Mathias Ekstrom wins as Audi thrash Mercedes (DTM)

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There was no repeat of last year’s cynical race-fixing by Audi – the team simply crushed rivals Mercedes at Zandvoort.

Mathias Ekstrom led an Audi 1-2-3-4 followed by Timo Scheider, Tom Kristensen and Martin Tomcyk in a processional race.

Bruno Spengler was the highest-placed Mercedes driver in fifth ahead of Jamie Green, the British driver struggling after a poor start. Paul di Resta was seventh ahead of Markus Winkelhock, who snatched the final point on the penultimate lap with an opportunistic double-pass on Bernd Schneider (who finished ninth) and Mike Rockenfeller (tenth).

Second place for Timo Scheider gives him an increased lead in the championship of five points, with Ekstrom moving into second ahead of Green:

Timo Scheider 40
Mathias Ekstrom 35
Jamie Green 34
Paul di Resta 23

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