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I’ve had a couple of emails from people who would like to write for F1 Fanatic. I’m always keen to get new and interesting articles on the site so I’ve set up a new page for anyone who wants to submit an article.

If you’ve got an idea for an article you can either write it up and send it in, or get in touch with me if you want to discuss your idea before putting pen to paper – or fingers to keyboard!

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Keith Collantine
Lifelong motor sport fan Keith set up RaceFans in 2005 - when it was originally called F1 Fanatic. Having previously worked as a motoring...

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17 comments on “Want to write for F1Fanatic?”

  1. Hmm, I’d definitely like to try write an article or two…must have a think :-D

  2. sChUmAcHeRtHeGrEaTeStEvEr
    23rd April 2008, 13:55

    would there be a paticular topic we’d have to write about?

  3. No no, you come up with the idea, but it’s probably a good idea to let me know what you’re thinking of in case I’ve got something similar planned already.

  4. Hey Keith, this looks good!  :)  Say, I want to write a GP Retrospective, like the best bits from previous GPs.  So for example, this weekend, the best bits from previous Spanish GPs and so forth.  Do you have anything like that in line already?

  5. theRoswellite
    23rd April 2008, 18:42

    Keith:  Sounds like great fun, I’ll try to work up a concept and toss it against your wall and see if it sticks.  Keep up the great work. 

  6. theRoswellite
    23rd April 2008, 18:50

    Oh, one question.  Are we responsible for any photos, and do you have any good sources for photos online…..that would not violate copyright law?

  7. Hi Roswelite, glad to hear you’re interested. You don’t have to worry about photographs at all, I’ll take care of it. Should you want to supply something – whether it’s an image or a chart or whatever, then of course copyright needs to be considered. Look forward to hearing from you (and you too Journeyer!)

  8. I would be thrilled to write something from time to time!! Please keep in mind that I am new to this sport and as a result, my writing may need to focus onsome basic aspects of it. I do have some topics that I can be useful for, and as an emerging fan who is just gaining interest in F1, perhaps I cna provide a bit different perspective than many of the veteran fans who are all very informative and insightful.

    Also, I have just had my first writing about F1 published in my campus newspaper, where I am on the sports staff. The topic deals with the possible return of the USGP- you can find it at the following link: http://media.www.wilkesbeacon.com/media/storage/paper533/news/2008/04/20/Sports/Will-Formula.1.Return.To.America-3336330.shtml
    It was written to inform those who are not fans of the sport, so much of it is basic info many of you probably already know. However, you may have read some things on this site from the F1 expert who was very cooperative and generous in lending me his informed opinions :)

  9. theRoswellite
    23rd April 2008, 20:16

    ……to Gman, nice article in The Beacon, certainly look forward to any contributions you make on this site….let’s help promote GP in the US.

  10. Hi Keith, while I wouldn’t (and couldn’t) write an article I’d love to hear the thoughts of experts such as yourself (lick lick) regarding the safety aspects of F1, and the implementation of such technology into modern road cars … since its become such a moot point recently due to "he who shan’t be named" debacle.

  11. Nice article Gman,I love to read that there are some of us here in America that want to keep the USGP.It is just not right that we don’t have one.SHOUT IT FROM THE ROOFTOPS!!Bring it back!

  12. Thats a good idea. I will keep that in mind but I am wondering whether they are any conditions like min/max length or something like that.

  13. Great article Gman.
    And rest assured, it’s not just the US fans that want to see Indy back on the calendar !

  14. To theRoswellite, Wesley and Pink Peril, a thousand thanks for your compliments!! While this is only running in a small college newspaper, hopefully it will encourage a few more people to build up a bit of interest in F1 and support a future for the sport in America. It’s great to see such great support from fellow American F1 fanatics for the return of the series- I wish Bernie and his friends would get a look at our comments!

    Pink Peril- I’m not sure where you are posting from, but if you have a GP in your nation, I wish you all the best on a sucessful future for the event. Thanks for the support for those of us here in the states to get our GP back!

    Finally, I proudly admit that my article would not have been possible without the cooperation of a great F1 authority- Mr. Keith Collantine. I’ve written many different articles for The Beacon over the past few semesters, and it can be rare indeed that a source is as quick to assist me, or provides such a wealth of information to use, as Keith has done in this case.

    My thanks again Keith, and best wishes to all of you in your writing adventures!!

  15. Congratulations on getting into The Beacon, Gman (and good on you, Keith, for helping). You’ve done a good job writing it, and it would certainly be good if F1 had a race in the USA again.

  16. Thank you very much Alianora, and everyone else again!

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