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Here’s the Canadian Grand Prix preview video featuring a preview of the circuit Gilles Villeneuve, a look at the remodelled Silverstone pits, and Murray Walker’s favourite F1 memories.

However, I think the narrator might have mixed up the corner where Takuma Sato passed Fernando Alonso last year – I remember it being the final chicane, not thr hairpin at the start of the lap…

This series of videos is also available on the F1 Fanatic Facebook Group as well:

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  1. Im with you on Sato, F1f. I seem to remember a heartstopping moment wondering whether sato was going to make it through the final chicane and not throw it into the wall (moreso than on any other lap)

    Thanks for the video, always nice to build up some anticipation :) and a welcome change of focus back to the racing

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