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Chevrolet romped to victory in the second WTCC race at Valencia with Alain Menu converting pole position into victory ahead of race one winner Rob Huff.

Andy Priaulx got ahead of Menu at the start but within a few laps the superior pace of the Chevrolet told and Menu molved back ahead. Rob Huff made short work of Jorg Muller for third and then demoted Priaulx from second as well.

Meanwhile the previously cominant Seats struggled with Gabriele Tarquini the best of the home team’s drivers in fifth. Jordi Gene and Rickard Rydell with sixth and seventh ahead of Yvan Muller who was delayed by a collision with Augusto Farfus.

Another Seat driver, Tiago Monteiro, clashed again with James Thompson’s new Honda as he did in the first race, and ended his race in retirement in the pits.

Farfus later went off for a second time and now lies 33 points behind the championship leaders having scored no points this weekend. He will want to repeat his victory at Pau from last year when the championship returns to the street track in the next round.

Tarquini retains his championship lead from team mates Yvan Muller, Rydell and Gene with Priaulx fifth following his second podium finish of the year.

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