Pictures: 2008 French Grand Prix

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Here are 21 pictures from Sunday’s French Grand Prix including the Ferraris romping off at the start, jarno Trulli scoring an emotional podium for Toyota, and McLaren drivers Lewis Hamilton and Heikki Kovalainen pictured with a 1908 Benz Grand Prix car.

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5 comments on “Pictures: 2008 French Grand Prix”

  1. Great pics ! Now I have wallpapers to cycle thru the whole week

  2. Check out little Heikki behind the wheel of that old merc.Ha..Ha..the steering wheel is bigger than he is!

  3. No hi-res pictures of Kimi’s loose exhaust pipe?

  4. No, afraid not.

  5. HA HA hekki looks soo funny…like a gnome (just joking he is a great driver)……. great celebrations trulli…

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