GP2: Senna and Conway win at Monaco

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Wins for Bruno Senna and Mike Conway on the streets of Monaco means GP2 has had six different winners in as many races. The drivers’ championship remains wide open as Senna is tied for the lead with Giorgio Pantano.

Senna won the feature race after beating Monaco specialist Pastor Maldonado away at the start. Conway was set to finished third before being taken out by Javier Villa on the final lap.

That left him eighth which gave him pole position for the sprint race. He made no mistakes to comfortably beat team mate Ho Pin Tung as Trident finished first and second.

The sprint race got off to a hectic start as Maldonado hit Senna’s team mate Karun Chandhok putting both out. Christian Bakkerud slammed into Andreas Zuber’s car in a repeat of Nicolas Lapierre’s 2006 crash, putting the Dane out althugh Zuber was able to continue.

The safety car was summoned to clear that mess up and it returned halfway through tehe race after Alberto Valerio spun at the exit of Casino. Each time Conway easily maintained his advatage over Tung.

Adrian Valles was one of seven cars to cut Ste Devote on the first lap but as he gained a place by doing so the stewards summoned him into the pits for a penalty. That left round one winner Alvaro Parente third ahead of Roldan Rodriguez, Senna and Andy Soucek.

Romain Grosjean failed to score after starting 18th and finishing 10th, having been eliminated from yesterday’s feature race in a crash. He has 19 points to the 14 of Senna and Pantano, with Sebastien Buemi on 14, Zumer 13, and Vitaly Petrov and Maldonado 12 each.

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