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F1 Fanatic guest writer Journeyer begins a three-part series looking back at highlights from the British Grand Prix.

We now go to Silverstone for the 60th British Grand Prix. As it’s the 60th, there have been special celebrations planned to mark the occasion.

We’ll have our own little celebration by going through the British Grand Prix’s history. I’ve picked 20 of the best, split into three batches, and I hope you enjoy them.

1950: Any historical discussion of the British Grand Prix has to include this one. Why so? Well, it was the first ever Formula 1 World Championship race. It was even graced by the presence of King George VI. Giuseppe Farina won the first race, and went on to win the first ever championship.

1957: This British Grand Prix was held at Aintree, a venue which hosted the race 5 times. This was the second Grand Prix run at the track. This is the only British Grand Prix to have two winners, both of them British, as shared cars were still allowed at the time. Stirling Moss’ original BRM ran into trouble, so the team asked him to swap cars with team mate Tony Brooks. Moss fought back from ninth to win, splitting the points with Brooks. They became the first British drivers to win in a British car.

1964: The king of the British Grand Prix has to be Jim Clark. Arguably the most talented British driver ever to step foot in Formula 1, he won his home Grand Prix five times. This was the third of those five wins, at the first race held at Brands Hatch.

1973: Held at Silverstone, this is one of the more popular F1 races that are occasionally broadcast on ESPN Classic. This is most memorable for that horrific first lap collision which wiped out a huge chunk of the field. Jody Scheckter earned his early reputation as a wild driver for causing that. Peter Revson managed to steer clear of the carnage and snatch the victory – which was the McLaren team’s first British Grand Prix win.

1975: This race was also held at Silverstone, and was actually a pretty normal race for the most part. But on lap 53, the heavens opened and a hail storm rained on the track. It played havoc with the drivers and cars, many simply sliding off the track. Emerson Fittipaldi kept his McLaren on the track when his rivals didn’t, and was thus unchallenged for the win.

1976: The race returned to Brands Hatch that year, as it and Silverstone alternated running the British Grand Prix. James Hunt won the race on the track, but was disqualified in a controversy over the manner in which he’d re-joined the race after the first start was red-flagged. The win was handed to Niki Lauda. The video here is of a “press conference”. I’m using that term very loosely, though. Watch the video and see why.

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5 comments on “Video: British Grand Prix history 1950-76”

  1. you missed one of the most important moments at Silverstone.

    Ferrari’s first F1 victory, in 1951… =)

  2. Perhaps there wasn’t decent video of that available? I had a look for the famous Moss-Fangio finish in 1955 a while ago and couldn’t find anything.

  3. Is there an archive maintained by FIA that has all the videos? Maybe pay per view? I badly want to watch some Goodwood races..
    `Emerson Fittipaldi kept his McLaren on the track when his rivals didn’t, and was thus unchallenged for the win`
    so is Emerson the first king of the rain? even before Schumi? Keith you’ve got a new topic…

  4. FOM own the video from 1980 and onwards. A video archive is exactly what they should be doing, but Bernie Ecclestone is deeply sceptical about the internet and there’s been little sign of a willingness to open up their archives online.

    They haven’t even brought the pre-2003 official season reviews on DVD yet, whereas World Rally and Le Mans are all coming out on DVD now.

  5. Fer. no. 65 and Keith, you’re both right. I looked high and low for both 1951 (as I’m a HUGE Ferrari fan) and 1955. Sadly, I couldn’t find any. If anyone can find any decent video, let me know so I can give it a special shoutout here in the comments. :)

    “so is Emerson the first king of the rain? even before Schumi? Keith you’ve got a new topic…”
    Hmmm… Very interesting question, Arun. But I’m sure other drivers can claim dibs on that too (like Jackie Stewart with that mind-boggling win at Nurburgring in the wet).

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