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I’ve had a few emails and comments asking how I got on with my first attempt at commentating on a live race at Silverstone a few weeks ago.

I’ve just posted a write-up plus some pictures at my other blog, Maximum Motorsport.

Read about my commentating experience at Maximum Motorsport.

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3 comments on “Commentating: How did I get on?”

  1. Hey nice article, the facilities didnt look that hot, I thought it would be more high tec…..

    How much prep did you do before it, and how much did you learn, how different would your approach be the next time?

  2. Well Keith did a great job for his first time in the box, it is tough to know what to do as a lot of people just freeze, which Keith didn’t do and he knew what to say and when.

    In terms of preparation – this is a difficult one. I know some commentators who prepare religiously and do reams and reams of research, paperwork etc. I know others who do none at all and rely on accumulated knowledge.

    I’m of the latter school and really all I do/have done is read Autosport/Motorsport News for years and years and then rely on that knowledge. For my money that is the only way it sounds genuine.

    The facilities at Silverstone were fine, just the visibility that was a bit of a shame, but normally there is someone at the second box at Becketts. The only ‘luxury’ commentary box is at Brands Hatch an oasis of CCTV and Air Conditioned luxury.

  3. Interesting views, tis nice to get a different perspective on a racing weekend, would love to see how it all fits together behind the scenes….

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