael Counsell
    6th April 2008, 21:09

    But it could be perceived that way and perceptions are what matters…  Or maybe I’ve picked up too much from F1 websites over the years.

  31. "The World Council’s only concern is whether that list is accurate and truthful," he said. "We are not concerned with whether there are issues over how that is obtained. Unless there is evidence that it is forged or inaccurate, we will take it on its face value."

    The quote is Max’s comment on the McLaren texts so if that is his honest opinion he should not care whether his activities came to light after an invasion of privacy.  Of course there is one rule for Mosley/Ecclestone/Ferrari and another for eveyone else.  Seems odd that someone who doesn’t care how information is obtained has called an EGA to discuss an invasion of his privacy.

  32. I should have said the quote is from

  33. From today’s report in the Telegraph:

    According to one source, Mosley’s deepening madness led to a barrage of insults against the people of Bahrain delivered in a telephone exchange with Ecclestone after receiving the letter inviting him not to darken the paddock door in Sakhir. Ecclestone was in the presence of the crown prince at the time, who it is believed heard every word. Mosley later called back to apologise to his majesty in person. What a mess.

  34. I guess Clive got it right in his blog entry A Song for Max when he suggested printed the lyrics to a Madness song which included the following lines

    How can you show your face,
    When you’re a disgrace to the human race?

  35. Samambaia de Plastico
    8th April 2008, 10:45

    I am scared with the last developments of this case.I can understand that some don´t like Mosley and take advantage of it, but people such as Niki Lauda, Jackie Stewart or any other driver have no moral to criticize Max, in their heyday they did a lot more than him, the difference is nobody caught them on video…What is this suddenly wave of morality sweeping the globe?This "Big Brother" intruding on people lives between four walls?Beware, you can be next!

  36. Though… Max could always explains, that on the video, he was spanking the Nazis.
    He could almost look as the nice guy in the story.

    Metaphorically spanking, but literally banging.
    We should cut the guy some slacks…. that was an amazing performance for an almost 70 years old guy.

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