Should British F3 and the BTCC join forces?

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I have mixed feelings about the news the British Formula Three championship is considering uniting on the same bill as the British Touring Car Championship.

I enjoy both series very much, but I wonder if both on the same card would be too much of a good thing?

F3 works well in its current package with the British GT championship plus support races including Formula Ford.

It also holds standalone races at Grand Prix venues like Spa and Monza which I think are very important for the profile of the championship and should stay. That arrangement would surely have to remain if it did join the BTCC schedule.

One potential upside I can see is that if the BTCC shared one of the few weekends of racing on the full-length Brands Hatch track (as they were supposed to this year), that would be a bonus for the tin-top series.

And if F3 could get the kind of live coverage the British Touring Car series enjoys on ITV4, so much the better.

Perhaps it’s not a bad idea after all. What do you think?

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