Super Aguri not out of the woods yet

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Everyone held their breath waiting to see if Super Aguri would make it to the first round of the season. And we all cheered when the Magma Group swept in like knights on horseback to rescue them.

But Super Aguri may not be out of danger just yet. According to this report they will be skipping next week’s four-day test at the Circuit de Catalunya.

The team definitely need the running if they are to make any progress with the SA08A. Which is, of course, merely last year’s Honda RA107 with a less embarassing paint job.

Last weekend they qualified on the back row of the grid for the first time since 2006. The drivers have been unable to explore the limits of their cars because if they damage them there are precious few spares to be had – which meant Takuma Sato’s crash in qualifying was bad news.

It’s not clear what the delay is with Magma. The group is run by Martin Leach, formerly chief operating officer of Ford of Europe, and he was originally expected to complete the formal takeover by March 31st.

It had also been rumoured the team was to change its name before the Monaco Grand Prix on 25th May.

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9 comments on “Super Aguri not out of the woods yet”

  1. I don’t really understand why Super Aguri aren’t using the same car as they did last year with modifications for the 2008 rules – after all, they beat car they’re using this year in it aren’t they?

    Surely using the 2007 car must have been more expensive than sticking with what they had – and it’s certainly a step backwards in performance.

  2. Those modifications for the 2008 rules would be prohibitively expensive for Aguri to do themselves to the SA07. Honda had likely already done many of the needed mods to the RA107 and engine (the SECU being the main one), so that they could test the new electronics on a proven chassis. The cheapest route for Super Aguri was to take Honda’s RA107+SECU+’08 regs, build it, and ship it to Melbourne. Like the RA107 though, we might have to wait until Monza to see the SA08’s true form.

  3. True form? They’re horrible! Even if they shave a second off per lap, they would be last place. Not good.

  4. For me, the big question is will any future/current rule changes regarding "customer cars" affect Super Aguri’s ability to compete, even if the team manages to survive this season?

    Keith, i’ll be interested if you do one of those driver articles on Anthony Davidson, as i’m curious if he really has some talent and is just trapped in a bad car, or has been over-hyped to soem degree.

  5. It’s been confirmed the Super Aguri deal has fallen through. They may not participate in the Spanish Grand Prix unless they get money from somewhere.

  6. "unless they get money from somewhere "

    in such short time I think only Honda can keep them alive for a while hoping some investor comes by and settles the debts …

    or (as I read somewhere today) Bernie may offer helping hand to keep 11 teams on grid …

  7. More of Max Mosley’s legacy, attempting to force customer car acceptance without the consent of all the teams. So Super Aguri will go down the chutes, Toro Rosso’s future is up in the air, and Prodrive will never see the paddock.

    Cracking good job Max, add a few extra lashes to your bum at this weekend’s session with the ladies!

  8. Seems a bit daft now that the Magma group was announced as saviours of Super Aguri when they hadn’t actually signed anything!

  9. The deal is scarped. Now Super Aguri is alone. Is it a time for Spice Energy group to buy the team as they tried last time.

    Let’s see if there is going to be one more team from India…

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