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Thanks to D Winn and David Watkins who sent in further analysis of how each team’s drivers compare against each other in each part of qualifying, in response to yesterday’s comparison of team mates so far this year.

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Here’s how the drivers stack up so far in 2008 and how they did last year as well:


Qualifying 3 Kimi Raikkonen 1 – 3 Felipe Massa
Qualifying 2 Kimi Raikkonen 1 – 3 Felipe Massa
Qualifying 1 Kimi Raikkonen 1 – 3 Felipe Massa


Qualifying 3 Nick Heidfeld 0 – 4 Robert Kubica
Qualifying 2 Nick Heidfeld 1 – 3 Robert Kubica
Qualifying 1 Nick Heidfeld 2 – 2 Robert Kubica


Qualifying 3 Lewis Hamilton 3 – 1 Heikki Kovalainen
Qualifying 2 Lewis Hamilton 2 – 2 Heikki Kovalainen
Qualifying 1 Lewis Hamilton 2 – 2 Heikki Kovalainen


Qualifying 3 Nico Rosberg 2 – 0 Kazuki Nakajima
Qualifying 2 Nico Rosberg 3 – 1 Kazuki Nakajima
Qualifying 1 Nico Rosberg 4 – 0 Kazuki Nakajima


Qualifying 3 Jarno Trulli 4 – 0 Timo Glock
Qualifying 2 Jarno Trulli 4 – 0 Timo Glock
Qualifying 1 Jarno Trulli 4 – 0 Timo Glock

Red Bull

Qualifying 3 David Coulthard 1 – 2 Mark Webber
Qualifying 2 David Coulthard 1 – 3 Mark Webber
Qualifying 1 David Coulthard 1 – 3 Mark Webber


Qualifying 3 Fernando Alonso 3 – 0 Nelson Piquet Jnr
Qualifying 2 Fernando Alonso 4 – 0 Nelson Piquet Jnr
Qualifying 1 Fernando Alonso 4 – 0 Nelson Piquet Jnr


Qualifying 3 Jenson Button 1 – 0 Rubens Barrichello
Qualifying 2 Jenson Button 2 – 2 Rubens Barrichello
Qualifying 1 Jenson Button 2 – 2 Rubens Barrichello

Toro Rosso

Qualifying 3 Sebastian Vettel 1 – 0 Sebastien Bourdais
Qualifying 2 Sebastian Vettel 2 – 2 Sebastien Bourdais
Qualifying 1 Sebastian Vettel 3 – 1 Sebastien Bourdais

Force India

Qualifying 3 Giancarlo Fisichella 0 – 0 Adrian Sutil
Qualifying 2 Giancarlo Fisichella 0 – 0 Adrian Sutil
Qualifying 1 Giancarlo Fisichella 4 – 0 Adrian Sutil

Super Aguri

Qualifying 3 Takuma Sato 0 – 0 Anthony Davidson
Qualifying 2 Takuma Sato 0 – 0 Anthony Davidson
Qualifying 1 Takuma Sato 2 – 2 Anthony Davidson

2007 team mate qualifying statistics

Here’s David’s data on 2007. He explains: “I did the qualifying break-down session by session for the 2007 season. I only scored points when both drivers set a time in the same session and that time counted regardless of engine changes/penalties that affected grid position.”


Kimi Raikkonen 22-24 Felipe Massa


Fernando Alonso 27-23 Lewis Hamilton


Nick Heidfeld 23.5-24.5 Robert Kubica
Nick Heidfeld 3-0 Sebastian Vettel


Giancarlo Fisichella 15-21 Heikki Kovaleinen

Red Bull

David Coulthard 8-22 Mark Webber


Jarno Trulli 23-10 Ralf Schumacher


Nico Rosberg 22-2 Alexander Wurz
Nico Rosberg 1-0 Kazuki Nakajima


Jenson Button 11-16 Rubens Barrichello

Super Aguri

Takuma Sato 8-11 Anthony Davidson

Toro Rosso

Vitantonio Liuzzi 5-6 Scott Speed
Vitantonio Liuzzi 5-5 Sebastian Vettel


Adrian Sutil 6-2 Christijan Albers
Adrian Sutil 1-0 Markus Winkelhock
Adrian Sutil 6-0 Sakon Yamamoto

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8 comments on “Analysis: F1 team mates in qualifying”

  1. A rather pointless exercise – but hey, if you’ve got the time. The top 3 or 4 teams will always make Qualy 3 – save for the odd mechanical problem – without really having to drive at 10/10ths and once in the last group fuel strategy determines grid positions…

  2. I think it’s rather interesting actually. One example is at Red Bull where, even this early into the season, it seems as though DC has closed the gap slightly to Webber in terms of quali performances. And that Massa has pulled out a gap to Kimi likewise.

  3. And that Heikki and Lewis are well matched in Q1 and Q2, but Lewis is better in Q3 (either because he carries less fuel or is able to handle a fuel-laden car better).

  4. Rohan – you are right about Lewis/Heikki and Kimi/Massa, but my point – see my earlier post – is that in Q1 and Q2 the top teams’ drivers are not really trying and in Q3 fuel strategy determines lap times, not who’s actually the faster/better qualifier.

  5. Green Flag, yep, that’s all there really is to say about this. You’d need the fuel load as another indicator to get something out of this. See who carried more, and give them another point for that, without going too much into trying to work out some perfectly weighted formula here ;-)

  6. An entertaining exercise but wouldn’t a similar chart of FINISHING positions have meant more?

  7. Number 38, I totally agree. However, the original request was for a comparison of team drivers in quali, so that is all I did.
    I believe Alianora is working on something far more advanced.

  8. I’ve now sent my spreadsheet that compares average team-mate performance across sessions (and a couple of other things) to Keith and D Winn to have a look at.

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