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Rate the race Turkey resultsAfter each Grand Prix this year I’ve asked you to rate the race. So which one did you like best so far?

It’s perhaps not a great surprise to see the hectic Australian Grand Prix was rated by far the most popular which an average score of 7.6 out of 10.

But after a bit of a slide things seem to be picking up – the Turkish Grand Prix was rated the second-best so far.

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16 comments on “The best race so far – your verdict”

  1. I have to say its turkey that is the best race so far. Because apart from the usual smoke and noise, for the better part of the race there was an element of suspense. With the Ferrari under performing in Australia, there was not much action up front.

  2. Turkey stands out for me as we had a genuine battle for the lead and it was great watching Hamilton pushing like hell on his 3-stop strategy. Kovalainen and Glock were good fun too.

    Monaco could top the lot, though. :)

  3. Can i hazard to comment that it would appear your voters love races where Lewis performs well? From your chart there seems to be a direct relation between the popularity of the race and Hamilton’s good performance.

  4. That makes sense though – Ferrari have been pretty dominant in most of the races this season, so its more exciting when somebody gets in and mixes it up.

    I’m sure the results of this poll would be pretty similar if it has been Kubica or Kovalainen achieving Hamilton’s results.

    And as we’ve seen in previous posts, Hamilton is perhaps not as popular around here as he is in the media generally.

  5. NDINYO – I don;t think so actually. I think it’s quite clear from past discussions that Hamilton is not universally liked, far from it.

    I think it’s the most popular race so far because there was a lot more action in the Australian Grand Prix, and if the vote was artificially boosted by anything I think it was the fact that it was the first Grand Prix for five months!

    However long-range forecasts suggest it might rain at Monaco, which is always fun…

  6. My crystal says the rain will cause lots of crashes…

  7. My Magic 8 Ball asked me to concentrate and ask again. :D
    Rain at Monaco – should be interesting.

    I agree with Keith – Perhaps the voters got carried away with the new season hype for round 1. It’s not a Hamilton thing, but the more interesting races are those with the outcome not so guaranteed, plus Turkey had a pass for the lead on track.

  8. sChUmAcHeRtHeGrEaTeStEvEr
    20th May 2008, 12:30

    i dont think it has anything atall to do with these 2 races being hamiltons best performances of the year.

    Australia was just chaotic and the lack of finishers and number of safety car periods provided some great comeback drives and a few over achieiving.

    Turkey was good because there was a geniune foght for the lead and an overtaking maneoverue between the front 2 ( a real rarity these days ) it was great watching hamilton giving it everything to try and make a gap to massa. as someone has already said if it was kubica or heikki i think it would still had the same rating.

  9. Keith have you done a vote this year regarding who your websites users like most?, as in drivers?

  10. I enjoyed Australia the most this year so far, it really picked up where 2007 left off. The Alonso/Kovalainen scrap towards the end was very enjoyable, a very tough race for everybody.
    Turkey was more a strategic race, more of a game of chess, but still very fascinating. For all out racing, incidents, and action, Australia so far was the best.

  11. This is a very international blog. Here are some Brasilian voters and from others countries to.
    Thus I don´t think that Hamiltons’ performance changes race quality rating for “nationalistic” reasons.

  12. Catalunya is always boring as hell, and Bahrain hasn’t really worked out well for spectators either

    Melbourne is usually always entertaining, and Istanbul is a circuit that lends itself to good racing

  13. At least, Keith, NDINYO, give us something to think or to make a post: who is the driver whom give us more excitement?

    Thinking about that, I would say Lewis, but Robert is terrific too…

  14. I think that Melbourne is the best race so far this year, as it was action packed and never a dull moment, so I rated it pretty highly when I voted.

    I don’t think that the fact that it is the season opener really affected the voting too much. For example, last years race was as boring as bat**** and I am sure if you did a poll then, the score would have been a lot lower.

  15. The best race so far …… was a NASCAR event but your work on the graph is GREAT, I love it, well worth your effort Keith! THANK YOU !!!

  16. I enjoy the Sepang race

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