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I’ve been working on an article about CART drivers who races in F1 for F1 Fanatic but inevitably I got distracted watching old Champ Car videos on YouTube…

From 1979 to 2008 Champ Car gave fans some of the most stunning examples of great motor racing. These are the five moment I remember best – but I’d love to know which were your favourites:

Emerson Fittiladi vs Nigel Mansell, Cleveland, 1993

Two Formula 1 world champions scrapping in magnificent fashion around the bumpy Cleveland airport circuit. It hardly matters that neither of them won the race.

Jacques Villeneuve vs Michael Andretti & Bryan Herta, Cleveland, 1995

It was an ugly track but it certainly produced beautful racing. Here Jacques Villeneuve steals victory from Michael Andretti and Bryan Herta on the final lap.

Alessandro Zanardi vs Bryan Herta, Laguna Seca, 1996

Often referred to simply as “the pass”. Alessandro Zanardi’s improbable dive past Bryan Herta at one of the most daunting corners in motor sport – Laguna Seca’s corkscrew – produced one of CART’s most memorable wins.

Mark Blundell vs Gil de Ferran & Raul Boesel, Portland, 1997

On a drying track at Portland in 1997 the top three crossed the line separated by 0.055s – Mark Blundell edging Gil de Ferran for the win with Raul Boesel alongside the pair of them.

Juan Pablo Montoya vs Michael Andretti, Michigan 500, 2000

Screaming 230mph laps, tea-tray sized rear wings, two drivers miles ahead slipstreaming each othe to the finish. Mere millimeteres separated Michael Andretti and Juan Pablo Montoya as they hurtled towards the finishing line, the draft from a lapped car giving Montoya the vital momentum he needed to steal the win.

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