Poll: Which F1 teams do you like?

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Yesterday a discussion about McLaren turned onto the question of which F1 teams are the most popular.

So here’s a quick poll to find out. Which teams do you like? Vote below…

Which F1 teams do you like? (Select as many as you wish)

  • Force India (7%)
  • Toro Rosso (6%)
  • Honda (7%)
  • Renault (8%)
  • Williams (16%)
  • Toyota (4%)
  • Red Bull (11%)
  • McLaren (13%)
  • BMW (17%)
  • Ferrari (13%)

Total Voters: 1,352

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Interpreting any results we get from this poll will inevitably lead to questions about what country most F1 Fanatic readers are from. So here’s a guide based on the last month:

1. United Kingdom 34.71%
2. United States 16.10%
3. Canada 4.27%
4. Australia 4.10%
5. Poland 3.22%
6. Spain 2.81%
7. India 2.39%
8. Germany 2.16%
9. Brazil 1.93%
10. France 1.73%
11. Sweden 1.43%
12. Italy 1.30%
13. Netherlands 1.29%
14. Finland 1.25%
15. Ireland 1.13%
16. Hungary 1.02%
17. Greece 0.96%
18. Belgium 0.96%
19. Singapore 0.94%
20. South Africa 0.91%

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60 comments on “Poll: Which F1 teams do you like?”

  1. Such a shame that Super Aguri isn’t on that list

  2. Agree on that, last year super aguri really caught me, made the better with the lesser, really great. Shame on Honda buuuh

  3. Keith,

    It is a pity that Brazil has an insignificant representatively on your board of global readers. Here we have a huge and consistent quantity of McLaren fans, cultivated in Senna´s days.

    They could make a huge difference on this poll.

    While Ferrari cultivated too much dislikes and an awful image to the fans in general, mainly because of Rubens shenanigans, Senna is spiritually remembered as strictly Mclaren driver. We prefer remember him driving a red white car instead of a blue white one that kill him.

    Anyway, the poll was a great idea.

  4. So that means only 1 person from Malaysia and 1 from the Philippines? (2 in the Philippines this weekend).

    I follow Kimi, but no way i could vote for Ferrari.
    As for the great Senna i gave “his” vote to his major engine supplier! (and Williams)

  5. I voted all of them, apart from Mclaren.

    even though I’m a huge Heikki fan.

  6. Scott Joslin
    3rd July 2008, 18:17

    As it stands Williams out in front. Didn’t expect that one!

  7. William Wilgus
    3rd July 2008, 18:39

    I did the same as Sush: all except McLaren.

  8. I did the same as Sush and William Wilgus.

  9. @ Scott Joslin: I’m with you there, didn’t see that one coming.

    @ Sush & William Wilgus: Didn’t tick McLaren either but did tick a few others. Ticked Ferrari as I am an ardent Tifoso

  10. conclusive proof that Mclaren haters are more vocal than most.

    “everyone hates Mclaren, trust me, i’ve spoken to 4 guys who hate them on forums.”

  11. I never understood the appeal of Williams. I have never liked that team. I ticked BMW, Red Bull and Renault. Last year I might have ticked McLaren, but with all of the shenanigans and PR disasters they have been involved in over the past year or so has really put me off.

  12. i Hope with more Indians on the poll Ferrari will top the list, but one thing i can tell you is that Indians hate Mclaren for over-brooding on their drivers!! I need not take any names for sure..

  13. Becken – I agree but, unfortunately, I can’t speak Portuguese!

    Interestly Toyota are bottom so far, just as they were in the FIA survey two years ago.

  14. Looks like BMW (87 votes, 51%) has taken the lead now over Williams (85 votes, 50%).

    I expected Force India to do well (everyone loves the underdogs, or at least that’s why I like them – and for once the incarnation of this team have genuine prospects) – but not better than Torro Rosso, and especially not Honda. Force India almost tied with Renault!

    I think what would be an easier vote would be to see which team don’t people like. Almost dead cert that the top 90-95% votes will be McLaren/Ferrari…but I wonder if anyone actually dislikes Toyota. Just because you don’t vote for them doesn’t mean you dislike them….could just be a bit apathetic towards them.

  15. Good point Loki, there are teams that i don’t care for and there are teams that I’m indifferent to, Toyota falls in the latter.

    “I follow Kimi, but no way i could vote for Ferrari.”

    So do most drivers on the grid, and they wouldn’t vote for Ferrari either : )

  16. @Abishek:

    That’s true. I haven’t met a single Indian in real life or online that was not a Ferrari fanatic or who didn’t hate McLaren. When the popularity of F1 booms in India, McLaren will be one of the most hated teams.

  17. Keith,

    I´d really love to see a poll like this one after Monza 2006. Would be interesting how the “Alonso factor” and the “pseudo” FIA bias pro Ferrari could shift a result in a different direction than we are seeing now.

    McLaren with Alonso in January/2007 could be more popular than they are now and today is suffering with the “Alonso/Lewis saga”.

    I think that this kind of “popularity” is very circumstantial, depending of factor likes who are the drivers, how the team is competitive and what controversy are on the headlines, etc.

    I think you should do a poll like that to the drivers too but I think that Clive will love this result so far…

  18. Robert McKay
    3rd July 2008, 21:38

    I voted for Mclaren, Red Bull, Williams and BMW.

    And anyone else who’ll take on Ferrari, so a couple years ago I’d have had Renault too. I’m not a big Ferrari fan :-D

    Not surprised to see Toyota bottom. Toyota’s ratio of achievement to money spent is only outweighed by the blandness of their corporate brand and their presence in F1. If I remember rightly they were bottom of the FIA/AMD survey as well in the popularity stakes.

  19. Well, whoever said for every Ferrari Fan there is a McLaren Fan was right at this point – 82 votes each.

    I wonder if there is anyone who voted for both McLaren AND Ferrari. Unlikely, but I wouldn’t say McLaren and Ferrari aren’t at each others throats like Rangers and Celtic – it’s a bit more civilised. (Sorry, I don’t know anything about football if you’re unfamiliar with these teams then stick in the biggest football rivalry you know).

  20. OK, I have to ask, why do so many Indian fans apparently hate McLaren?

  21. Because they’re all Ferrari fans.

  22. I second what Becken suggested…

    This is a great poll/blog. Keith, it would be great if you did a driver vote too :-)

  23. Internet – OK, so why is that? Because there doesn’t seem to be an obvious reason, except perhaps that Force India use Ferrari engines…

    Dorian – Will definitely do that, perhaps after the mid-season driver rankings next week.

  24. Keith: That’s easy to explain. Most Indians have just started watching F1. A person who just starts watching will without doubt choose to support the team that wins. Ferrari have been dominant for the past decade.

  25. Ah, OK. I’ll make a point of asking any Indian F1 fans I meet who they support and why! Does Force India not hold much attraction yet then?

  26. I’m Indian, and I support Mclaren. Just because Ferrari are the most successful, is a pretty poor reason to support a team personally.

    At the Silverstone test last week there were quite a few Indians with Mclaren shirts on. None wearing Ferrari.

  27. Hey!! My vote, just helped McLaren overtake Ferrari!!! 98 x 97!
    BTW, Sush, thank you for your tip on V12’s on the other post
    I’ll still keep dreaming though, just out of historical curiosity :)

  28. Sav722: Are you British indian?

  29. No surprise the lowest is toyota as they are on the biggest budget and somehow they havent won a race in six years. Also no surprise about the two old guard british teams williams and mclaren who i hope stay in formula 1 and someone like toyota decide to turn off the panasonic stereos and get 100% per cent behind williams.

    Anyway on itv.com/f1 martin brundle has done his half term report on the drivers so check it out guys.

    another pole you could do, the most favurite f1 champions fro ascari to alonso.

  30. Whoa! would you look at all the BMW fans out there!(my fav)

    …and as Paul said…I like the Kimster but,couldn’t vote for Ferrari.

  31. And with my vote McLaren vs Ferrari are 100 all :-)

  32. michael counsell
    3rd July 2008, 23:42

    I voted for all of them. On average people only seem to like 3 or 4 teams. This seems crazy to me. Surely you should like a team for the very fact they are competing.

  33. Keith,

    There´s a way to know from where are coming all this votes?

  34. I have a suggestion for the driver poll if you do have one Keith.After you tick your selection for the poll explain WHY the drivers you selected are your favorite.Just from reading the threads on this website it seems some like the aggressive,cocky type and others like thier drivers humble.I think it gives good insight to what your readers like.(I know,…put this in the suggestion box)

    This site is getting BIGGER everyday Keith,..kudos.

  35. I support drivers rather than teams, but I do like the underdog teams to do well.

  36. “I voted for all of them. On average people only seem to like 3 or 4 teams. This seems crazy to me. Surely you should like a team for the very fact they are competing.”

    A poll asking a persons favourite or most disliked team would’ve been more indicative of this. However, it’s interesting to see how well BMW are doing…and more over, why?

    Because they are the underdogs with the best chance of upsetting the top two teams? Is it because they’ve just been quiet amongst everyone’s bickering and accusations that they get on with it…the dark horse? As they have shown competitive spirit with less resources than McLaren/Ferrari? When you think about it BMW as a team name hasn’t been around for that long…so what is it that people base a liking on which teams they support?

    Driver? For Brazilians it seems so – double Senna’s McLaren days with Barichello’s days at Ferrari and it’s like a double whammy. Would Massa winning in a Ferrari even change that? Would Massa winning 3 titles in a Ferrari change that? What about people who support Heikki, but not McLaren….Kimi, but not Ferrari?

    Team History? No one has been in the game longer than Ferrari, a long and fascinating history – a team still not floated on the stock market – but Williams have a comparable record in a much shorter period of time.

    Team origin? Most of my friends who got into F1 in the past decade chose McLaren because it’s a British team. No argument there. But I’m unconcerned about nationality in F1 because it’s so international – and behind the scenes it seems a lot of British guys are working in top positions anyway(Massa’s race engineer for example, Ross Brawn, etc.) – I’ll leave nationality to A1GP.

    There’s lots of other factors too, team colours/sponsorships, team ethics, team managers…some less important for some and more important for others – so what are people basing their “like this team” decisions on?

  37. Pedro Andrade
    4th July 2008, 1:13

    It seems hardly surprising Toyota are dead last…

  38. Lol, I voted for Williams before looking at the current list! Can’t believe they’re out in front. All I can say, you guys must be British & late 30 somethings (like me) or early 40 somethings who grew up with images of Mansell, Prost, Piquet, Hill et al winning pretty much everything in sight… Wish those days would return for the last of the real independent team.

  39. King Lettuce
    4th July 2008, 1:25

    Voted for McLaren and Toro Rosso. McLaren, mainly as they’ve been the team I’ve followed for far too many years, and Toro Rosso because I always liked Gerhard Berger and it would make me smile if his team did well.

  40. Go Team Willy!

    Second place, just after BMW (and that’s because all the hype), not bad at all!

  41. Diacho: I helped McLaren overtake the Ferraris once again, such a sweet sight;) But no doubt the race will go down the wire until somebody slaps a 100m$ fine on us.

  42. Hey AndyWolf, life begins at 50 and for the 50 somethings, F1 memories are long

  43. Well, I voted for the teams I like (helping keep McLaren in front of Ferrari) until the FIA declares my vote illegal and overrules it ;)

  44. In other news Keith, you guys might be interested to know that the OZ GP contract has been extended to 2015



  45. In other news Keith, you guys might be interested to know that the contract for the OZ GP has been extended until 2015.

    YEEESSSSS !!!!


  46. I’m a Mclaren fan, but I voted for Williams and BMW also! Here in Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic), Ferrari has many fans, maybe they’re the most supported F1 team around, but Mclaren has a lot of fans too. BMW, Williams and Renault are the other popular teams around. I haven’t met a Force India, Toro Rosso, or Honda fan yet…but I guess they have some.

  47. Wish Minardi was still on the list…..
    My vote is most teams are OK – especially RBR because of the Webber connection.
    Not into Ferrari (or the Man U of F1) – but in saying that i am warming to them due to Kimmi and Massa – both are great for F1
    Mc – whatever – they are the spoit kid in the playground but they are OK
    BMW – love the Polish connection – GO KUBICA (but go behind Webber)

  48. @Keith

    I am an Indian nd I am watching F1 here in India itself since ’98 nd there is a huge fan base in India, cuz invariably wherever i go, i start talkin’ about F1 nd much to my surprise sometimes,everyone is aware of it, each race(leave girls here, and obviously we can have a separate post for that :P). And obviously as far as far as Ferrari is concerned, most of them started following it during 2000-2004,Schumacher era…

    As far as Force India is concerned, we are certainly hoping it to climb the ladder pretty soon, nd we all felt the agony when sutil cudn’t finish Monaco….

    As far as Mclaren being most hated team by Indians, its pretty obvious that the main rival to their team becomes one ;) , although i started hating it after Montoya called it a day…

  49. I voted for McLaren and Williams. My support for McLaren goes back years, but was seriously tested last year due to all the political rumblings.
    Two of my favourite drivers of all time raced for McLaren, Aryton Senna and Mika Hakkinen, and I will always remember those days.
    Williams gets my vote due to their heritage. Keke Rosberg was always a favourite of mine due to his sheer aggressive driving style, and ofcourse Nigel Mansell.
    Although I respect what Ferrari have achieved over the years, the manner in which they went about it always left a bad taste in my mouth. You could say I felt the same way about Michael Schumacher too.
    Whenever I think of Formula One, I think of Williams, the 1987 car being one of my favourites. Nigel Mansell’s pass on Nelson Piquet at Silverstone that year is my favourite Williams moment and a standout.
    Could you imagine that scenario at Ferrari? I don’t think so.

  50. @Kieth
    I am an Indian F1 fan and my favorite team is Renault. Most of my friends are F1 fans and they are predominantly Ferrari fans. I think only a couple were avid Mc Laren fans until Kimi moved to Ferrari.

    Personally I think the Ferrari brand is far more popular in India than say BMW or Mc Laren. Plus Micheal’s influence is still out there and it makes a “huge” difference!

    If I meet a new F1 fan, most often than not its a safe bet to assume they support Ferrari… Mind you I have met a few Renault supporters but that was mostly after 05 and 06, almost none before that.

  51. I’m a Indian and i voted for Ferrari,Force India,Williams and Mclaren.But i support Ferrari all time,rest of them i like the way they work.

  52. the maclaren votes are mostly from the british readers.

  53. My vote went for team Willy and Ferrari

    Team Willy for obvious reasons. I have deep respect for Sir Frank and his commitment to the sport. Also, in their time in F1, Sir Frank and his bum-chum senor’ Head have created enough history in F1, what with a few constructors and drivers championships’.

    Ferrari, i am an avid fan. It was highs and lows in the seasons 1998-99, when Michael was fighting clearly what was better machinery in lesser machinery. Even before, Michael was fighting in the years ’96 and ’97 with the Williams’ of Hill and Villeneuve, in what was clearly much inferior machinery and still raking wins. I would say, Michael made many fans with his superior (dare i say, almost godly talent) driving abilities. I’ll admit, that more than i wanted Ferrari to win, i rooted for Michael to win, after his years in pitiful machinery and his comeback after Silverstone shunt.

    People outside Britain have huge respect for the German, as he has accomplished a lot on the track and off the track. Michael earned his stars, so to speak, hence people care. Remember, he had a chance to keep his streak going with Macca and other teams… However, he built the team, stronger than ever and guess what, they are still crushing opposition. Brilliant!

    I liked Bruce. Appreciated what he did. Wish i was only around at that time(you see i was not even born then :D ). McLaren, well they have some heritage, but single-handedly Ron, with some assistance somehow managed to tarnish the reputation of the Macca. Of course, not many may not agree with this view of mine and you know what, i do not care. Mind you, Ron had done a lot for the marque and no one can take away anything from him. That however does not absolve him of what he’s done.

  54. I don’t really follow a team or a driver. I voted for all apart from Honda and Toyota, because they don’t really seem to have achieved anything in the past couple of seasons. This might be related to how much tv, press and blog coverage they get, which is obviously related to performance.

    I’m the same with football. I’m British and my countrymen are always surprised when I say I don’t support a football team. I watch the big matches and the european/world cups, but I watch for the sport, not a particular team.

  55. I picked Ferrari, for obvious reasons. I’m OK with the other teams, but not enough to like them on their own, I guess. Other than Ferrari, I just love the sport in general, and that’s that.

    Funnily enough, my vote gave Ferrari solo 3rd place! :) Even then, it’s still 30 behind Williams, who are now 3 votes behind new leader BMW. BMW getting the feel-good bandwagon effect after their performances this year?

  56. I feel I ought to vote Red Bull because my two favourite drivers are with them at the moment, but I can’t because they killed my team…

    Minardi ’til I die!

  57. Very interesting poll, surprised at BMW being the most popular but loving it anyway! I voted for BMW (obviously) and Force India (closest we can get to Minardi today).

    The idea of having a poll on the most disliked team is also a good one – very often it is who we don’t want to win that decides who we root for. I have been anti-Ferrari since they fell out with John Surtees and anyone who beats them is okay in my book. It is a little more complicated than that, however, as I haven’t liked McLaren since Ron Dennis bought the outfit – which means I have to look elsewhere. BMW is the obvious choice after that, not only because they are the next most competitive team (they weren’t when I decided to like them), but also because they are efficient, softly-spoken, smaller than the top teams, hype-less and have the best color scheme. It’s just a pity that they have ruined the look of their car by sticking too many winglets on it – but 2009 will sort that out.

  58. Americans are the second-largest group of readers on here, great to see! Bernie, perhaps you should be reading this…..

    I’m new to the sport after never having followed F1 before in my 22 years, so my choice of teams was based partly on how I related F1 to the sports I already followed. I’ve grown up with a passionate dedication to the New York Giants(NFL) and New York Yankees(MLB), and I equated McLaren as being right in line with how those teams operate- dedication to winning, clean-cut and professional approach by players(drivers, for F1) and staff, and other things. I am a member of McLaren’s team membership program- $140 for the Racing Line subscription and a decent discount on their gear is a good deal for me.

    Someday, when am American driver works into the sport again, I’ll obviously root for him/her to do well also.

  59. I voted for bmw and mclaren – bmw because of the determination of their drivers – kubica especially and their management for speaking out recently – and for ditching williams and doing it their way – mclaren – many but basically because they are always having to fight just that much harder against rules and biase – wouldnt vote for ferrari – they have too many friends in low/high places too help them.
    Favourite team of all Lotus – for their innovation – and great drivers – but allways with a pathetically meagre budget.

  60. I am Indian, not from Britain and I LOVE McLaren, BMW and Williams. I’ve been watching F1 since the days of Damon Hill, but actively hunt for older races going all the way back to Fangio.

    I think its funny how a few Indians can claim that all or most Indians like Ferrari and stupid that some of you would even take that seriously. Its a country of a billion people, for God’s sake. Has everyone forgotten statistics?

    Ferrari is a familiar name and synonymous with racing even to those who don’t follow motorsport partly because they make such beautiful road cars, while McLaren is pretty specialized. Don’t confuse familiarity with fandom.

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