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Is the American Le Mans Series more technologically sophisticated than Formula 1? Just one of the thought-provoking blog posts I’ve come across this week.

Plus take a peek at the Monaco webcam, Ask Nigel returns, and more below…

Formula 1: The most expensive spec series? – One commentator on the American Le Mans Series reckons F1 has too many technology restrictions. This topic was also covered on F1 Fanatic by Scott Newton.

Three mysterious drivers – Doctorvee takes a close look at Kimi Raikkonen, Felipe Massa and Lewis Hamilton.

Load of Bull – Just how many people do Red Bull sponsor in motor racing? Here’s a sample…

Walk on Monaco’s wild side – The Daily Telegraph’s Kevin Garside reports from Monte-Carlo.

Your exclusive view of events in Monaco… – Or to see what’s going on for yourself have a look at the Monaco webcam found here.

Sense of irony failure as Sky slags off ITV motorsport coverage – Because F1 would be so much better if it was on Sky… I don’t think.

Will BMW sideline Heidfeld? – German driver under pressure from team mate Robert Kubica.

Greatest overtaking manoeuvres – Ask Nigel returns, in blog form. Excellent.

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5 comments on “F1 blogs review: ALMS vs F1”

  1. Hi Keith – Thanks for the link to my site, but just to point out that it’s pointing to a non-existent page on F1Fanatic.

  2. Sorry mate, fixed now.

  3. Going to see ALMS at Limerock park in July, can’t wait!
    Its only a sprint race (3hrs I believe) but it should make the racing interesting on this short track. This will be my first true race experience.

    So if your watching TV and you see some idiot running on the track to grab a piece of body work during the race, thats me!

  4. I attend the Petit Le Mans every year @ Road Atlanta and love it.Many classes of cars all on one track,which creates the spectacle of lots of overtaking and helps mix up the field.

    @Dan M….what will surprise you is how little noise the Audi’s make when they are smoking everyone else on the track.You will gain new respect for diesel power.

  5. I have heard they installed an more LED’s when they hit red line because the drivers have been spinning the tires and they don’t even know it because they can barley hear the engine revving.

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