Pictures: Goodwood Festival of Speed – F1 cars from 1952-2003

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More pictures from Goodwood – this time a selection of Ferraris, McLarens, Williams and more. From Juan Manuel Fnagio’s 1957 Maserati 250F up to Giancarlo Fisichella’s 2003 Jordan-Ford.

For a look at pictures from the rest of the festival have a look at the coverage I helped produce for Auto Trader: Goodwood Festival of Speed – all the cars.

Even more pictures from Goodwood on Maximum Motorsport:

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8 comments on “Pictures: Goodwood Festival of Speed – F1 cars from 1952-2003”

  1. Thanks for the lovely pictures Keith! Most of these cars raced before I was born…Would love to see some of them in action live someday :)

  2. Qualifying day for the British Grand Prix is often a good day to see the old F1 cars racing, but there is an active historics scene that races all year, particularly in the UK.

  3. Do you make any videos?

  4. That Hesketh 308 is awesome – it’s like the vicemobile. Penthouse and Rizzla as sponsors. Wouldn’t expect to see that again anytime soon.

  5. Ben J – Yeah that’s definitely one of my favourite sponsor combinations!

    Internet – I have some on my phone I’ll post later on Youtube:

  6. Hi Keith,

    Great photos, as always. On which day did you go?

  7. Hi Adam – I was there Friday and Sunday but the pics are all from Friday.

  8. Love the penthouse sponsor….looks like an old bomber pin-up.

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