Max Mosley vs News of the World begins

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Mosley F1 boss kinky sex is private

Max Mosley has begun his case against the News of the World over the pictures of him engaging in a sadomasochistic orgy with prostitues that were published in March.

I’m not going to be doing blow-by-blow coverage of the case (pardon the pun!) because it’s a sensitive legal matter and the conditions on reporting these things in Britain are strict, and I’d rather give over more time to writing about racing.

However there are some links to the reportage below, and the story so far. And I’ll post more coverage in the forum here: Max Mosley vs the News of the World trial:

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  • 11 comments on “Max Mosley vs News of the World begins”

    1. > Iā€™d rather give over more time to writing about racing.

      Couldn’t agree more, Keith. Neither am I keen for us to spend time on Mosley that could be far more profitably spent elsewhere.

      And, frankly, I really do not want to know the details.

    2. On the other hand, if he wins his case, there will be a lot people in F1 and beyond who might wish they were elsewhere!
      And if Max carries on after this with his demands for more privacy for ‘celebrities’, it will be interesting to see who else is supporting him – as in the drivers and team managers – or not!

    3. This is all so anticlimactic as to be almost irrelevant.

      It’s too bad the old sod will be around so much longer. If any of you think he’ll go at the end of his term you’re mistaken, there will always be another “crisis” only Max can attend to.

    4. Yes George, he’s like teenage acne – in your face and difficult to get rid of !

    5. The gladiator
      9th July 2008, 11:51

      -Concentrate on racing and let the rest be done by the court.

    6. Wise advice gladiator, judging by the limited comments I think most folks are of the same mind.


      Don’t know if anyone else on here visits this site, but this is the funniest take I’ve seen on Maxgate so far.

    8. Scooter, I’m a regular reader of the Daily Mash, and it’s done a few stories on Max, all of them brilliant.

    9. Anybody know what Mrs Mosley has to say about all of this?

    10. why people are intresting about Mosleys sex life? He did not have sex middle of race track or padock or in public park so…
      If somebody would follow all team bosses 24/7 with camera who knows what would they see.
      I think this whole Mosley scenario is rubbish.

    11. @Snoopy – imagine if Ron Dennis had been ‘caught’ in a similar manner – would Max have let him continue at McLaren, or attend F1 races?
      Answers on a postcard…..

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