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Two new names have joined the chorus of criticism of Max Mosley – Red Bull driver Mark Webber, and Porsche.

Webber’s remarks to the BBC are pretty much as strong as any current driver has dared to make.

And Porsche has used the scandal to justify their continued non-participation in a sport that boasts several of their major rivals.

Webber told the BBC:

Whether we like it or not, all of us in F1 are role models, and F1 simply cannot have scandals of this type.

He’s in a very, very influential position and it’s a very important role that he has.

It makes it difficult when any of these sorts of scandals are involved, when they become public. It will be more challenging for him to do his role.

Many other drivers have avoided commenting on the scandal or, in the case of Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg in the press conference before the Bahrain Grand Prix, only talked about it in vague terms.

Webber is on the Grand Prix Drivers’ Association which has clashed with Mosley in the past, particularly over the question of track safety at Monza. Mosley was characteristically dismissive of their complaints about the lack of run-off and type of barriers used at the track, something which has since been addressed.

Porsche’s comment is even more unusual. It came as Porsche chairman Wolfgang Porsche and Volkswagen Chairman Ferdinand Piech were being interviewed by German magazine Stern (Porsche owns a substantial stake in VW). Both were asked about whether their brands might compete in Formula 1.

Piech replied: “??300m a year – that is just burning money,” and Porsche added, “And after the affair with Max Mosley and the women it would not be very savoury to get involved now.”

As Pitpass points out Volkswagen has had its share of sex scandals in recent years.

But it’s not as if these two closely-knit companies have no involvement with F1 or the FIA. The Porsche Supercup championship has supported F1’s European rounds for many seasons.

I think what we’re seeing is more people realising Mosley is not going to be in power after the June 3rd meeting and it’s emboldening them to be more vocal in their criticisms.

Mosley is expending more time trying to win a battle he’s already lost by endeavouring to have the notorious video banned from being shown in France. He’d already failed in a legal bid to stop the News of the World from showing it because, to paraphrase the judge, everyone’s seen it already.

The damage is done, and it’s time Mosley realised the damage he is doing to F1’s reputation by allowing it to drag on.

According to yesterday’s Times (a publication we should treat with caution in regard to this story) even Bernie Ecclestone now wants him to leave.

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14 comments on “Webber and Porsche criticise Mosley”

  1. and spankgate lives on.

    In regards to VW and Porsche someone else pointed it out that it doesn’t make sense for them to join due to their commitments with other racing (LMES, DTM etc).

    I doubt they would even think about engine supply either and I don’t really see any other major European car manufacturer getting involved in F1.

    Which makes me think, if India is coming into 2010 and with the induction of more Grand Prixs in the Far East would we see an influx of more Asian teams?

    Especially for someone like Tata who just bought the Jaguar name could we possibly see the return of them?

    In either case Max is hindering the sale of both Super Aguri and Toro Rosso and so should go.

  2. Webber’s always been known to "call a spade a spade" and then let the press put it down to him being a stereotypical Australian. But fair credit to him for speaking out.

    Porsche and VW? Did they really have designs on F1 in the first place? I don’t think so.

    What exactly is Mosely playing at? The only reason he still has for sitting behind that desk at FIA HQ in Paris is because he believes that he has the connections to ride out this storm.

    He’s playing Russian Roulette with an international sport (the whole of motorsport, not just F1).

  3. Respect to Webber. He certainly is a true Aussie as he tells it as it is.
    So will Pervy Mosley take notice – not a chance!

    Again respect to Webber for seeing the big picture

  4. Porsche and Webber should stick to doing what they do best –  Porsche making the world’s finest sports cars; Webber, well it’s not certain what he does best but it sure isn’t driving an F1 car.

  5. I’d only say that I like those pilots with brain and mouth, who are able to use them when it’s needed… There is another class of drivers who need to obey his boss and keep their mouth closed and their brain apart. You know who I am talking about….

  6. Well,Mosley has to go,we are going to have to get somebody to fill the holes that Torro Rosso and Super Aguri are going to leave and I doubt this scandal is helping the matter.

  7. James Steventon
    20th April 2008, 6:46

    I think Mark Webber is a brave man by speaking out as he has done. It is one thing for a major company like Mercedes Benz or BMW to criticise Max Mosley, but an actual F1 driver!
    You only have to look at the way in which Martin Brundle was
    treated for his criticism of Mosley and the F.I.A, not to mention Mosley’s comments about Sir Jackie Stewart.
    Mark Webber could find himself in very hot water if Max Mosley keeps his position as President. However, I admire his
    guts in speaking out against all this nonsense, as he is absolutely right in what he says.

  8. If you listen to the interview on the Beeb website you’ll find a less than loquacious Mark sounding very uncomfortable indeed….


    I wonder if Max and Mark will be leaving F1 together?….

  9. I’m not sure you can call speaking out AGAINST Mosley, brave.As far as Porsche/VW,  I found that all very odd since they have never expressed any desire what so ever to be in F1.   Historically VW/Porsche/Audi prefer to compete where they are sure to win.

  10. I’m not sure you can call speaking out AGAINST Mosley, brave.

    Good point, AC.  But the easy thing to do now is stay quiet.  Because if Max DOES ride out this storm, who knows what could happen to those who spoke against him?  So what Mark did, speaking his mind, is still pretty brave in itself.

  11. James Steventon
    20th April 2008, 19:51

    To AC.

     Name me one other ‘active’ F1 driver who has voiced their opinions about Mosley in public? The answer is none!
    Make no mistake, the other drivers have kept their mouths shut for a good reason. FEAR!

  12. Good on you Webber. Seems he is becoming the "Paul Stoddart" of the drivers.

    Maybe we have all been looking in the wrong direction, and should start campaigning for Webber as FIA President?

  13. Hehe, wonder what Stoddy would say?

  14. Paul Stoddart is the pus-filled boil on the arse of motor racing.  Compared to him Webber is only a pimple.

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