Rate the race: 2008 Turkish GP

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8 comments on “Rate the race: 2008 Turkish GP”

  1. Great race with loads of overtaking. Watching Kovalainen rising up from last place was fun!

  2. A good race – lots of overtaking and battling at the front and the back.

    Pretty quiet race from BMW, didn’t hear much of them at all.

    Risky strategy by Hamilton and McLaren didn’t pay off quite as they expected – I reckon they should have used the soft tyres for the penultimate stint, and gone back to the hards at the end to push using the better car balance.

    Kovi’s comeback was scuppered by that last splash&dash – drive of the day otherwise.

  3. I enjoyed this race considerably more than the one a fortnight ago. Plenty of overtaking, racing strategy came into play and the better drivers definitely showed their skill.

    Nice to see the Ferrari’s aren’t scampering off into the distance and Lewis keeping them both honest. More of this please!

  4. I think the most important piece of information out of Turkey is the fact that Ferraris aren’t so dominant. If there is really any world championship talent in that Lewis, then this is the time for him to prove it with a technically inferior car to the Italian marque. More racing like today and my sunday afternoons will be worth spending in front of the telly.

  5. Always good to see a pass for the lead, even if it’s fuel-assisted. Not a classic, but much better than Spain.

  6. Always good to see ANY pass ….. we’re still talking about Sato’s pass on Alonso at Canada last year!

  7. Overall, a great race. It was very interesting to see Hamilton keep pace and even pass out the Ferraris, and there were several other good overtakings and position battles during the event. All in all, an excellent show!

    On a side note, I must mention that I went with my family to a Mother’s Day dinner at a country inn later in the afternoon and, upon entering the dining room, was shocked to encounter a near double of Bernie Ecclestone across the room! I later asked the gentleman if he had ever been compared to Bernie by others before and, depsite speaking with an apparent British accent, he claimed to have never heard of him!!

  8. I’ve just realised why the Turkish Grand Prix left me feeling flat, whereas lots of other people on the Live Blog really enjoyed it.

    It was because although we did see a bit of racing and some passing, most of it was undone by the tedious strategy element. So Hamilton’s pass on Massa was undone by his extra fuel stop, and many of Kovalainen’s passes were lost when he pitted.

    It was like watching Alonso in last year’s French Grand Prix again, when he put that cracking pass on Heidfeld but, once the pit stops had run their course, he was stuck behind the BMW again.

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