Rain at Magny-Cours ahead of French GP

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Rain has fallen on the Circuit de Nevers Magny-Cours this morning raising the prospects of a more interesting French Grand Prix than usual.

However at present the track is only damp and is likely to be fully dry by the time the GP2 sprint race finishes. Some of the drivers even started the race on slick tyres.

Rain stopped falling shortly after 8am local time. There is little sign of any more rain according to the forecasts from Autosport here and here. Thunderstorms have been forecast to break after the F1 race has finished.

It’s nine years since the last wet French Grand Prix, which was won by Heinz-Harald Frentzen for Jordan. See more about that race in Journeyer’s French Grand Prix history.

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14 comments on “Rain at Magny-Cours ahead of French GP”

  1. Oh well – it looks like we will have another processional race.

  2. Ah well, it made for an exciting GP2 race at least…

  3. Lady Snowcat
    22nd June 2008, 11:16

    I was there last year and it rained hard between the GP2 and Porsche Supercup… but was dry for the F1 race…

  4. And the weather forecast keeps changing by the hour. Those same weather radars now suggest fresh rainfall between now and the race.

  5. Ben Goldberg
    22nd June 2008, 11:25

    Me being a racing fan, I hope it rains so we can have a exciting race, but my Ferrari side hopes it doesn’t rain so Ferrari can have an easy 1-2.

  6. Ben Goldberg
    22nd June 2008, 11:28

    Oh yes, looking at the radar, it looks like a nice rain cell is going to hit Nevers any minute.

  7. According to the weather radar it should be raining right now. But it’s not!

  8. Instead rains right now

  9. Yep we have light rain apparently

  10. If rains for a while, will it make the dirty area a clean area?.

  11. It will be like the washing stuff we discussed after Monaco GP.

  12. It’ll just make the whole track slippery!

  13. For the latest developments with the weather turn to the F1 Fanatic French Grand Prix Live Blog

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