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As ever we’ll be live blogging the French Grand Prix at F1 Fanatic this weekend.

There will be two changes to the usual arrangement: first of all Doctorvee has kindly offered to host live blogs for the first two practice sessions. Those sessions will be live here at 9am and 1pm British time tomorrow.

And the moderators will be doing something a little bit different during the qualifying and race live blogs. Full details and sign-ups for the Live Blogs below.

Up until now we’ve been using the Live Blog as a platform for open discussion during the F1 sessions. It’s been a lot of fun, and very successful, with over 3,700 messages posted in the course of some weekends.

However this weekend we’re going to try a change to the system. Everyone will be able to comment as usual, but instead of having the comment moderation done by different people at different times, I’ll run the moderation.

The same group of people who were running moderation before will still be helping out, but in a different way. They will instead each be reporting on the progress of different groups of drivers. The aim is to try and make sure as much of the action is covered as possible. And, of course, everyone else can help by joining in.

Where television presenters only have a few pairs of eyes on the race, the moderators and commentators on the Live Blog will have dozens, and we hope this new approach will allow us to use the Live Blog format to its full potential and give a level of coverage of the races worthy of F1 Fanatic readers!

We’ll have all the usual polls and chat going on as well, especially in the qualifying and race pre-shows which start one hour before the sessions get under way.

We’ll be trialling this new system this weekend and evaluating it afterwards. Please do join in as usual and give us some feedback on how it goes. Look forward to talking to you all during the weekend!

If you’re interested in becoming a moderator then contact me

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