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The British Grand Prix qualifying live blog has finished. Join us tomorrow for the Live Blog for the British Grand Prix.

Join in the British Grand Prix qualifying live blog below. It was damp at the track this morning but the track has dried since and further showers are not forecast. More on the forecast here.

Here are some links to where you can find live F1 video (if you’ve found any new places to watch F1 live online, please let us know!) and live F1 timing.

To read earlier messages in the live blog it will be easier if you turn off automatic scrolling using the button above.

Launch the F1 Fanatic Live blog in a new window by clicking here.

Let us know how you’re following F1 today and share your thoughts on the weekend’s action. Please note during very busy periods there may be a slight delay in posting comments, and repeat comments may not be posted.

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  1. Following the Qualifying from France. Great job guys! ian

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