British Grand Prix and F1 test sold out

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The British Grand Prix is expected to have a three-day attendance of 240,000 this year as every ticket available has been sold.

The first of three days of pre-race testing began today with the entire, albeit limited, allocation of tickets also selling out.

However tickets for the Grand Prix are available on the internet and at least one F1 Fanatic reader is selling a pair of adult tickets plus a child’s ticket.

The test

Spectators can watch from between the Abbey chicane to Luffied. Testing from 9am-5pm with a lunch break from 1-2pm.

Ticket numbers for each day have been limited to 5,000 and so there is expected to be little traffic.

There’ll be a round-up of the results from testing here as usual – in the meantime there’s more information in this comments thread and Sidepodcast have some more images and video.

The race

One reader has already opened a thread on the forum about visiting the British Grand Prix which you can read here.

Here’s some more useful information about visiting the British Grand Prix especially if you’re going for the first time:

Going to the British Grand Prix: Where to watch
Going to the British Grand Prix: What to take
Feedback from fans who’ve been to the British Grand prix at Silverstone

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5 comments on “British Grand Prix and F1 test sold out”

  1. cheers for the plug sir.

    traffic wasn’t too bad this morning (arrived 8:45ish), organisation was much better this year. the limits are a pain but they appear to have done the trick.

  2. massa sets the fastest pracyice lap…
    wooooooohhhooooooo…go MASSA

  3. i mean practice….

  4. Hi guys

    im going to be attending on thur never been to the f1 test before.

    Is there anything i should expect when i go there.


  5. Scott Joslin
    25th June 2008, 16:15

    Andrew – Just back from there today, unless you are a corporate guest or part of the media, you will not be able to see the pits or sit on the start finish straight, however you can sit in the grandstands around luffield or all the way round to club. That is a particularly good viewing area as it has high banking.

    Lewis is expected on Friday so you will be lucky to see him, Alonso and perhaps Kimi as Massa was in the car today.

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