Tips on visiting the British Grand Prix at Silverstone from other F1 fans

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Heading to the British Grand Prix this weekend? Is it your first time at Silverstone for F1?

Here are some tips and advice from F1 Fanatic readers who’ve been to the British GP before.

Graham Clayton went to the British Grand Prix in 2006:

Very easy to get to – well signposted and special traffic system implemented for the Grand Prix. Support races were GP2 and Porsche Supercup – Hamilton won the GP2 :-) Everything was nice – people were relaxed & friendly – high prices on food. Ticket was 120 for three days – I found that to be exceptional value.

Alianora La Canta was at Silverstone in 2002:

I liked the helpful staff – when a purse went missing, they found it again quickly and without fuss. The layout of the shops was also good – you could get a burger from just about anywhere, and the routes were accessible. There was a great ambience, with friendly and enthusiastic supporters of most teams and drivers everywhere.

Dislikes included baffling parking arrangements (I found myself in the wrong car park, complicating leaving the venue), the insects (try not to wear anything yellow!) and the prices of the food.

Scott Joslin has some tips on where to watch from:

Race day is busy, so I would always advice to get to the track early, very early! If you have a grandstand seat then you can afford to arrive later, but if you are standing, on race day the flag mad fans set up early, especially around luffield.

Best places to watch. The grandstand at wodcote – where it starts to spell "Silverstone" gives a good clear sight of the cars accelerating past you.

The exit to copes is good – real impression of speed.

The entry to Becketts is also a special place, mental change of direction.

Paul Havell is a regular visitor to the British Grand Prix and knows where the cheapest shops are:

I get there Wednewsday and leave Monday to avoid the Sunday afternoon rush. 300 for six days = 50 a piece??. bargain. Merchandise is dear in the circuit but just over the foot bridge from the main entrance is a little tented sort of shopping village and it’s a lot cheaper for the same gear, you’ve just got to be bothered to walk.

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  1. I’d say be prepared for all weather (I got sunstroke last year) and don’t be in need of the toilets by the end of the race. They’ve had a lot of use by then…

  2. If you have a general admission ticket only – don’t miss the opportunity to watch some of the action on Friday and Saturday down at Becketts, where you should try and get down near to Chapel enabling you to really watch the difference in technique, speed and direction change as the drivers wind there way through this sequence at high, but ever decreasing speed. For race day Stowe hill is an excellent spot, but make sure you are there early (i.e. before 6am) to get a good spot. Take a mini radio – Radio Silverstone is excellent and should be your weekend long companion. Enjoy.

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