Pictures: 2008 Canadian Grand Prix

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Here are 21 pictures from Sunday’s action-packed Canadian Grand Prix including maiden winner Robert Kubica on the podium, Kimi Raikkonen’s mauled Ferrari and more great shots from the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve.

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4 comments on “Pictures: 2008 Canadian Grand Prix”

  1. Judging on the voting here on the past two races, it’s safe to say they have been very exciting & entertaining. To me the reason for this is obvious, they’ve both been races where overall grip has been very low (rain in Monaco & poor track surface in Canada) & no traction control. Either James Allen or Martin Brundle mentioned during the race the cars were about 5 seconds a lap slower, but did that spoil anyones enjoyment??? Not on your life, I certainly didn’t notice. Personally I cant wait for proper slicks and considerably lower downforce so races like this years Monaco & Canada are the norm & not the exception.

    Also, well done D.C.

  2. Loved the race! I was there right after the hairpin at Sec 22. Wow what a great experience it was for me, my first GP ever and it was awesome. I am definitely going again next year it was worth every minute of my 6 hour drive it took to get to Montreal. As a Massa fan he didn’t win but he came in 5th which is fine with me, at least he’s 2nd in the championship now.

  3. Great race, I think the most exciting one this season!
    Congratulations to BMW Sauber, but Robert would have not won the race if Nick hadnt let him pass..

  4. I think that Nick didnt have a chance to stop Robert from wining the Grand Prix.
    Nicks was just full of fuel and braked earlier than Robert thats Nicks “help”…

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