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A few choice morsels from the world of motor racing blogs including the A1 Grand Prix car based on the Ferrari F2004, the poor crowd at the Turkish Grand Prix and McLaren’s painfully bad PR.

Plus a shameless plug for my interview with Sir Stirling Moss and more.

Ferrari A1GP car for 2008-09 season revealed – Ferrari are providing the engines for the new generation of A1 Grand prix cars to be used from the start of the 2008-09 season. The car is based on Ferrari’s 2004 title-winning F2004.

Turkish Grand Prix has lost its impetus – Sparse crowds at Istanbul. Perhaps considering the last F1 race there was eight months ago instead of the usual 12 we shouldn’t jump to conclusions too quickly, but the audience wasn’t huge when I went there in 2006. As I said on the Live Blog during the race, it was like being at a touring car race in Britain, only much hotter…

Louise Goodmen says women’s influence is growing – Danica Patrick’s recent Indy Car win put the spotlight back on the issue of women in motor racing. ITV’s Louise Goodman reckons, “they’ve been recognised as having a valuable contribution to make within Formula 1 for a while now.”

Sir Stirling Moss on F1 and sportsmanshipAs I mentioned last week I got the chance to meet F1 legend and ‘best driver not to win the championship’ Sir Stirling Moss on Wednesday. Here’s my blog post from the Auto Trader blog (you can read the write-up from the interview here).

There’s nothing like a good PR stunt – And McLaren’s cringeingly embarassing antics with Lewis Hamilton last weekend was nothing like a good PR stunt. Meanwhile on a rare PR outing for Ferrari Kimi Raikkonen, “was looking about as pleased to be there as a fat kid at a salad seminar.” More on Blog F1 and more from me on McLaren’s PR disasters.

Mosley avoidance strategies – Still no let-up in the pursuit of Max Mosley over at The Times.

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  1. Looks like there isnt much news then!

  2. If no-one else thinks these are useful I could drop them. What do we think?

  3. No way Keith! I think your round-up from the blogs and news sites is excellent. I believe you were among the first to do this, and I like the current format. I find it useful because given the amount of information available, not everyone sees everything. I like vee8’s round-up because often Duncan will include stories that I miss. And likewise, you too cover some things that I don’t always notice first time around.

  4. Varun.S.Murthy
    13th May 2008, 15:59

    I like it too..there’s no ways i can look into all the blogs and not miss something..
    And i dont know what you have changed,but now the entire blog appears in my reader as well..its a huge help when im reading stuff on the cell phone..Thanks :)

  5. Nikos Darzentas
    13th May 2008, 17:34

    Keith, I don’t think KB meant what you suggest. Even if he did, this is a blogs review, not a news review, and I don’t even see what’s wrong with this week’s choices…

    Keep it up my friend. And please say something on this to cancel your worries, because all the following comments might end up being irrelevant to this week’s blog picks, just like mine :-)

  6. “Danica Patrick’s recent Indy Car win”

    yeah but can she cook?.

    hey its my birthday and i’m allowed bad jokes on this, the christmas of May.

  7. I agree with Ollie, Keith! It is very useful because its pretty hard to keep a record of all the stories, and i believe you do it very well. So if something is missing we can at least checkout with this feature! Keep up the good work!

  8. Keith, this very well might be darned interesting.

    I dunno about the engine specs for A1, but if they are anything to by like the Ferrari 3.0 litre v10 from 2004, then it very well might be faster than f1 cars. Funny, isn’t it?

  9. The Istanbul race had no atmosphere and seemed very very dull. After watching the crowds and spectacle at Spain and comparing it to Turkey, you have to wonder why we are getting more and more dull tracks in dull locations.

  10. I am so hapy to hear that Ferrari are providing the engines for the new generation of A1 Grand prix cars. Theyare good reliable cars and are in one of my top ten… this should make this sport all the more better for watching… been a fan for years. Just got my self a brand new ferrari great car!!!!

  11. keep at it keith – it’s a nice f1 news lense

  12. Hey this is a very interesting article! Thanks!

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