Silverstone F1 test almost sold out

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Tickets for two of the three days of the F1 test at Silverstone from 24-26th June have sold out. They have already announced race day tickets for the British Grand Prix have sold out as well.

There are tickets remaining for the test on Tuesday 24th of June and, as with tickets for the other two days, these have to be purchased in advance from the circuit and cannot be bought on the gate.

According to Dank, who is going to the test, the ticket allocation was reduced in size this year because viewing is restricted to Farm – the stretch of track between the Club and Abbey corners.

He says gates will open at 8am and testing will be between 9am-1pm and 2pm-5pm.

Silverstone increased ticket prices from �10 last year to �12. There are still tickets available for Friday and Saturday at the British Grand Prix – see the official site for details.

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10 comments on “Silverstone F1 test almost sold out”

  1. Recieved my ticket for the 25th last week, very much looking foward to it.

    Paying £12 is reasonable compared to the horrendous price of a GP ticket.

  2. I resent having to pay at all. I live a few miles down the road from the circuit and I’m sure it’s discouraged a lot of locals from attending testing days. Sure, it’s not a lot of money, but why pay to attend a function with minimal facilities, limited track access and no up-close with the cars or teams? I’d rather have a seat down near the BRDC at the complex.

    I appreciate that opening the entire circuit would increase the need for stewardship and therefore cost… but this is a very rich sport and considering the cost of a weekend or race day ticket is massively inflated compared to some countries, I think test days should be free to encourage people who wouldn’t normally attend a race.

    I bet the owners are thanking their lucky stars for Lewis Hamilton!

  3. Shame McLaren won’t be at it though.

  4. I do not have any issues with £12 tickets – thats pretty damn cheap compared to the race tickets. What I am disappointed about is the fact that I probably won’t be able to see them flying out of Bridge.

    Anybody know what teams will be there? The only thing I think I know is that McLaren will not be there – it’s not on their test schedule on their website.

  5. I find Luffield is one of the best places to watch the test from (and get good photos). It’s a real shame if they haven’t opened that bit up.

  6. I don’t know which Mclaren site you lot are looking at:

  7. I’ve booked my ticket for Tuesday 24th June. This is the first time I’ve been to F1 testing. With both Wednesday and Thursday sold out. Have I booked the wrong day?

  8. Regarding McLaren not being there, last week I spotted a competition online for VIP passes at the test with McLaren, so I am thinking they will be one of the teams definitely there! :)

    Also, why Tuesday tickets are still available, having gone to Tests in previous years I know that often main drivers test Weds and Thurs, leaving the test driver to test on Tuesday! This isn’t necessarily the case with all teams but has been known to happen.

  9. Didnt that used to be free

  10. The test is now sold out completely.

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