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Rate the 2008 British Grand Prix out of 10

  • 10 - Perfect (18%)
  • 9 - Fantastic (37%)
  • 8 - Great (24%)
  • 7 - Good (11%)
  • 6 - Not bad (4%)
  • 5 - A bit dull (1%)
  • 4 - Often tedious (1%)
  • 3 - Boring (1%)
  • 2 - Rubbish (2%)
  • 1 - Terrible (3%)

Total Voters: 506

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13 comments on “British Grand Prix: rate the race”

  1. Lately, Hamilton has been bashed enough -and he truly deserved it-. Now it’s time to praise him a little, i hope bashers acknowledge it, too. He’s been the best under the water lately, i think he’s working hard for a nomination to new master of the rain…

  2. Hamilton fan or not people must realise that someone who can lap the entire field almost on the same tyres is a truly amazing driver. Loved the scenes at the end, British crowd went nuts!

    Great to see a 3 way tie for the champ too with Kubica only 2 points off :D

  3. poor clive! quick nick finally nails it and he can’t watch the race for another couple of hours! you think you guys get crappy race coverage! try 3 delayed broadcasts every season.

  4. To elaborate further on Tommy’s point (I think) you have to go back to the beginning of 1994 for the last time anyone won by at least 68 seconds.Michael Schumacher won by 75 seconds at Aida that year from Gerhard Berger.The last time that all but the first three drivers were lapped was in Spain the same year.(Not including Monaco 96′ – Herbert pulled in and retired when he was the last of four cars left)

    Back then the cars were such that the driver played a much larger role in the overall performance of the cars.For example Michael won in his Benetton eight times but JJ Lehto and Verstappen couldn’t even win once between them.

  5. Pedro Andrade
    6th July 2008, 16:21

    francois: Hill won at Adelaide in 1995 by a margin of 2 laps over Panis.

    On the race, it was nice, a bit dull at the begining, but the rain helped the fun. Massa did too, in a way…

  6. @Pedro: It’s not the fact that he lapped other drivers that impressed me, but that he lapped his own team mate in the same car. Hill lapping Panis by 2 laps is impressive but would he have lapped DC if not for his spin?

  7. diseased rat
    6th July 2008, 16:59

    It was a superb performance from Lewis. I would imagine he could have been further ahead at the end but was being told to stay calm and keep it steady at the end. Ross Brawn said towards the end of the race that to run that fast on the intermediates in those conditions was “very very impressive”. Praise indeed.

    Heidfeld really shone as well with a quiet and solid race until he pulled out those two brilliant double overtakes. I’d have said he was easily the racer of the day if it wasn’t for Lewis being so strong. I’m happy to see him performing well, it’s been obvious his super smooth style hasn’t suited the car so far.

  8. WoW! So many voting the race as Fantastic etc…….
    Are you folks sick? Hammy won and THAT got your vote, and perhaps a few got a laugh of Ferrari sliding about, I must admit they blew it, but as a DRIVER that race was nothing better than terrible.

  9. Pedro Andrade
    6th July 2008, 17:31

    Internet: I was making no judgement as to what drive was better, just (partially?) correcting francois’ statement that this was the biggest winning margin since 1994. I didn’t even see the 1995 Australian GP, but I’d find it doubtful Hill’s drive was better than Hamilton’s job today.

  10. When Hill won in Brazil 1996 he lapped all but the second place car in similar conditions to today.
    Hamilton did an excellent job, but don’t kid yourselves into thinking it hasn’t been done before.

  11. JPM won in Germany in 2003 by 65 seconds, in the dry.
    DC lapped all but Schumacher at the 2001 Brazilian GP.
    At the 2000 European GP Schumacher lapped all but Hakkinen.
    In 1999 it happened two races in a row – Brazil and San Marino. (Hakkinen ahead of Schumacher, and Schumacher ahead of DC).
    Australia 1998 the McLarens lapped everyone, in the dry.

  12. Nico Savidge
    6th July 2008, 21:03

    Rain, spins, overtaking… even rabbits! This race had it all

  13. I know this may be a little bit of a longshot, but can somebody please show the British crowd going nuts after Hamilton crosses the line? Yet again, Fox Network showed us sweet f.a at the end and I missed it all.
    If I’m not mistaken, isn’t it eight years since a Brit won at Silverstone in F1?
    I agree with the first set of bloggers, whatever peoples’ opinion on Lewis Hamilton, he proved in this race that he has enormous talent and potential. That was a performance that would have made Michael Schumacher and Aryton Senna proud in their careers.
    What a marker he has put down to the rest of the field… Rule Britannia.

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