BGP Kangaroo TV competition winners

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Thanks to everyone who entered the competition to win a Kangaroo TV for the British Grand Prix weekend.

Are you a winner? Find out below…

British GP Kangaroo TV competition winners

Congratulations to…

  • Nik Hughes-Roberts
  • Kelly Bonner
  • Ian Bundock
  • Steven Byrne
  • Kenneth Neo Zheng Wei

Kangaroo TV will be in touch with the winners by email to let them know how to collect their prizes.

Commiserations to those of you who didn’t win, better luck next time, am sure you’ll enjoy the British Grand Prix weekend anyway!

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4 comments on “BGP Kangaroo TV competition winners”

  1. Whoo hooo I won!

  2. me too :-) roll on the weekend!

  3. Those of you who didn’t win can try your luck again in this competition at Motorsport magazine

  4. Thanks again for the Kangaroo TV! Will forward you some pics once I get a nights sleep!

    Enjoyable weekend!

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