F1 blogs & more: Behind the scenes at Monte-Carlo with Mark Webber

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Here’s some of my latest picks from the world of F1 blogs and websites, including Mark Webber’s own photographs of his weekend in Monaco.

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Here are today’s picks:

Mark Webber column – Red Bull racer Mark Webber takes us on a photographic tour of his Monaco Grand Prix weekend.

Monn knockoe – No Fenders reports on Peter Windsor’s one-man campaign to bring F1 back to America.

F1 2008: The reason why Lewis Hamilton has been so good lately – Craig reckons Hamilton’s victory in Monte-Carlo owed more to luck than skill.

DC to NASCAR – The press release was published with the warning, “Please note that David is visiting this event solely to shoot a film for Red Bull and we would appreciate it if you did not start a load of silly rumours about him switching from F1 to NASCAR in 2009. Yee Ha!” But Grandprix.com can’t resist having a bit of fun with their headline.

Donington Park race circuit to replace Silverstone? – The Sunday Mirror speculates. When they talk about Donington’s “ease of access” they’ve obviously never tried to get in on a busy day.

2008 Monaco F1 GP helmet specials – F1 Wolf rounds up the special helmet designs for Monaco.

Top 10 F1 technology transfers – How F1 technology has made it onto road cars.

Kubica excels, but where is Kimi? – I’m not alone in wondering what on earth happened to Kimi Raikkonen in the Monaco Grand Prix.

Monaco GP: celebrating nearly 80 years of racing history – Interview with Monaco Grand Prix archivist Roy Hulsbergen.

GP2: Senna and Conway win at Monaco – Just two weeks after his unfortuante brush with a dog at Istanbul, Bruno Senna wins the GP2 feature race at Monaco. It came 15 years after his uncle Ayrton Senna’s last win in the principality where he triumphed a record six times in Formula 1.

Rain at Monaco – Beautiful – This is my latest piece for F1-Pitlane on the drivers who’ve won at Monaco in the wet. You can also read some of my earlier pieces on the Circuit de Catalunya, Rubens Barrichello, rookies, predictions and, er, dogs.

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  1. sChUmAcHeRtHeGrEaTeStEvEr
    28th May 2008, 9:46

    just read your article about the wet monaco grand prix’s, didnt it rain in 96′ when panis won for ligier?? schumacher crashed out on lap 1 hill retired with an engine failure while leading and coulthard finished 2nd wearing schumacher’s spare helmet.

  2. That’s odd I definitely wrote about that – I think part of the article’s been cut off as 1983 is missing as well. I’ll send a new copy to John. Thanks!

  3. Hi Keith – thanks for the link, that Roy Hulsbergen piece was really interesting to do. However it looks like you’ve posted the actual URL twice – once in the right place and once in the headline for Doctor Vee’s piece on Monaco and Kimi Raikkonen.

    Am I unscrupulous enough to leave this unmentioned and uncorrected and to let twice the number of people click through to us…?

    [long pause]



  4. I better fix it or he’ll be after me… Thanks!

  5. Anyone who has started following me on StumbleUpon will see there’s already some new stuff in there which I’ll round up on here later. The F1-Pitlane article has been fixed as well.

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