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It’s been an extraordinarily start to the season on F1 Fanatic. Just a few months ago I marked the 10,000th comment on the site – yesterday we passed the 15,000 mark*.

There’s already a list of the top 10 posts with the most comments on the front of the site (look up to the top right under “All time”) but I wanted a longer list so I’ve created a new page where you can view the top 100 posts with the most comments.

One of yesterday’s posts is already on there: The three Kimi Raikkonens. And it was that article that saw comment number 15,000 from The Limit.

Thanks to The Limit and everyone else who has contributed here over the past three years.

Another new page I’ve added allows you to see the results of all the polls we’ve run on the site. As I’ve recently changed the system that runs the polls it only shows the last two at the moment, but over time this will build up into a much larger archive.

You can find the Top 100 Posts and Polls Archive on the About / Contact page.

*Not including comments posted in the Live Blogs, which have seen a further 18,984 comments.

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7 comments on “New stuff: Top 100 and past polls”

  1. Great site, Keith.
    Keep up the good work!

  2. sChUmAcHeRtHeGrEaTeStEvEr
    29th May 2008, 12:25

    well done keith, site keeps getting better and better

  3. Way to go Keith, keep up the good work.

  4. The posts are getting more interesting and you are the 1st in my RSS reader list.

  5. Congratulations Keith! Great work, and it keeps getting better all the time… Once I buy a tv-tuner for my PC, consider me a regular for your live blogs :)

  6. Absolutely fantastic work. It’s nice to have a site with up-to-date posts to reply to and it also attracts people who know what they’re talking about….

  7. this is a great site for us racing fanatics :) keep em coming

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