Schumacher: anatomically correct?

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Michael Schumacher Anatomy

We’ve all seen quite enough of Max Mosley’s anatomy, so here’s Michael Schumacher’s.

No, the seven-times world champion hasn’t been up to any mischief: this is a 1:18 scale presentation model of Michael Schumacher I found in the Grand Prix Legends catalogue and thought was quite amusing (view large size image)…

The “Michael Schumacher Anatomy” commemorative display comes in two pieces: a smart model of his 2006 248 F1 Ferrari, half in red, half in mock carbon fibre, with various technical details pointed out.

It’s accompanied by a figure of the man himself, albeit looking more like his fat cousin, with cheesy notes on those parts of his “anatomy” that made him a great champion: “great passion and heart”, “sheer joy for the sport.”

Oh, please. Michael Schumacher may be one of the all-time F1 greats, but he did not win seven world championships and 91 races because of his “sheer joy for the sport.”

He was a ruthless, calculating, winning machine. What he loved about the sport was coming first.

When he and Eddie Irvine finished first and second for Ferrari at Magny-Cours in 1998 he demonstrated the depth of his joy and passion for the sport by asking if two Ferrari drivers had ever finished first and second in a race before. He even once admitted that, having visited a Grand Prix for the first time in 1989, he didn’t much enjoy the experience.

The car model looks good though and it’s got me thinking I should buy one, though perhaps with a more historic flavour. Perhaps Nigel Mansell’s 1986 Williams-Honda, orMario Andretti’s 1978 ground effects Lotus, or a classic Juan-Manuel Fangio Maserati 250F…

What do you think? Do you collect F1 models?

You can purchase Michael Schumacher and other F1 driver merchandise from Grand Prix Legends via the banner below. By doing so a commission will be paid to, for which you will not incur any extra charge.

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17 comments on “Schumacher: anatomically correct?”

  1. looks more like kimi..

  2. I’ve seen that “Michael Schumacher Anatomy” in the flesh and to be honest, it looked awful and tacky.

    Started to collect Minichamps here, the 1:43 diecast models, which aren’t too expensive and have excellent attention to detail. Only have a handful at the moment but a friend of mine has spent almost £3,000 on them over the years!

  3. Yeah my brother collects those. I did a piece about 1:43 scale models a while ago: Formula 1:43

  4. My first thought was, "Oh No". Then I enlarged it and just burst out laughing. Surely a DVD of Schumacher would be better investment. It just looks cheap.
    I mean, any knowledgeable F1 fan doesn’t need a model to point out what a "front wing" is etc…..
    And Michael looks like he’s come out of Toy Story. Does he have a pull cord on the back to quote famous phrases? :D

  5. @Chalky ….and that phrase would be ….."for sure, for sure etc etc"

  6. I collect F1 models, but I don’t go out of my way to get them.  They’re hard to get in the stores here, and I haven’t tried buying online yet.  Also, they tend to be expensive and above my budget, especially now because I’m saving up for Singapore.  After that, though, maybe it’ll be easier for me to buy them.

    I do have some Hot Wheels models, though, most notably a 1:43 of the 248 F1.  I also have some Ferrari road car models.  My favorite piece, though, isn’t a Hot Wheels model.  It’s the 1:10 Lego model of the F2004.

  7. When I was younger I began collecting 1:43 models of all the World Champions. It began with Hakkinen in 1998, but I got bored after the third Schumacher in a row in 2002.

  8. Really, doc?  Have you at least bought 1 Alonso Renault and 1 Kimi Ferrari?

  9. Nope! I was really tempted to buy an Alonso Renault, but didn’t get round to it. I might still try to complete the collection one day. As well as the five Champions from 1998-2002 I bought Ascari from 1952 and Piquet from 1981.

  10. The greatest man that ever lived…pure legend

  11. Are you buying the model then KB?

  12. I do, it’s what adorns my office.

    I usually stick to CMC models since they are by far the best in quality (and price.)  I have about twenty to thirty cars that I rotate on my shelf in the office ever month or two.

    On my shelf right now I have:

     a CMC Mercedes w125 #12 (the car Rudolph Caracciola won the 1937 German Grand Prix in.)

    a CMC Bugatti T35 from 1924 (absolutely beautiful.)

    a AutoArt Jaguar C type 1953 LeMans winner (In my view probably the prettiest Jaguar ever made.)

    a AutoArt BMW 328 Streamlined Roadster modeled after the 1940 Miglia winner.

  13. I own a 1:16 model of the R25 (Alonso-Renault) Love the words Team Spirit on it :P

  14. 113 at the last count Keith hehe!!
    but theres always space for some more. although not this looks pretty poor.

  15. How many pins are included?

  16. Tim – LOL!

    Perhaps they could release something for the not-so Shcumacher fan which includes a target and a few darts?

  17. I have a ton of How Wheels/MatchBox cars from my younger days, but no F1 models as of yet. I may look into a few here and there, but most seem pricy, espicialy if they come from other nations where the exchange rate hammers me.
    It may be a completely unreleated topic, but since models may have sparked your F1 interest in your younger years, mine was sparked by the classic video game Super Monaco GP for Sega Genesis. I still play it frequently- it’s set up right here in my dorm room in fact. It’s not very realistic, but tons of fun- especialy going around the old circuis such as Imola/Adelade/Estoril etc.

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