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A quick round-up of intersting articles and features I’ve found on F1 blogs and other sites recently.

Includes retro German backmarkers, problems with next year’s calendar, and gratuitous shots of Dan Gurney getting air at the N???rburgirng.

German Jalopies – An interesting article on Germany’s short-lived F1 teams of the 1980s – ATS, Zakspeed and Rial.

Daily Mail Watch – An interesting cross-section of non-F1 fans’ opinions of the Mosley scandal.

Thirteen ways to spray victory champagne
– Champagne-squirting fun!

Anthony Davidson and Felipe Massa – My latest article for F1 Pitlane.

Silverstone weekend – Photo-journal of a weekend at the British Grand Prix.

Planning permission in England – More on the problems facing Donington.

Italian press slams Ferrari after British Grand Prix – “Cold shower for Ferrari. The weather forecasting betrayed Maranello, but McLaren is more reactive and flexible in difficult conditions.” – How often have we seen the names “Ferrari” and “McLaren” reversed in phrases like that?

Teams worried about 09 calendar – Length of 19-race calendar a problem for teams. F1 has only had 19 races in a season once before, in 2005.

On delayed penalties – Clive argues for a re-thinking of the driver penalties system.

Caught in time: John Watson wins the British Grand Prix, 1981 – Flashback to John Watson’s aurprise British Grand Prix win in 1981.

Who do F1 people admire? – Ernest Hemingway and Max Planck are among the heroes of the McLaren F1 team.

Lewis, the media and dealing with fame – Mark Hughes on Lewis Hamilton’s criticism of the media

FIA defends F1 plans amid ridicule – “They’re playing with our lives and our careers” said a GP2 team boss over the doubt surrounding the FIA’s plans to create a Formula 2 championship.

In context from F1 to F3 – Doctorvee makes a brave attempt at disentangling the various routes into Formula 1 from other championships.

Moment Of Zen: All-American Racer Flying Over The Ring – Gorgeous picture of Dan Gurney getting air in an Eagle Weslake at the Nurburgring Nordschleife.

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2 comments on “F1 blogs & more: calendar concerns”

  1. I agree that if Davidson can supply that much technical information on radio and television, I’m sure that a team somewhere can use him.

  2. The number of races on the calendar seems to be a hostle issue among seemingly everyone involved in F1 at the moment, and it amazes me that a sport with perhaps the greatest resources in the racign world would be this concerned about it. With Indian and South Korea onboard in the future, you’re looking at over 20. While I don’t think there are many fans out there who are opposed to a return for the USGP, the number of races on the calendar is the perfect ammunition for those who are out there to throw at fans such as myself.

    The amazing thing about it all is that, with a little logistical planning, I believe F1 could easily accomodate 22-23 races a year. Start by getting Bernie to pair his precious Abu Dhabi project up with Bahrain on a flyaway- that will save a few weeks right of fthe bat. Then start the season a few weeks earlier, and stretch it into November if need be. I go along with the logic that the 3-week break is a long layoff for fans, but if the teams really cherish it that much, it can be preserved with some planning.

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