Renger van der Zande cruises to Zandvoort win

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A disqualification and a start line crash opened the way for Renger van der Zande to score his second victory of 2008.

After Nico Hulkenberg was disqualified from the first race van der Zande found himself third on the grid for the second race behind Niall Breen and Robert Wickens.

As the race got underway Breen made a poor start and as he tried to defend his position pushed Wickens into the pit wall, eliminating them both.

Van der Zande inherited the lead and never lost it, coming under scarcely any pressure from Yann Clairay. It was a French 2-3-4 with Franck Mailleux ahead of Jean-Karl Vernay.

Mika Maki finished fifth ahead of Sam Bird and Maki now takes up second place in the championship behind Edoardo Mortara. Mortara failed to add to his championship tally after spinning off in race one.

Van der Zande’s win means he now moves ahead of Hulkenberg in the championship as the season reaches its halfway point:

Edoardo Mortara 40
Mika Maki 31
Renger van der Zande 27
Nico Hulkenberg 26
Christian Vietoris 20

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