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Rate the Canadian Grand Prix out of ten

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10 comments on “Rate the race: Canadian Grand Prix”

  1. Fantastic grand prix – so nice to see Kubica finally make the breakthrough. I simply cannot believe that he is leading the championship by 4 points!

  2. The director of this race should be allowed to do all of the races… Plenty of inboard action and they didn’t seem to miss too much.

    Fox on the other hand cut to commercials at every chance and missed many things.

  3. Dan, you hit the issue of FOX & their commercials right on the head- I was very disappointed not to see the full podium and driver interviews.

    As I said in another post, great race for Robert, Nick, Dr. Mario, and the entire crew at BMW. Also a big boost for Coulthard and Rubens, who along with Heidfeld, needed a solid performance coming into the day. The Toyota boys appaeared on the way to a strong points finish, but Glock’s blocking move will surely cause some hard feelings…

    Another dismal performance from Piquet…I still don’t see him going anywhere yet, but we’ll see what he dose at his team’s home race in two weeks. After such a strong showing in Monte Carlo, Force India bottomed out again. And then comes the issue of Lewis and the pit exit shunt….I saw Kimi give him a friendly gesture when walking back to the pits, but I’m thinking he must be furious under the surface. Also, did any one see Bourdais wave his hand in apparently angry fashion at his crew? I would expect more from such a seasoned and apparently mature driver…

    Overall a great race. On my end, it’s still crushing to know the teams won’t be at Indy next weekend, and apparently very few people in the media seem to be talking about it….

  4. I should note that my final comment above is, in no way, a shot at anyone assosiated with this or any other blog- these websites have been outstadning in covering the issue ever since the announcement last year the the USGP woulden’t return in 2008. I just hope a better stream of info starts coming out about it and some more mainstream sports media sources follow the lead established by Keith and co.

  5. I think it was better than i expected with some OVERTAKING and drama, however i don’t know why the safety was brought out.

  6. William Wilgus
    8th June 2008, 23:22

    Wow! Two LOTTERIES in a row!

  7. David Watkins
    8th June 2008, 23:30


    I think it was because of the marshals having to go out there to extinguish the fire. You can’t just leave a car to burn by the side of the track although the smoke didnt seem to be drifting across the track.

  8. The FOX coverage was, put bluntly, crap!

    Believe me, if you all think ITV are bad, then FOX would be a real treat for you. Honestly, it is as if they i.e FOX cannot wait to finish broadcasting F1 races.
    As soon as Kubica stopped speaking, zap, end credits, see you in France in two weeks. Oh, but ofcourse, ten channels dedicated to NASCAR coverage to choose from at the ‘superfast’ Pocono Speedway.
    I had to laugh when one of the commentators claimed that Turn 4 at Pocono was; ‘the hardest corner in motorsports’.
    The shows only salvation is David Hobbs. His referance yesterday to the large crowd at Montreal was; ‘Well, with there being no American F1 grands prix this year, theres obviously alot of ‘Yankees’ here in attendance’.
    An observation that went down like a stone with his American colleagues.
    They were all probably upset at not being at Pocono with all the other Beverley hillbillies.

  9. Fox completely missed Hamilton’s podium ceremony last year. They cut to Nascar as soon as the race ended..

    Awful, and to make matters worse they own SpeedTV now so theres no where to watch decent racing.

  10. I’m happy to hear of the comment from David Hobbs- I missed that one, probably when flipping back and froth with the Yankees game from time to time. Having grown up and lived down the highway from Pocono, I cna agree that any attempt to describe anything about it as hard/difficult/challenging is complete rubbish. I’ happy it washes much-needed funds into the local economy, but the circuit itself is boring as ever- NASCAR’s version of the Hungaroring, to put it simply.

    If Bernie really wants to grow the sport through TV in America, he should force FOX/Speed to vastly improve their act. If they don’t, then take the series to the ABC/ESPN family of networks. ESPN is America’s first stop for sports news/coverage/information, and he coulden’t get a better medium for publicity in the U.S. Peter Windsor dose do a great job with the pre-race grid tour, and David Hobbs is also good, but that’s about it…..

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