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Toyota explain the changes they make to the TF108 for the Monaco Grand Prix in this video, including a comparison of the high-speed and low-speed rear wing configurations.

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3 comments on “Video: 2008 Monaco GP Toyota preview”

  1. Great post, nice to see the difference in wing adjustments between Monaco and the other, more high speed circuits. Even so, the average speed is still 80mph around Monaco, with lots of armco and not much room for error.
    Bring it on!!!

  2. Nico Savidge
    21st May 2008, 8:06

    Okay I might sound completely off my rocker here, but… was the “onboard” footage they used (i.e. at :33, 1:59, and 2:55) taken from the Monaco scene in “Grand Prix”? I only say that because it looks so much like video from the 60s, and there are differences in the circuit (i.e. the quick chicane after the tunnel). Did anyone else notice that?

  3. yep Nico, noted, well spotted esquire.

    Well first thing i’m doing today is finding a picture of Pascal Vasselon to put as my desktop wallpaper, the man clearly rocks.

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