Video: 2008 Canadian Grand Prix review

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Watch the Canadian Grand Prix review video with a recap of the race action and the championship standings.

This series of videos is also available on the F1 Fanatic Facebook Group as well:

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8 comments on “Video: 2008 Canadian Grand Prix review”

  1. what?!!! Couthard driver of the week? For what just keeping his car on track? Of all the drivers he didn’t really have to stress himself and fate just ensured that he was isolated from any of the on track battles for position. He was just extremely fortunate.

  2. Two questions:

    Who is the hostess?

    How did you manage to review the Canadian Grand Prix without using a single piece of video footage from it?

    Otherwise, I agree with Coulthard as the driver of the week because we’ll be seeing Kubica quite a bit for years to come.

  3. Well, this video has no images from Canadian GP. Not very interesting.

    And the driver of the week everybody has choosen is Kubica, not David.

    Maybe they’re right and all of us wrong, how knows…

  4. Chunter, I don’t know who produces those videos, but I do know that Bernie and his administration are very controlling when it comes to footage/photos/etc.. from any grand prix. Perhaps the F1 brass would not release anything for this production.

    As for the host, I’ve been a big fan of hers since first seeing these previews/reviews. A beautiful brunette, charming accent….we just don’t have women like that on this side of the Atlantic!

  5. Coulthard driver of the week? Are you kidding?

  6. bizarro superman
    11th June 2008, 21:47

    Hamilton, bizarro driver of the week…

  7. I’m familiar with how unnecessarily ruthless F1 are over the (mostly) fair use of their television footage.

    I still wonder who the hostess is; I’d rather hear her voice on Inside Grand Prix.

  8. Thomas Prince
    23rd April 2009, 15:33

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