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Watch the 2008 Spanish Grand Prix including interviews with Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg, plus a preview of the circuit and Murray Walker’s Grand Prix memories.

This series of videos is also available on the F1 Fanatic Facebook Group as well:

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8 comments on “Video: 2008 Spanish GP preview”

  1. Here come Barcelona Grand Prix, like said Murray, the teams and the drivers love it . All the drivers seems to be confident but who is going to be the next Barcelona Grand Prix Champion ? Maybe Renault and Alonso will win this grand prix.

  2. You are dreaming…

  3. Less plausible things have been dreamt of – for instance, I’d like to see a McLaren look-alike on the podium… ;)

  4. I assume that video of the circuit is an old one as the final section isn’t right?

  5. Nico Savidge
    25th April 2008, 1:08

    To be honest I’m not a huge fan of these videos – the quality of reporting just isn’t all that good (for instance, it’s really obvious all of their driver interviews were done at the car launches, months before the season started). Although I like the section with Murray Walker, the rest of it leaves much to be desired…

  6. Great Preview, but you have to update you barcelona´s lap on the video because the last new chicane is not present, and it´s a very important. This year without track control we will see cars overtaking on the first corner due to errors in that new chicane.

  7. Thanks for the pointers Nico & others I’ll pass them on to the guys who make the videos (I have mentioned about the interviews to them before).

  8. “I assume that video of the circuit is an old one as the final section isn’t right?”

    these circuit animations cost thousands of pounds and man hours to create. it was out of date last year, it will probably remain that way forever.

    the commentator probably should’ve acknowledged that fact, but i just watched autosport’s take on the same animation and the voice over simply discusses the weather instead!

    to put it another way… it’s the same for everybody :)

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