WTCC: Huff leads Chevrolet resurgence at Valencia

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After a processional few races in South America the World Touring Car Championship put on an entertaining battle at Valencia in Spain.

Rob Huff burst through to win in his Chevrolet having escaped a penalty for overtaking pole sitter Yvan Muller at the rolling start. Huff then dropped back to third, but passed the leading Seats, their wings clipped but a reduction in engine revs, to win as he pleased.

Early leader Jordi Gene fell to third behind Gabriele Tarquini and spent the rest of the race keeping the Mullers Yvan and Jorg at bay, with Nicola Larini’s Chevrolet also in the mix. But a third Chevrolet, of Alain Menu, provided the race’s best action by ripping through the field from 23rd to eighth, gaining a point and pole position for race two.

Joining him on the front row of the grid will by Andy Priaulx, pending an investigation into his collision with James Thompson. Tiago Monteiro is also under investigation for contact with Thompson, and Rickard Rydell and Augusto Farfus’s collision is another matter the race officials are taking a look at.

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