F1 blogs review: Senna, 14 years on

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Here’s some of the best stuff I came across on the F1 blogs including two great articles on Ayrton Senna, today being the 14th anniversary of his death.

Plus rumours on Kimi Raikkonen’s retirement, F1 in 2009, and Danica Patrick.

From the Vault: F1 is robbed of one of its most dazzling talents – In the Guardian’s series of history pieces, this is Alan Henry’s account of the death of Ayrton Senna in 1994.

May Day – No Fenders recalls seeing Senna at the 1990 United States Grand Prix.

Kimi Raikkonen to retire – Back to the present day and speculation about Kimi Raikkonen’s future.

Video: Stephane Ortelli survives horrific crash at Monza – Gigantic sports car crash at the home of the Italian Grand Prix leaves Ortelli and ex-F1 racer Allan McNish without series injuries (Ortelli has a broken ankle).

Whatever happened to… Esteban Tuero – The Minardi driver of 1998 now races a Ferrari in the FIA GT series. More here.

Mika Hakkinen in Singapore F1 test drive – Pictures of the two-times F1 champion in Singapore earlier this year.

M1 triggers Procar fantasies – BMW has revealed a concept modern version of the supercar it supplied for the F1 support series of 1979 and 1980, in which active F1 drivers competed.

Slick F1 returns to high adventure – F1 will be better next year, says Kevin Garside of the Daily Telegraph.

So you want to be an F1 commentator?I tried it out a couple of weeks ago and now Sidepodcast are giving you the chance.

Could Danica Patrick be Formula One’s next female racer? – Ollie of BlogF1 looks at how America’s leading racing lady could do in F1.

Stop the Formula 1 branding – Checkpoint 10 doesn’t like the idea of F1 marketing itself. I can’t see the harm to be honest, in fact I think they should do a lot more to promote the sport.

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14 comments on “F1 blogs review: Senna, 14 years on”

  1. “…and now Sidepodcast are giving you the chance.”

    appreciate the link good sir, but before anyone gets too excited, the competition is now closed.

    we have a winner and you have to check out the Turkey Preview Video this coming wednesday to see how they got on :)

  2. Green Flag
    1st May 2008, 21:43

    Also re Senna, see GrandPrix.com’s Fourteen years on

  3. about Tuero:

    after he retired from F1, he started a touring car carrer here, in Argentina, and quite succeded. Joined Volkswagen official TC2000 team, and won a couple of races. Never really contended for the championship, as Volkswagen decided to develop the (new at that time) Yetta (here, Volkswagen Bora) before the germans retired his official support.

    Continued to compete with the old cars, those which actually can’t get a serious oportunity to win, but quite impressed with his performances. After 6 years in TC2000 (1999-2005), he switched to the hard TN touring car championship with a Ford Escort. 2006 and 2007 title contender (finished both championships 2nd), he’s leading the 2008 TN championship (2 wins) and now he got his chance again at the FIA-GT championship

    that’s all!

  4. Sidey, you not doing it for the next race then?

  5. “Sidey, you not doing it for the next race then?”

    next race is turkey isn’t it?

    pre and post-production of our race previews takes about 30hrs per video, so we basically start next week’s show today, and therefore entires had to be in already.

  6. 30 hours? Wow, that’s a long time for a free one-hour video! The dedication you put into sidepodcast is very impressive :)

  7. Ah never mind. Was a cool feature though and deserves a link anyway.

  8. “30 hours? Wow, that’s a long time for a free one-hour video! The dedication you put into sidepodcast is very impressive”

    in truth that’s not 30 man-hours. it includes render time and export time too (which means hitting a button then drinking some tea).

    we keep promising to blog the process, but the races keep coming.

  9. “Ah never mind. Was a cool feature though and deserves a link anyway.”

    and we’re chuffed you did. you did confuse me posting today though, i thought it was saturday already :)

  10. Sidepodcast never fail to amaze me, 30 hours or not, I know they’re pretty darn dedicated! And I so should have called my post "The First Lady Of IRL…" or something. Hindsight and all that!

  11. I don’t know how you feel about Senna’s death in Britain, but here in Brazil we still feel May 1st as a sad day. I must confess that this year was the first I didn’t remember until I read some blogs, including yours, talking about him…

    Senna was the one who got me into Formula 1 – the first race I remember, when I was eight, was 1991 Brazilian Grand Prix, his unforgettable first win at home, when he ran the last couple of laps with only the sixth gear… The first season I followed was 1991, his third and list championship, our last brazilian title…

    Also, aged ten, I was proud to watch the 1993 European Grand Prix… the magic was so great that here in my hometown the weather was as rainy as in Donington Park that afternoon (morning in Brazil)… the only difference was that, here in Salvador, it wasn’t as changeable as there… but I was proud to see Senna lapping the field, running with slicks in the wet, driving fastest laps through the pit…

    And I was watching the 1994 San Marino Grand Prix… I still remember Galvão Bueno saying that, after the crash, when his lifeless head moved from side to side in the cockpit, it was a sign he was OK… I still remember my father taking me out for a walk… and, when we came back, we saw the terrible but inevitable news…

    Sorry for the corny post…

  12. Kimi to drive in WRC for 2010?

    I have no evidence for this rumour, but that doesn’t usually stop the Spanish press, does it?

    Besides, WRC seems like the sort of thing he’d enjoy..

  13. Danica patrick in F1?, sweet!.

    although I’d have thought Rahal would be the next guy up to be given an F1 superlicense.

  14. on senna I liked him as a racer – competitive is a major understatement and when he took prost out to win the championship in japan – well !! – you could see where schummie got the idea from when he took out damon hill in australia – he definetly took no prisoners.

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