Which F1 drivers do you like? (Poll)

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Two weeks ago I asked you to select which F1 teams you like to find out which were the most popular.

BMW came out on top, just ahead of Williams, with Toyota in last. You can see the full results of the poll here.

Now let’s find out which are the most popular drivers. Cast your votes below.

As before you can vote for more than one driver, so select the drivers you like:

Which F1 drivers do you like? (Select one or more)

  • Heikki Kovalainen (2%)
  • Lewis Hamilton (1%)
  • Giancarlo Fisichella (1%)
  • Adrian Sutil (1%)
  • Rubens Barrichello (2%)
  • Jenson Button (1%)
  • Sebastian Vettel (1%)
  • Sebastien Bourdais (1%)
  • Timo Glock (0%)
  • Jarno Trulli (1%)
  • Mark Webber (2%)
  • David Coulthard (2%)
  • Kazuki Nakajima (1%)
  • Nico Rosberg (1%)
  • Nelson Piquet Jnr (0%)
  • Fernando Alonso (8%)
  • Robert Kubica (67%)
  • Nick Heidfeld (1%)
  • Felipe Massa (2%)
  • Kimi Raikkonen (4%)

Total Voters: 21,567

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197 comments on “Which F1 drivers do you like? (Poll)”

  1. Keith, it only allows us to select 1 driver at any given time. Fix the bug? Thanks! :)

  2. Done – sorry about that.

  3. Everyone apart from Mark Webber lol

  4. I remember watching the 1997 Austrian Grand Prix, thinking that Jarno Trulli was a rookie drifter who had simply got lucky in qualifying by lining up third on the grid. I figured that he would lose a few positions at the start, a few more on the first lap, and would finish the race somewhere out of the points.

    To my surprise he overtook Jacques Villeneuve at the first corner, and took the lead when Mika Hakkinen’s engine let him down on the first lap. Just to prove he was deserving of his position, Trulli pulled away from the field and set a string of fastest laps in the process.

    In my eyes a legend was born, and I have been a Jarno Trulli fan ever since. I just wish he could race like that more often!

  5. Keith, this should be something like an open poll all through the season. Basically, the point I am trying to make is that since are allowing people to select more than one driver, some of the drivers whom you may not like/support otherwise, but based on the performance of the last few races, you might be inclined to vote for him. For example, Felipe would take a huge beating in this poll, simply for his pathetic performance in Silverstone, but had this poll been taken after Monaco then maybe Kimi and Adrian might have got biased ratings. Anyways, just a thought, but maybe, next season on, you can include another two polls alongside the race poll, asking people which are the teams/drivers they liked the best.

  6. Like the teams, I’m not going to be sure of what to make of the results – I voted for most drivers, but I certainly like some drivers more than the others by quite a margin, and would rather see my favourites fayre better :p

    Plus I kinda felt sorry for the ones I’m indifferent to…so I think I put in a sympathy vote in somewhere (why, I don’t know – at the end of the day they get to drive an F1 and I don’t!).

  7. Keith, is it possible to make the poll show the results in ascending or descending order? Right now it’s hard to figure out the data in a quick glance.

  8. I have 19 favorites — everyone except Massa.

  9. Nothing wrong with Massa, he’s a happy little fella.

  10. Why don’t you like Massa then Kevin?

    Harkirat – I don’t know, do people really change which drivers they like that often?

  11. I voted for Quick Nick at the time when we could only vote for one driver.

    for his outstanding overtaking ability.

  12. Voted for quite a few. Sutil, Kimi, Heidfeld, Alonso, Barrichello and both the Red Bull drivers. If the poll was about drivers you absolutely adore, it would be Kimi and Alonso :)

  13. voted for Heidfeld, Button, Webber, Bourdais, Nakajima and Fisichella xP…

    strange they ALL count just 4 wins… but i like them…

    i like many of the drivers… it would have been easier for me a “which F1 driver do you dislike” poll… jeje

    everyone appart from Massa, Hamilton and Piquet Jnr. is fine for me

  14. Does Massa still deserve the hate? He’s won 3 races in the post-TC era.

    Maybe I’ve just gone soft.

  15. Fer no 65 – what does ‘jeje’ mean?

  16. Scott Joslin
    14th July 2008, 14:53

    Funny that despite a lot of people liking Williams in the last pole, none of their drivers are really big hitters in the favourite drivers stakes (at the moment). The team’s brand image and heritage must offer some other kind of appeal to racing fans.

  17. means: “LOL” or “ah ah” in spanish…

  18. I don’t know, there is always one driver that just irritates me to no end. In most seasons, that driver is the one who makes the most excuses.

    Massa only shows real pace on Tilke tracks on a sunny day. That to me says that there are more deserving all-around drivers who would perform much better (or more consistently at least) in his car. He’s certainly proven me wrong a couple of times this year, but I think that if he wins the Championship, or indeed, any Formula 1 World Championship, it will be through the other drivers’ mistakes and misfortunes rather than his own pace and racecraft. (One could argue that that’s how many if not all championships are won and lost, but I’m an idealist, and I still believe the idea of a ‘championship’ is to reward the driver with the greatest skill and speed over the course of the season.) He is happy-go-lucky, I’ll give him that.

    Keith: your recent article for F1 Pitlane went over huge with me! :)

  19. “Does Massa still deserve the hate? He’s won 3 races in the post-TC era.”

    I’m guessing that not everyone bases their likening to a driver on performance alone. (Otherwise most of the drivers won’t be doing as well as the top lineups).

    Although I’m quite surprised at people pointing out Massa so early in the poll, that wasn’t really expected! I don’t really rate him that highly as a driver, but he seems like a joyful and genuine little character that makes him somewhat likeable.

  20. Pedro Andrade
    14th July 2008, 15:12

    I would have voted for many of them, so I chose to vote only for the two I like best: Kubica and Vettel. Interesting to see that Kubica is now leading, is it because he’s doing so well now?

  21. William Wilgus
    14th July 2008, 15:17

    `Like’. I don’t mean to be `picky’, but is that as a person or driver? Since I’ve not met any of them, I’m not really qualified to decide if they’re nice persons or not; and since I rarely get to view them driving—and only via video, I’m not really in a position to judge their driving skills except via race results.

    Since different teams’ cars have different capabilities, results are hardly a fair measure. Take Massa’s terrible showing at Silverstone in the rain. I seem to remember one wet race that he did very well. Was Silverstone him, the car, the strategy, or just a bad day for him?

  22. It seems Massa is disliked purely because he is making Kimi look mediocre on certain races and not the “fastest man” in F1 like everyone used to claim.

  23. True internet. I dont think people like drivers because of how good they are. I dislike Mark Webber after his remarks about Vettel (one of my faves) after Fuji

  24. @Internet

    No, stuff like Silverstone is why he’s disliked.

  25. Internet,

    get on w/ the game, bud. Massa is a mediocre driver in a top car and can only challenge Kimi on 2-3 circuits and only on the dry. That’s the extent of his ability.

    Kimi is untouchable in terms of raw speed … anywhere.

  26. It would be useful to hear more of why certain peolpe like the drivers they do – is it because of personality or performance?

  27. I like drivers because…
    This is the reason I like certain drivers Keith,

    Hamilton – He’s a bit of a boring chap, in his interviews he has to be all clean cut and perfect but thats just McLaren. When he gets into a race car though his driving is great to watch, especially last year throwing the car around Monaco was a highlight. Also he’s not afraid to have a lunge up the inside of someone (Kimi at Monza and Barrichello at Brazil come to mind)

    Alonso – Extremely fast, I started supporting him in 2003 when he signed to Renault. He moans a lot about things but a lot of it I think is the press exadurating. Also the Hamilton Alonso spat made F1 great even when there was no racing.

    You could say I like them for different reasons

  28. Pedro Andrade
    14th July 2008, 16:25

    I sterted liking Kubica and Vettel at around the same time, when Kubica got promoted to the race seat at BMW at 2006 and Vettel started to shine on Fridays. Apart from the speed they both obviously have, they strike me as unpretentious folks (I could be horribly wrong on this).

  29. Purely on performance I would have chosen Kimi, Kubica and Hamilton – but I think the person outside the car is important too, after all you asked who we liked rather than who we thought the best drivers are!

    Therefore, I chose DC, Heikki and Kimi – DC just because he says whatever needs to be said, seems funny and generally a nice bloke. Heikki again seems to have a decent sense of humour and is pretty genuine when it comes to mistakes (something I think is important).

    Kimi is slightly harder to explain – he is the opposite of what we should like in a driver to a certain extent. I can’t see him being as willing with interviews to Finnish TV as Lewis Hamilton is with ITV for example! He is perhaps likeable for the other side of things, maybe a more old-fashioned driver who simply turns up, does the very minimum he has to outside of the car but then blows you away with what happens on-track.

  30. I like DC because he’s somewhat of a throwback to earlier, more fun F1 days. I like Lewis because he’s the new (among several others) young gun. And unlike a number of previous commenters, I like Massa. He’s just seems to be a fun, happy-go-lucky guy. Plus, he’s a proven driver of merit.

  31. Kubica: A sheer talent
    Raikonnen: Ingenuity
    Alonso: Trust me he IS a great driver
    Massa: Sheer pace (I also get dissaponted on him often)
    Hamilton: i dont like him, i dont know why… but i admit this guy is fast and really can push to the limit.

  32. I can’t speak for the others Keith but I’m taking this poll rather literally, I ticked drivers that I like due to their personality (what very little I know of them). Though it must be said that if I rate their driving skill it naturally spills over to their ‘likeability’.

    A couple of examples.

    Voted for Raikkonen: Many people say that he is boring but I suspect that’s due to his less than enthusiastic press statements e.t.c. but from what I read of him about what he gets up to in his spare time he seems anything but boring. In fact I could imagine that none of his friends would call him boring but rather ‘wild’ in nature. Plus, he’s a fantastic F1 driver.

    Voted for Coulthard: Out of respect for his veteranship and the fact that he’s not afraid to say what he thinks without sounding conceited in anyway. However whilst I think he is a very competent driver, I don’t think he ever had the ‘X’ factor that true champions have.

    Didn’t vote for Hamilton: But I think Hamilton is one of the best drivers on the grid today. In the top 4 definitely. However I haven’t been able to warm to his personality. I don’t think he’s a bad person who beats up the elderly or shoots kittens or anything like that but there is a certain ‘smugness’ about him that I just cannot seem to shake. I want to like him……it just isn’t happening. That’s just me.

    So Keith, for me it was more about ‘likeability’ rather than ‘ability’ on the whole but sometimes to two are inter-related…

    Hope my one opinion helps…..

  33. @F1Fan: I never understood all the fuss about Kimi and his “raw pace”. If he was so fast, where was he in 2006? I know you will try to excuse him by saying the car was a dog, but who’s to say that his apparent “raw pace” was only due to him having a better car under him than everyone else?

    This why I don’t like Kimi. Everyone treats him like god and fails to acknowledge his shortcomings. I like Hamilton but I will never defend him against his bad races and mistakes.

  34. Internet i agree with your point. I don’t dislike Kimi like you but people dislike Massa because he’s in a good car and has made a few mistakes but no one says the same about Kimi. Massas up there with kimi in the points standings for goodness sake

  35. your_motherrrrrr...
    14th July 2008, 17:22

    I picked Kubica for consistency, Heidfeld for two double overtaking manouvres in Silverstone recently and Raikkonen for his comments on how he hates F1 atmosphere. Cheers.

  36. Internet, two words for you: Suzuka 2005. I’m a fan of both Kimi and Felipe, but that race will make up for a lot of the mistakes he’s made and will ever make. That 2007 title also helped a lot too.

  37. True Journeyer, that was an epic performance. Shame anti-Hamilton fans don’t see Fuji07/Monaco 08/Silverstone 08 as making up for the mistakes hes made

  38. I like nearly all drivers, but I picked 4 specific ones.

    Raikkonen – He’s been my favourite since 2003.
    Sutil – His race in Monaco was stunning before he got taken out.
    Barrichello – In my eyes, he may be the most experienced driver in F1, but he’s still got it.
    Nakajima – Cos he’s Japanese ;)

  39. I´m with TommyB,

    I did pick Nick, Lewis, Rubens, Heikky and Fernando all of them for different reasons.

    For years I liked NICK because he was a guy who delivered in middle field cars taking all chances to show that if he was in top car he could show his class. It is a pitty now that he has this car his driving style doesn’t suit it. But I´m trust he can fight back as he shows in Uk GP and this will cost some mistakes to Kubitza in the another half of the season…

    RUBENS: just because he is the real nice guy in Formula 1 today. Everything in F1 is about been fast and win and sometimes at any cost, but Rubens could show that you can win doing your job and still be honest and nice with the others guys. I know some peoples from Rubens´s family and I can ensure that this guy is a real nice man: a good father, a good husband, a good friend. If you can pick any driver for his personality, Rubens would be the right one.

    I don’t know, but in the post interview after Uk GP he almost begs to still stay in F1. I hope he stays, we, fans, deserve to see guys like Rubens racing.

    FERNANDO: It´s easy likes such talented driver as Fernando. He can deliver races as Nurburgring in 2007. Watch races like that could be enough to like him. But, been an absolutely biased anti-Ferrarist, Fernando was one of my heroes since Monza 2006. In that GP he shows the same Senna´s determination to be an anti-system driver, fighting against anything, including the FIA to keep his title. For that I think Fernando gained a worthy sympathy of the fans, including me.

    Even when he seems to be immerging under Lewis´s pace and raw talent, Fernando could fight back again. Despite 2007 when he showed another face of his personality in McLaren, what makes me be very critique at his statements, I still like Fernando and I hope he stays at Renault, his true place.

    LEWIS: well, I like Lewis not just because of his driving talents and performance, this could be enough, but in his case is mainly because of his haters. Any time that a read a nonsense about him, any time a see someone doubting about his capabilities (and he delivering after that!) more I move to his field. Anyway, Lewis bring some thrill to the F1 after Michael´s retirement, and none made more exciting races than Lewis in this 1 and a half year of F1. For all that, I hope he win the championship this year.

  40. TommyB:

    I would include Turkey/08 on that list. An entire race pushing until the limit and an overtake on a Ferrari, that tiny detail in race that “Mr I´m Bored” even try against his team mate…

    I think the French F1 Race magazine has made a research and discovered that the two drivers whom has made more overtakes in the last 27 races was: Lewis and… yes, Felipe. That guy who did spin 5 times a week ago!

  41. Kimi in 2006? He had a couple pole positions, couple runs from the back of the grid to the podium, and challenged for wins at Hockenheim, Canada and Monaco, but the car failed him (blown engine, clutchs).

    I don’t like Massa because when he doesn’t win he blames everything else, teh car etc…for his spin in sepang? lol, and when Kimi was outpacing him horribly in France it was because Kimi had a better balanced car? wtf? The guy is a douche, had one good wet race at Monaco(although he started on pole, finished 3rd) and everyone other one has been terrible or mediocre.

  42. Keith: that’s the way we (latins) laught via internet xD

    jeje it’s spanish for hehe, jaja=haha, and so on xP…

  43. Firstly, I didn’t vote for all the drivers I liked, or else I’d have voted for every driver in the list (and that’s been the case ever since Montoya left F1). There didn’t seem to be much point in doing that, so I put down the five I actively cheer for each race: Coulthard, Button, Fisichella, Hamilton and Sutil (in order of when I started supporting them).

    Coulthard, Button and Hamilton initially received my support because they were British. However each of them has since given me additional reasons to support them. The more I noticed Coulthard’s smoothness and team-co-operation skills, the more I liked him. Same with Button’s smoothness and ability to surprise. Hamilton’s on-track vivacity is enjoyable. I started supporting Coulthard from Melbourne 1996 and began supporting Button and Hamilton from the start of their respective careers.

    I started supporting Fisichella during the Monaco 2001 weekend. That was down to a combination of things; the determination he had to get the extremely slow Benetton looking like a respectable F1 machine, his good, gentle personality and his smooth driving.

    Sutil I started supporting because he was at Spyker. His wet-weather and street-circuit performances leave me smiling too.

  44. I would probably say it’s a personality thing for me, although race performances can be inspiring to change that.

    It took a long time for me to warm up to Kimi – but out of everybody on the grid, I have the biggest respect for him. Mainly because he doesn’t care, and does what he wants to do – unconstrained (well, more so than the other drivers at least) by the politics and commercialness of F1.

    He values his private life a lot, doesn’t want to give much away, and I feel sorry for him in the press conferences because he obviously doesn’t want to be there….yes, they’re amazingly dull and boring, but on the opposite side you have Hamilton who I have to mute because he sounds clinical…or like a prat when he momentarily slips into non-PR mode (ok, he’s young and enjoying it). But that’s just me…maybe if I didn’t hear Hamilton-Hamilton all the time and just watched the race without any build ups/post-race discussions it could change. I didn’t like Button to begin with, but that completely changed and he’s one of my favourite drivers these days.

    Heidfeld’s a quiet character as well, and just when you think he’s settling into number 2 status at BMW without an answer to Kubica he’d surprise you – that overtaking move at Silverstone is an instant classic. At Sauber I was indifferent to him, now I would say I was indifferent to him, but I do like him.

    Massa is a rubbish race driver, he’s only good to drive from pole to wins in the dry – I don’t remember any good jostling for positions, recently anyway, where he came out on top. Critics say he’s the ideal number two driver at Ferrari, which unfortunately is true…or they can find someone better, but he has got blitzing speed.

    Last year’s Sepang mistake on Hamilton was unforgiving, as was his performance at Silverstone. Yes, he moans about performances and gives excuses, but he’s a nice jolly fellow otherwise, and he is a great celebrator of his wins. So those things make him likeable for me.

    The same goes for Sato (not included), you wonder why he’s even on the grid sometimes, but when he’s talking he’s always got a smile on his face, trying his best to speak English – can’t really fault a person for that no matter if his driving is temperamental.

    Seasoned veterans, Mark Webber,Rubens Barichello, Giancarlo Fisichella and DC, have just been in the sport long enough that I will miss them when they retire, you have early memories of these drivers. When they’ve stepped into a cockpit throwing up, driven with broken thumbs, and are still in the game after all these years that does demand a bit of respect (fair enough, some of them barely!) – and they are still opportunistic drivers in the end doing what they love.

    Could go on with pro and con perception of every driver, but it is more personality for me.

  45. I think you would have been better asking for disliked drivers….less boxes to tick…..and reasons a plentiful!

  46. Two of the drivers I picked won me over after my initial misgivings. I had Heidfeld down as a competent but unexciting driver until about two years ago. Then I started watching him more closely and realised that he is much better than anyone thinks – apart from anything else, he seems to be the only one who remembers how to overtake!

    Kubica I reacted against at first – yeah, he was quick as a test driver but what matters is the race. He has gradually beaten down my objections, however, and I now think he is one of the quickest drivers out there. It’s almost a pity that these two are team mates and compete so directly against each other – someone has to lose!

    Finally, I picked Nakajima, purely because I spotted him first. ;)

  47. Massa more votes than Lewis!!!

  48. I voted for eight people, Interestingly enough they were from four teams, Both Mclaren, Both Honda, both Williams and both Red Bulls!
    How odd!

  49. KB – I don’t think so because at the moment people are choosing an average of 5.7 drivers.

    Clive – I do think Heidfeld is underrated and after his Silverstone performance I think the second half of the season should be better for him. It’s his beard I don’t like.

    Actually on that note here’s a quick run down of why I voted for who I like. Warning: some of the reasons are much better than the others, some seem contradictory, but that’s personal perference for you!

    Heikki Kovalainen – Seems a nice guy, underrated.
    Lewis Hamilton – Proper racer’s racer. Good to his fans.
    Adrian Sutil – One to watch in the wet.
    Sebastian Vettel – Ditto.
    Sebastien Bourdais – Enjoyed watching him in Champ Car.
    Timo Glock – Got back into F1 the hard way. Respect.
    Jarno Trulli – From Pescara, knows the old Grand Prix track, makes wine.
    Mark Webber – Speaks his mind. A rare treat these days.
    David Coulthard – I always used to like him because he wasn’t Eddie Irvine.
    Kazuki Nakajima – I like the idea of a good Japanese driver in F1.
    Nico Rosberg – I somehow find him likeable despite his offensive good looks.
    Nelson Piquet Jnr – He did an autograph for a kid Ben Evans knows when we were at Silverstone last year.
    Robert Kubica – Likes street circuits and drives better without traction control. Doesn’t look like an F1 driver.

    So why didn’t I vote for the others?

    Giancarlo Fisichella – Hugely disappointing at Renault after so much promise.
    Fernando Alonso – I respected him enormously after his ’06 title and I still have an Alonso T-shirt somewhere. But his attitude last year was a total turn-off.
    Felipe Massa – Can’t help but think half the F1 grid would do better than he has with his equipment.
    Kimi Raikkonen – At Silverstone I saw him sneaking out of the side of a tent to avoid a small group of maybe a dozen or so fans.
    Nick Heidfeld – Beard
    Jenson Button – Ditto
    Rubens Barrichello – Schmacher’s lackey.

  50. First of all Keith, love your blog.

    For me it is a poll, on who I like, so it’s personal, however in some parts it is also based on performance. So for me, there are 4 drivers who are my favourite:

    1) Kubica – absolutly love him as F1 driver. He has eveything a good driver should have: talent, determination, will, aggressivnes on a track, modesty everywhere else. And he is a Pole, and Poles belong on pole :))))
    2) Raikkonen – frankly lately and finally his motivation or lack of it gets on my nerves, but I still like him, I have been his huge fan since almost the beginning of his career. Plus I am a women so this choice is partially based on my viewing pleasures :)))))
    3) Massa – Felipe is just Felipe, for me he can spin 10 times every race (however I would definetly not prefered him to do so, I would definetly prefere him to win every race from now on). I just genuinly like him, he gives us joy, he gives us pain, but he is always my choice number one.
    4)Alonso, and that is a suprice even for me. 2 years ago he was my enemy #1. Last year I started by liking Hamilton and disliking, a lot, Alonso, but during a course of season I converted. By it’s end I was quite indifferent to Hamilton and I was aplauding Alonso. This year it wenteven further I realized I like him a lot, for his amazing fighting spirit. He is just such a good example for people, he keeps on fighting till the end, even when he knows it’s pointless. He has a lion heart.

    I also need to mention who I will definetly not vote for and it is Hamilton. I can exactly pinpoint the moment when I started to dislike him and it was Canada GP 2008. Not when he crashed but at the interview, when he was asked about ruining Raikkonen’s race. The answer and the smirk he gave that is the moment. Then I realized, he can be the best driver in the world ( and for me he is not) and I would still dislike him, for his arrogance and lack of respect to everybody.

  51. I love the way everyone is dissing Massa left right and centre. He is after all an F1 driver, yes he’s iconsistent and doesn’t like the wet. But he’s getting better and better in terms of consistency.

    I’m not a Massa fan but after all the crap he was getting after the first 2 races. He deserves some credit for turning it around for himself. The way the people are dismissing his wins is a bit disrespectful, if winning on Tilke tracks in the dry is that easy, why aren’t the other frontrunners helping themselves at those tracks.

    I think this year is his best chance, because if he’s still in contention til Interlagos, he’s odds on to win there and take the WDC.

    I don’t see the fuss with Heiki, yes he’s improving, but his race craft is just not there yet. It’s the weak link for Mclaren’s constructors title.

    At least when they had Fernando, despite their sillyness, they were a formidable duo who could block out the ferrari’s for which ever Mclaren was in the lead.

    But then again, Kimi was gunning alone towards the end and the inter-team bickering of the Mclarens helped him. So it might be a good mental boost for Hamilton not having such a dangerus team mate in his bid for the Driver’s title.

    As for my votes, I voted for Kimi, Nando and Hamilton.

    Kimi is the Iceman, and I agree with the comment abovethat all these people that call Kimi boring should look into hi off the track exploits, whichare more often than not are hilarious. He don’t give 2 s**ts what people think/say about him and he never will. I think its great from Ferrari that they let him do his thing as long as he’s producing the goods on the track.
    And let’s not forget the apparent effortless quick pace, its ridculous.

    Fernando is in my opinion the best driver on the grid, I’m on the people that are hoping he does end up making that switch to Ferrari because he certainly deserves a premium car to match his premium abilities. I think the slopiness of both Ferrari drivers is making his move look more possible by the minute along with the Santander announcement; which is ironic because their booth at Silverstone was literally a Hamilton fan zone.

    Ferrari will want Alonso, despite their public denials, because he’s a proven champion and knows what is needed of himk and what it takes to win a title.

    They would want alot more 1-2 finishes because its too close for their liking in comparison to toher seasons. and I think Kimi and Fernando would bring home the goods more often than not.

    With Kimi coming out saying he’s gonna honour his contract it’s looking gloomy for Massa, if he does get the boot, I still think he’ll be wanted by other teams and will have a seat in F1, I think he deserves it.

    As for Hamilton, his driving style is more raw than usual which makes for good viuewing but can lead to mistakes, less rewarding race strategies eg. Turkey.
    Despite everyone disliking his corporate ventures and ITV’s obsession with him, I still think he’s a decent role model to aspriring youth in the UK if not elsewhere. He’s well spoken, has strong family values and doesnt get up to too much mischief. I would have gone on an all nighter after that win, but instead he was in bed by 11.

    I think his time will come if he doesn’t win it this season because he definately has the ability and the pace, and let’s not forget, he’s only been in the game for a season and a half..

    Sorry about the lengthy post.

  52. “Nick Heidfeld – Beard
    Jenson Button – Ditto”

    Lol…you sound like Jeremy Clarkson now!

    About Kimi avoiding his fans, I think he’d avoid anyone really:


    I definately think he’s a character in F1 in a less subtle way – not so much in the self-proclaimed James Hunt style, but he’s got a rough edge to him that no one has (or dare has) today.

    DC makes me laugh as well, although I don’t think his words would’ve been half as funny if he wasn’t Scottish:

    http://youtube.com/watch?v=Zv73fN8eJTU (infamous words on Massa)

    I wonder if there’s ever been a F1 stand up charity event or something, I reckon a few drivers could do well.

  53. Lol…you sound like Jeremy Clarkson now!

    Oh dear.

  54. Kimi=superfast
    Fernando=best all around driver
    Nick=(my fave)fast,focused,overtaking abilities

    Those are my top choices,I voted for 4 or 5 others but,that’s my faves and why.

  55. Kimi R…
    I’ve had a serving of toast that is more exciting than this guy. What a boring world champion.

  56. I’ll cast my vote for Massa. He is a happy and funny fella.
    Besides, he looks incredibly like a famous brazilian comedian of the 80’s. Can you guys picture an english driver with the face of Michael Palin or John Cleese?

    As for his driving, it reminds me a lot of Mansell, or at least how we saw Nigel in Brazil at the time of the feud with Piquet Sr.: a very fast but somewhat stupid driver.

    Other drivers that I like are DC, Trulli and Vettel.

  57. this is directed to tommy B for post 23

    what mark said after fuji was more of being aussie and speaking what he says more then anything else.

    and after driving a whole damm race and vomiting and been taken out by a rookie in 2nd, y wouldnt u be angry???


    thats a link to mark throwing up talking to team radio, id just call that aussie spirit continuing!

    the kid fuked up and that what he said, nothing wrong.

    i guess we all get our own opinions, but hating webbo just for that is quite a soft reason

  58. It’s Kimi and Coulthard for me. The “unruly rascals” of F1, kind of.

  59. well i voted for mark weboo webber. and DC.

    there are a few reasons, not just that hes aussie.

    1. like what keith said is that he speaks his mind and is not afraid to speak his mind to the media, along with DC.

    2. shows sheer pace without the machinery. yes we know he could have gotten the renault rive if he listened, but if u were in the mid 04 season, williams were a team like renault in 07, not too bad, and they had won the last race of the 04 season at interlagos.

    3. it always seems the **** think mark is over rated and the rest fo the world think mark is under rated. but ive always liked going for the underdog. he just needs the car, ive said that too my mates for years whove given it to me for not going for the big guns.

    4. sure he made a few stupid mistakes when he was at minardi, jag and williams, but at red bull hes kept it clean. i can only recaal a few incedents that werent mechanical that mark had made whilsts at RBR.

    1) 07 canada, spins trying to pass robert in turn 1.
    2) 08 Turkey practice, didnt respect the wet astroturf and spins hit wall.
    3) 08 canada, the track was braking what could u say.
    4) 08 silverstone, look at the lil brazillian and u could giv mark some sympathy.

    and yes his race starts are poor, but his qualifying these days with the ever improving RB4 is his strong spot. especially these days with it soo hard to pass, qualifying is soo crucial.

    and u got thoose great races too, or great until his car blows up
    1) 06 monaco, probaly would have won if his engine wiring loom didnt set on fire
    2) 06 AUS, running 1st till a hydraulics failure
    3) 06 germany, running a solid 4th, until his engine cut out about 15 laps to go
    4) 07 Fuji, gets taken out by a rookie
    5) 07 nurburgring, challenging conditions, almost lost the podium coming out of the last chicane

    For what i see, Mark is a real proper racer. we all know his talent, but executing them on raceday will be the hard part that he needs to achieve.

    for what i see, marks smooth driving along with less aero and the new regulations in which adrian should excel with will have Mark in consistent points in 09 if not podium or even wins.

  60. Webber # 1
    Kubica # 2
    Kimi # 3 – equal with Massa # 3 (and i am not a Ferrari fan!!!)
    Then who ever – cannot say i really do not like any as i only see what the press put out on them
    i have respect for them all

  61. 60 comments …..who reads this far?
    One of the better comments was the request to keep the poll going throughout the year. I think it was Harkirat who rightfully indicated this chart will change with each drivers fortunes. Many respondents seemed conflicted as to why they like/dislike a driver sighting driver skill and ‘personality’ issues. As Harkirat observed Massa’s poor performance in the rain without question moved him down the list, but also Hamilton’s so-called “stunning WIN” didn’t do much to move him above 6th !!!!!! What will this chart say if Massa wins the next race? Trulli is a reasonably good driver stuck in a terrible (but improving) Toyota. What about Button,
    another good driver, never puts a wheel off, but also stuck in a terrible car. But the question didn’t ask who is YOUR FAVORITE, but rather who do you like? A reasonable answer would be ALL, and I might add Davidson, Sato, Montoya, De La Rosa, Klien ………..

  62. Internet,

    which part of “12 fastest laps in the last 26 races” don’t you understand ??????????????

    And who else in recent memory started a race last and finished first ? Kimi did it in Japan in ’05.

    Get on with game, bud.

  63. My votes were:

    Massa – after so many Barrichello years, I was pleased to see a brazilian driver blame himself (not the “cruel world”) for his misfortune, and therefore try and correct some of his mistakes. Also, I admire his capacity to react and prove his value when everyone is saying he’s rubbish. One of the fastest drivers in qualifying I’ve seen since Senna.

    Raikkonen – Loyal as a team-mate, despite all the voices around him saying he deserves a number 1 status, naturaly gifted, a true champion that never gives up, serene even after winning the most tight championship ever.

    Bourdais – for his Champ Car credentials, and for his eyeglasses, that makes him seem like an ordinary guy.

    Kubica – Survived a huge crash, came from nowhere in terms of Formula 1 heritage, takes the best out of his car.

  64. Becken.

    I liked your post alot, especially as you admit to liking Alonso and Hamilton, something that not everybody has in common.
    My one bone of contention, and a topic that has been discussed on this site in the past, is the lack of a ‘real’ personality amongst the drivers. Someone with charisma, charm, during the interview stage of the Grand Prix.
    Call me old fashioned, but that is my take on the subject. The battle between Alonso/Hamilton last year, that often spilled over from the track and into the media, captivated many, including myself.
    The gentlemen’s pat on the back after the Grand Prix amongst the podium winners was gone, including a very memorable spat between Massa and Alonso.
    Your comparisons between Alonso and Senna are a little justified, in that Senna always felt wronged by the powers at be. A kind of ‘me versus the world’ mentality, which was basically his desire to be first shining through. Alonso, like all great drivers, has that mentality in spades.
    As for my favourites, at the moment, I find it hard to nail it down to just one driver. Twenty years ago it would have been easy, Aryton Senna, but now it is more diluted.
    I have always liked and admired Raikkonen. He took on big boots when he replaced Hakkinen in 2002 for McLaren, competed with some great team mates in Coulthard and Montoya, and yet quietly got on with his business.
    Alonso proved, in my mind, with his drive at Imola in 2005 just what calibre of driver he is. That stunning battle with Michael Schumacher, that not even ITV could screw up, justified the hype. As someone mentioned recently, that race was the race we were expecting back in 1994, the old versus the new, and were
    tragically denied.
    Hamilton and Kubica I would put under the same bracket. Both are different personalities, but both are very accomplished drivers, and have bright futures in F1. I, strangely, believe Hamilton when he says that Kubica is the one driver he fears on the grid come race day. Hamilton knows that he is going to have to face Kubica for many years to come, long after some of the others have retired.
    Massa is a dark horse. Sometimes great, sometimes pure awful, but he has impressed me in the way he has turned his career around. There is plenty of room for improvement, demonstrated perfectly by his terrible display at Silverstone in the rain, but deep down I believe he has what it takes. He has a temper, demonstrated again at the Nurburgring last year with Alonso, which is not always a bad thing.
    Rubens Barrichello has always been one of my favourites. Such a shame that his career was spent in the shadow of Michael Schumacher. Always smiling, always polite, always very emotional whenever on the top step of the podium. Emotion, especially in motor racing, is never a bad thing…

  65. For me , it’s a mixture of skill (65%) and personality/enthusiasm (35%) .
    The ones I voted :
    KIMI would have scored 65 and 20 up to 2006 . now it’s like 55 and 10 (personality)but 10 bonus points for the photographer incident .Don’t know what happened since he joined Ferrari , but ironically he won the championship last year. It’s almost like he only wins when he has to nowadays. Seems to lack enthusiasm for what he does.
    LEWIS scores 60 and 30 – there are days when his skill is blurred by some mistakes , but then he shines in wet weather. Although he plays a bit to the “corporate” tune , he has a fair amount of character already , full of enthusiasm , and together with the girlfriend antics , his father crashing the Porsche etc , makes for an interesting driver. Could become my favourite if ever he moves to Ferrari.
    MASSA scores 60 and 30 as well – also brilliant on some days but lacklustre on others . Different character , but also full of enthusiasm after a good result.
    KUBICA scores 65 and 15 – currently the most consistent driver , and not even in the top car at that. I think he could develop into quite a character in his own right , but will take some time.
    ALONSO scores 60 and 25 – maybe the effect of a less competitive car has let a few errors creep in , but still performing strongly. Being involved in last years controversies together with 2 x WDC behind him , lifts his otherwise somewhat dull character .

  66. I can’t understand what is so nice of a guy that can’t open his mouth except to ask for another vodka…. I will call him the vodka burner from now on….

  67. I like Massa and Kovi, they will always speak with martin Brundle on the grid walkabout unlike some others.

  68. kubica is still enjoying great popularity before he wins some championship and troubles someone´s else believes.

    kimi is no doubt the super popular one: i think it´s his ability of staying cool and humility as he wins big or even when he loses.

    and alonso scores a lot considering this is a uk site. good for him: it seems people whether love him or hate him. i kind of liked a lot his character last year against a corporate and hostile mclaren.

  69. @F1Fan: Like I said, fastest laps don’t matter when you’re rubbish in the whole race. What does it say about Kimi’s consistency if he has the fastest lap but is still getting lapped? Kimi usually sets his fastest lap during the end of the race when the track is the best and he has little fuel. Kimi is the only one that cares about the fastest lap and he usually gets them, only cos no one else bothers for it.

    If you want a more accurate measure of pace check out grid positions. That’s where EVYERONE is trying to set the fastest lap and not just Kimi.

  70. Scott Joslin
    15th July 2008, 12:29

    Internet _ I disagree that grid positions is a definitive demonstration of pace. Perhaps before 1994 when full stops were introduced, but as drivers are now working with race full on board when they qualify it cannot be a true representation. Mclaren in the Kimi era always used to fill their car heavy to make up time when everyone else stops, hence why he never picked too many poles in that time.

  71. Scott – Race fuel qualifying (grrr) didn’t come in until 2003, though, so until then I think grid order was a reliable indicator of ultimate one-lap pace.


  73. Elementary my dear Watson….the choice is Kimi.

    As many have mentioned above a driver’s likeability is a compounded result of 2 factors: Skill on track and Personality both on and off track.

    I think all my knowledgeable friends here have waxed eloquent on his racecraft. All I would say is he has truck loads of skill in him. Whether he’s the most skilled driver on the grid….now that cannot be answered conclusively. But then again as I mentioned we are talking not just about one’s skill.

    Moving on to his persona. I could write loads…but since I am trying to be terse, let me bring to your attention Exhibit A – Canada’08: I personally cannot think of a single driver who is taken out of the race in the pitlane under speedlimits by another driver getting down from the car and patting his adversary on the back. And I didn’t even mention that the other driver happens to be the most serious threat to his championship. Exhibit B – his frustarting term with McLaren: I still find it hard to digest some of Kimi’s losses in 03/05. I wonder how he stomached them. So many great results thrown away because of the car’s unreliability. Agreed if he didn’t have the car he wouldn’t have been in a winning position in the first place. But compared to Alonso who blamed his own team of plotting against him (no I am not referring to the Mclaren) and other short fellas who blame the car for their errors. I find Kimi standing on the high ground, when he sticks to his team and never gives them away. Yeah he had some not so nice things to say about McLaren last year, but hey he put up with them for 5 years with a smile. And he has many other such characteristics which separate him from the crowd.

    I frankly believe that any driver can indulge himself in any quantity of vodka as long as he doesn’t show up inebriated on a raceday. So I am not entertaining any comments on his partying.

    And there are other stuff about him which are simply fascinating: He stands for everything that a modern F1 driver does not. He’s cool (I know it’s a cliche’ but what the heck?) and he frankly doesn’t care about what others think. He comes across as a guy who lives life by his own terms and cannot be forced to do anything that he doesn’t like. This makes him my personal hero!!

    P.S. If you haven’t noticed, yes I am a Kimi fan, but I try to be as objective as possible and I do welcome other’s views.

  74. William Wilgus
    15th July 2008, 14:06

    Keith: Why not create a post that generates a lot of comments . . . say 73 or so? ;^)

  75. I frankly believe that any driver can indulge himself in any quantity of vodka as long as he doesn’t show up inebriated on a raceday.

    Well said.

    Keith: Why not create a post that generates a lot of comments . . . say 73 or so?

    Have a look at these William: F1 Fanatic Top 100 most-commented articles

  76. It is Kimi, Not because i am finnish. Hakkinen was finnish and i never wasn’t fan of him.
    I like Kimis personality and sense of humor. Who say that he has none is complety wrong.Even Lewis Hamilton has said that he likes go with kimi to press conference because the way how Kimi makes journalist looks stupid. Ask stupid queastions and you will get stupid answers.
    I have read articles from him by some journalists who have been intreview him alone and all of them have said that he is funny and easy going person.
    He just hate same question being asked after every race. Like this: “How it feels to be in 5th grid?” well what kind of answer should be given to that?
    Kimi said:” it feels like be in 5 th grid” Rofl.
    Other thing is that he do not run around and tell to everybody how good he is, he do not cry around when race has been bad or car have been bad. That is what finnish people like and love. And thats why i am and allways been Kimi fan.
    He is just normal finnish neigbour boy, like everybody else. No more and no less. Maybe thats why is not difficult understand why i do not like Lewis. Too much talk, simple like that.

  77. [quote]Other thing is that he do not run around and tell to everybody how good he is, he do not cry around when race has been bad or car have been bad. That is what finnish people like and love. And thats why i am and allways been Kimi fan.
    He is just normal finnish neigbour boy, like everybody else. No more and no less. [/quote]

    indeed man. some of us feel he is family.

  78. Blueray is alright. We all know the vodka burner’s sense of humor and rich speech has become legendary all around the world. There is a huge difference between getting a vodka when you want and living just for party time. There were trusted rumours that explained the problems of Kimi at McLaren as an alcohol related issue. I don’t expect him to raise a nobel.. But wait, I don’t like empty brains.

  79. ALONSO…

  80. @Scott Joslin: Look at the fastest laps statistics of Prost vs Senna. While Senna has more poles, Prost has significantly more fastest laps. However I doubt anyone will argue that Prost had better “raw pace” than Senna like they are doing with Kimi and rest of the top drivers right now.

  81. 1. Kimi – He is old school, a rebel, doesn’t give up, funny, just himself and good looking…What more can you ask for!I was a fan since Spa 2002.:)

    2. Webbo – Doesn’t give up, speaks his mind, he is a good qualifier and racer.

    3. Piquet – I liked him since he raced in A1.

    4. Heikki & Barrichello & Rosberg – They are so nice!

    5. Heidfield – Quiet guy and a good racer.

    6. Vettel

    I actually like all the drivers for different reasons, but I do like some more then others.

    Alonso & Hamilton – I like for their competitiveness and driving abilities.
    Massa – Because he tries so hard.
    Kubica – For his humbleness and skills.
    Button and DC – Can be quite witty, most recently in the British GP press conference.
    Truli – Another nice guy who is sometimes underrated.

  82. Felipe Massa – Perfect Guy for Scuderia Ferrari
    Kimi Raikkonen & Fernando Alonso – “We Are The Champions”
    Lewis Hamilton & Robert Kubica – The Best New Guys
    Sebastian Vettel & Nelson Piquet Jnr – New Kids On The Block

  83. Architrion How YOU know how much vodka Kimi drinks? because you believe all what has been written in newspapers :O? yes i have seen that video from his boat and yes i have seen picture from him sleeping outside of nighclub. But that do not means that he is drinking all the time right?
    Or you never get drunk? Funniest part of this story is that british newspapers make HUGE number about that drinking thing. Well knowing how british behave themselves when they get some beer i think they should be very very quiet.
    Everybody , include me, who have seen Kimi in bar in Finland knows that he behave well in bars and they do not need carry him out. He goes small bars with his friends , have few drinks and be like normal man.
    He do not run around with different women like one english driver. Kimi had gorilla suit on in one boat race in Finland and british newspapers was all full about that. Well he looked better with that suit than Lewis flying on the roof by wires.
    Pthewww. Sorry but all this talk about drinking makes me sooooo uppset. What Kimi do is just normal thing what most of people in that age does. Like i said he is just like normal young man no more and no less.

  84. Internet,

    it is obvious you have very little understanding of the sport. When Lewis or Massa or Kubica win a title, there can be some debate as to who the consistently quickest is.

    Until then, Kimi remains the speed king and has a title to prove it, beyond all the other statistics.

    Alonso is a close second … and that’s why he has won the title also.

  85. @Snoopy

    Hey buddy pls do not take it personally and make comments on countries and people in general. It would only serve to throw a bad light on your other views and your hero. Let us keep the exchanges limited to the drivers.


    It would help a lot if we can have a civil debate on drivers without resorting to provocation.

  86. Hey buddies, this was a poll about who driver we like most, no who was the better driver. And I used my own preferences about why I like people or not, what I look on a sportman, and all the stuff…. you know. First of all, I like sportmen who can use his brain to say something a little more complex that “football is football” or “this is racing”. Second I like people that show sheer determination, pure ambition, and don’t know how to loose. I’m thinking on a Rafael Nadal, a Michael Schumacher, an Ayrton Senna, an Eric Cantona, etc. All they were beaten,,, but the didn’t know how to loose…. I’m sure these guys had tons of fun on millions of parties, but they know what they were doing, they were part of a competition, they wanted to win and they didn’t spend a minute of their time asking themeselves what they were doing there.

    Kimi simply is miles away of this prototype.

  87. Kimi hasn’t got raw speed? How about Kimi’s six fastest laps in a row this season?

  88. Webber & Trulli for flat out speed. And Kimi & Alonso for being nearly as quick and distinctive and sticking up for themselves. Massa needs to be quick off the scale electrix tracks but its great when he sticks it. Hamilton can’t be forgiven for being a dick even when he’s quick and and on the edge of ratty.

  89. Being consistent is overrated … leave it for team owners and groupy trophy chasers.

  90. @F1Fan: By your logic, Alonso must be the fastest cos he’s got two WDCs compared to Kimi’s one.

    Also like I said, since Prost had so much more fastest lap than Senna, does it mean that Prost was faster than Senna?

  91. Mr Tourette
    16th July 2008, 10:30

    Afetr being bludgeoned into submission by the ‘Lewis-fest’ that is the ITV coverage in the UK, I am refreshed to see that he is not considered to be the best thing since Mr Hovis popped into the bread factory with a slicing machine.
    If you were to believe James Allen, there is only one driver on the track and the others are ‘obstacles’ in the way to Lewis’ champtionship victory.
    How reassuring to see that not everyone is so pre-disposed towards the smug Hamilton.

    As for my faves, of the ‘old guard’ it would have to be Kimi, Alonso and Webber (in particular as he has never had a chance to shine in a good car)
    And of the new rising stars the obvious choices would be Kubica and Vettel.

  92. best driver alonso

  93. Kubica is the best driver F1 on the world!!! Robert! KUBICA!!!

  94. Information about this poll was in polish site. And the results will be totally faked. :/ Sorry about polish, stupid sport sites.

  95. @severall

    Well, not sure if it would be totally faked. As far as I know Kubica was leading even before the information you mentioned appeared on that site. But the extent of Kubica’s leadership would definitely be the result of this “Polish mobilisation”. ;)

    Personally I picked Kubica because he practically doesn’t make mistakes (except for Silverstone) and Kimi for his winning attitude.

  96. i don,t like Hamilton coz is star just in sun news on the world and daily sport not coz he is a good driver he is not.

  97. I like of course Robert Kubica :) He’s fantastic driver and good man :D

  98. hes a driver coz he is a star Kubica is a star coz he is a great driver

  99. @ Keith:

    Why do a poll when you can choose more then one driver, it is never really going to be representative?

    I will try to explain the reasoning behind this claim: many people are either Mclaren or Ferrari fans(and they do have the largest fan bases). So if you give them one option that is were their votes will go. But if you have more then one option it becomes a bit more difficult. Mclaren and Ferrari are at the top end so they are perceived with either lots of adulation or contempt. But now take a team like BMW they are not entirely at the top so they don’t excite as much opposite feeling as Ferrari and Mclaren, because they are not at the top they are not getting criticized in the same manner as Ferrari or Mclaren. But they are doing well enough to receive praise so they very easily become a second choice for both Mclaren and Ferrari camps. The same principal applies for the drives.

    That is the problem with having more then one choice in such a pole. If someone had only one vote (like in a election) the standing at the end might be a bit different. It would be great if you can perhaps at some time do the same polls with only one choice, and it would be interesting to see if the results are the same.

  100. 3 days of comments? that’s got to be some kind of record.

  101. Just a random guy
    16th July 2008, 14:08

    To the guy who said that the poll gonna be faked:
    well, you dont really think that only polish site mentioned it, do you?

  102. Woah, Kubica just skyrocketed in popularity. As in several thousand votes.

  103. Yeah, that strikes me as slightly odd…

  104. ^ Poll is certainly not a good measure of how popular the individual racers are for “regulars” any longer.

  105. Unfotunately, this poll is fake. Very popular polish website mentioned about poll as one of the main news.

  106. 3 days.. 100 comments.. and still going great! Fabulous..
    Anuway..I am really glad to c Alonso 2nd in terms of voting, HE ROCKS!! Kubica is a very fine driver and trully deserves to be amongst top two, though not very much sure where people will place him at the end of the season!

  107. There are only 3-4 per cent of Poles here…

  108. Robert Kubica is the best

  109. Kubica for the win!

  110. KEV, F1!!! EXPERT

  111. janio wanka
    16th July 2008, 14:53

    give Kubica ferrari and you will see, Lewis i must agree pushes hard and i appreciate his efforts (please L.donate any money on my account lol), formula1 rules!

  112. @Just a random guy

    Yep, you’re right
    But polish people are master of that kind of action.
    And Poland for many years was a racing desert (still is).
    I don’t like this. When Robert was starting and winning in carting and needs help polish media just laughed him down.

  113. I voted for Kubica

  114. Yup… My favs are Kubica, Fernando… but I suppose this poll is little bit fake at this moment :) PJAXZ, wich website? It looks like huge polish movement :)

  115. It’s not true. I’ve never seen any link on Polish website to f1fanatic…

  116. crazy johnny
    16th July 2008, 15:01

    every driver do it to win and for himself, so all of them are loveable, you dont choose who you are born, Lewis wants to win, Kubica wants to win , Kimi…let the best man win, fair play on race track

  117. john the pole next one
    16th July 2008, 15:06

    i saw links to this site on polish webs, so forget it?, this score doesnt count? sure it does, it means sth
    but Kubica won’t win it this year, so dont get exited pls

  118. It only means that Kubica’s fans vote for him. What’s wrong with that?

  119. Kubica is the best driver in F1 !

  120. Padalis, link to zczuba was on gazeta.pl (official website the biggest newspaper in Poland)
    But, Robert was also leading before “Polish invasion” :)


  122. I like Kubica, I do really appreciate his skill, but result of this poll is not fair (the reason above)

  123. lol Kubica cheater :D

  124. But Kubica leaded before start polish invasion.

  125. Robert Kubica is propably the best driver on the world :D

  126. I got here through a polish website, but didn’t vote as it would be a bit unfair in my opinion. What irritates me the most is that now more and more Poles will come here & spoil the comments (which were great up till a while ago). Either with poor English or by just writing in Polish. I feel a little ashamed for those jerks… ;)

  127. Polish fans votes for the future of F1 – Robert “The Lightning” Kubica!!!

  128. Kubica is one of the best and he’s proved it so many times. It’s only driver who doesn’t make mistakes, other big drivers have one great rice and next time make so strang sth even so easy errors. Give them BMW car not Ferrari or MC and they would be 5 places lower… Look on Alonso who for me is also great driver, renault …

  129. Robert Kubica is the best:D He is fantastic driver and I think, that he will win the Championship :D

    Robert rządzi:) Co do ‘Polish Invasion’ to jestem pewien, ze nawet bez niej Robert wygrałby ta klasyfikacje


  130. Robert Kubica is the best of driver i this season of F1.He have worst car than Ferrari or Mclaren but won 1 on race and stil have good position of finish race.POLAND THE BEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD

  131. Robert Kubica is best! He is unrivalled. When he will change the team will be a world champion. Robert you are best!

  132. I like Kimi,Fernando, Felipe but Robert is the best. He has great talent and I hope, actually I am sure that he will become the champion. Even if not in this season it in next. Robert is simply best at the rate of drivers. Nobody is coming for him to heels. Particularly Nick Heidfeld. Heated kisses for Robert Kubica..

  133. I didn’t vote but I became an avid F1 fan once Kubica joined the grid. I’m happy that he is performing very well.

    I wanted to see Heikki beating Lewis once he switched to McLaren. Its a shame that he is doing so poorly.

  134. You are very funny :-)Don’t try to be so smart :-)

  135. The surprised
    16th July 2008, 18:59

    Polish fans vote on Robert…and what is wrong with that? They are loving him. THE END

  136. Sutil & Kubica – fighters driving better than their cars allow…
    Alonso – nicest of all…

  137. Man… I´m just here waiting for The Papa John Paul II´s comment.

  138. Kubica winning because is really good driver.He is don’t do mystake in any race,only Silverstone.:)Lewis???His poor.Kimi it’s good but only in Ferrari.

  139. And they say Hamilton fans are bad. *rolls eyes*

  140. Internet,

    if Prost had more fastest laps than Senna then he was indeed probably faster than Senna. What you fail to grasp, still, is that raw speed alone does not determine the outcome of a GP, or even a championship. A driver’s race management skill has a lot to do with it, as well as the team’s race management skill, as well as the car in terms of tire preservation, the fighting spirit and determination of a driver, etc, etc. There are many factors that determine the final outcome.

    That is why I have said that overall Alonso is the best driver, without necessarily being the fastest. Kimi is the fastest because he has done things with both a good and a not so good car that nobody else of the current drivers has done, both in terms of fastest laps, # of on-track passes, coming from way behind to win a race, finishing ni the points w/ a crappy car (Sauber) and getting pole w/ a slower car AND the same fuel load as the other front-runners.

    This is why I say you have a very incomplete grasp of the sport.

  141. gotta love you, becken.

    rita, i wouldn’t worry about it. the posts are still going to be good, none of the regulars(hopefully) will stop commenting and if it brings in new fans and gives them some education and insight on the sport–then keith’s doing a far better job than bernie and max.

    this is too funny and defo making my lousy day a better one!

  142. got here by the pl website mentioned above, of course, voted for kubica, but i have to say, alonso seems to be a cool guy as well =)
    sorry for all the PLs trying to speak english, what a shame

  143. the universal translator must be down again!

  144. “Unfotunately, this poll is fake. Very popular polish website mentioned about poll as one of the main news.”

    PJAXZ about comment no 105:

    Have you got any of popular website in your country ? Or not yet ? Just try to do it what smart people does. Put information on your website. If you got any…. even fake one :))))

  145. This poll is not a fake,
    its just the fact that the Polish nation have gotten behind there driver, for some reason the british public mainly choose to slate Hamilton instead of supporting him.

  146. verasaki, I know regulars will stay, but I’m sure that Polish “new fans” here are mostly just to vote. And as you see most of them have got problems with English ;) So don’t expect they’ll even bother reading anything else. Hopefully the article on Polish website will be down soon and you guys won’t be bothered any more with stupid comments ;)

    Ps. I’m not saying it’s wrong to vote for Kubica, as right now apart form Radwańska (tennis player) he’s the best Polish sportsman – so we’re all proud. But such an invasion is just lame, imo ;)

  147. kubica is the best driver in f1 now, he have everything (but he’s car is to slow) to win:P

  148. Scott Joslin
    16th July 2008, 22:02

    F1 fan – I agree with your view completely about fastest laps and race management – Prost had the lot!

    I get the same feeling too with Alonso, but he is under a cloud at the moment due to his horrific actions from last year, but thats nothing to do with driving talent, more personal demons.

  149. Well this took an interesting turn!

    As some of you have pointed out this page was linked to on a couple of prominent Polish websites earlier today:

    http://tinyurl.com/5ct4r5 (the biggest source)
    http://tinyurl.com/5pldd5 (Includes screen grab of the site when Kubica had 5,414 votes)

    I don’t know much about these publications but if any can tell me more I’d be interested to learn!

    This has made today the busiest day on F1 Fanatic all year. At the time of writing it’s 10pm and the site already has 40% more traffic than the next biggest day, when the Mosley sex scandal story broke.

    So hello to everyone visiting the site for the first time from Poland! Sorry the various comments in Polish have been cut but for obvious reasons I can only allow comments in English on the site. If you like the site and want to read the latest stories you can subscribe here:

    Subscribe to F1 Fanatic

    Two-thirds of all visitors on the site so far today are Polish, easily dwarfing the next highest total, UK visitors, with 11%.

    Of course this has had an inevitable effect on the voting. But as some people have already said Kubica was winning the poll fairly comfortably already. The extra traffic seems to have also boosted Alonso and Raikkonen but few other drivers.

    It has also slowed the site down a bit but I’m doing what I can to ease that at the moment. This may mean new comments take a while to appear.

    Here’s a few words on the man causing all the trouble! Robert Kubica biography


  151. In Poland lives 40 milion people.There are 10 608 votes…no comment…

  152. Ania from Krk
    16th July 2008, 22:35

    Hello, shame on you Polish guys who wrote comments in Polish!! be smart, use a dictionary any try to create comments which will be comprehesible for everybody (especially for those, who started poll).

    I voted for Robert either. Before he started this f1 adventure, I wasn’t interested in formula at all. Now I watch GP from time to time and the drivers I like most are: Fernando (great talent, unfortunately someone important doesn’t like him), Felippe (sometimes unlucky, but I like his style) and Nick.

    Thanks for your attention :)

  153. kubica !!! the best driver on the world

  154. it’s funny some of you are writting that this poll is fak some are writting that it isn’t, how can i tell you that i don’t bother it. vote for barack obama!

  155. It’s seems that F1Fanatic received a nice advertaising campaign ;)

  156. into those polish websites are just information about voting, and ofcourse there is direction to this site.
    Newspape suggest to the readers to vote for kubica, and help him win over the rest

  157. Ajajaj i vote on Lewis. He is like cherry in chocolate ^^

  158. Rita,

    If you think there are only two good and popular polish sportsman it means you dont know anything at all. If I were you I wouldnt worry about do they bother or dont. Belive me, they do. It seems to be normal to support people from the same country. Maybe it’s not so obvious for you. Anyway we are not here to discuss about b******t, are we ? :)

    My choice: DC, Alonso, Kubica and Kimi. All of them for personality and sense of humour.
    I dont know why but I dont really like Hamilton, imo he’s sophisticated and bigheaded.

  159. Just for the record – I’ve seen this site being mentioned on one of polish news servers, but they also say that Robert was already on top without “Polish invasion”. I think everyone (or at least most of us) loves to see David to beat Goliath. Robert doesn’t have enough sheer power to achieve what he does, but.. HE DOES! and this is it, I’d love to see Hamilton, Massa or Kimi in BMW racing Robert in McLaren or Ferrari… Any bets…?


  160. I have to admit that Robert will be a winner of the classification even if in Poland won’t be an access to the internet hehe


  161. If You thing that polls is a fake , try to make “english or germans invasion” ! It’s so easy…
    Vote for Kubica .Heart to fight, and no misteakes!

  162. Are there any Poles that dislike Kubica? Or is it only a British thing to hate British drivers?

  163. @Keith:

    It’s funny situation here, with this votes but…

    I’ve discovered your website in this way. I’ve also found here nice articles about F1.

    Keep it going! :)

  164. … in English, is it?

  165. Kubica is the best !

  166. Oh my. I just went sleep and when i came back this poll was still continuing.
    And sorry for my earlier post. I just get uppset when people keep talking about Kimis drinking like he would not do anything else :(.
    Asking who driver you like most is never ending question. when Schumacher was driving people hated him or loved him. Same at the moment when it comes to Lewis , Alonso and Kimi.
    I allways remember race 1998. Schumacher had prb;em with start and he had start race rom last place. Hakkinen won that race and WCC, Unfortunatelly i was watching that race in palce where was about 200 germans. In some reason there looked me out from bar. Lesson learned? Look where you watch race and remember that all people do not like same driver than you do lol.

  167. @ INTERNET

    Actually there are some Poles that hate Kubica… In one of the early interviews he said that he doesn’t owe Poland anything and after that this some hate arised. But it only came out of lack of knowledge about his career – Robert emigrated to Italy with his parents when he was about 14. There was simply no chance to progress in Poland, his parents saw the talent and refused to waste it in “racing destert”.
    Therefore Kubica had every right to say “I don’t owe Poland anything” – everything he achieved is thanks to his own sweat and hard work, but some (Poles) don’t get it.

    Ps. I’m Polish too.

  168. Seiously Keith… this is no bug!!! KUBICA ahead by 10000 !!! my word!!! thatz amazing…!

  169. I voted for Kub Kimi and Fernando. But i would like to give my honorable vote to mighty kamikaze Sato! ^^

    And yes, my countrymen have some sort of obsession about Internet polls. I don’t like it but who cares.

    Cheers to all F1 fanatics
    Jah bless ya

  170. I think it is a normal situation. We support our champion (I think Robert will be a champion if he change a car or BMW prepare better cart:)). Why British don’t support Lewis? He is a very good driver!
    As you can see we can pull ourself together!

    Question is: Which F1 drivers do you like? My answer is: I like Robert. – over and done!

    On the other hand, it’s also good promotion f1fanatic.co.uk in may home.


  171. rita, think a little.
    At this page the winner shoud be Hamilton if only Brittish would like vote on him. If they don’t want it’s not Poles fault!
    Next time just write a rule – Poles are excluded from voting. Would you be happy with that?
    ANd as several gues tried to tell you – Kubica was winning before Poles invasion.

  172. I love Robert Kubica. Kiss

  173. I give my votes for Kubica and Heidfeld cuz I’m the Pole living in Germany. Joke. To be serious: Robert and Nick are the most fierces and stouts fighters and they don’t give a **** (they sometimes fought with each other despite they both are in the same team). And I like Nick cuz he’s definitly not like all those Germans (he’s humble, quiet and like to think flexible) and Kubica cuz he’s showing the polish determination and humbleness. PS Sorry for my english.

  174. Hm, 13K+ votes for RK and just 1K+ for the next guy? I like Robert, but I fear this poll’s been doctored :)

  175. HKL – I don’t agree with your choice of word there. ‘Doctored’ would mean it has been falsified or tampered with. But it hasn’t, there’s just been a huge influx of votes from Poland.

  176. O, sorry, bad choice of words – it was meant in a good spirited way. I’m not really suggesting foul play.

  177. I have a question???
    This side is only for British people???
    If you are making this sort of game present the rules at the beginning don’t change at the middle because the results are different than you expect.
    people from Poland are voting and and they entitled to do it. Why British doesn’t do it???
    Sb wrote that Kubica said ““I don’t owe Poland anything”” but also he always say that he is Pole. And whats more, Poland can owe him everything that is connected with F1: funs, interest, money…and in the and maybe some day Poland will have own F1 GP.
    Kubica is a big promotion of F1.

  178. Ann – No the site is not only for British people – I think my comment (150) makes that pretty clear. Also see here: Time for a Polish Grand Prix?

    “If you are making this sort of game present the rules at the beginning don’t change at the middle because the results are different than you expect” – I don’t know what you’re talking about. Nothing has been changed.

  179. kubic kubic kubicaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!the best current ever..

  180. michael counsell
    17th July 2008, 13:04

    Why don’t more people like Timo Glock is it because he drives for Toyota?

  181. What I’ve learned from this poll:

    1) There are a lot of Poles out there enthusiastic about their hero’s progress;
    2) Word-of-Internet campaigns can work extremely well
    3) Anything involving Robert Kubica is even hotter news in Poland than stuff involving Lewis Hamilton is in the UK
    4) F1 Fanatic is likely to be a fair bit busier from now on…

  182. Hello, I’m also Pole who entered here cause article in polish sport website. But instead of dumb voting i read some comments here and noticed it’s a very nice blog about F1.

    Most of my countrymen are seasonal watchers who are interesting F1 because Kubica. I’m watching it for some time(I remember when Montoya was winning in F1).

    I think that i would visit this site more often to see what you guys wrote about F1.

    And about voting, I vote of course for Kubica, Fernando cause i really think he is one of the best drivers and Rubens because he is really sympathic. I also like Adrian Sutil after his incident with Raikkonen in Monaco. Drivers which i dont like are especially Massa(I’ve got real fun watching his circles in British GP) and Hamilton but him because of World Federation that was trying to help him in winning Championship.

  183. Keith:
    So hello to everyone visiting the site for the first time from Poland! Sorry the various comments in Polish have been cut but for obvious reasons I can only allow comments in English on the site. If you like the site and want to read the latest stories you can subscribe here:Subscribe to F1 Fanatic

    ok, so i subscribed your website. This page is very interesting, include a lot of informaton about F1. sorry for my english, but i am teenager (15 years) and i learn english

  184. I’m not a specialist so I voted for who I admire. I am was born in Spain, so I skip Alonso of course, but in my opinion he is great, he is the best!!! but… you know… So I voted for:
    Raikkonen – He has something inexplicablehe (saomethimg what I can’t describe… i hope, that you know what i mean) he is professional! It is the most important thing! he never give up, he is fast, he has the best car and he use it… Good man on good place. I think.
    Hamilton – I don’t like him, I don’t know why… He is child still. If he wants to be the best driver he must to grow! But I also must say that he is fast… of course he has a good car, but without a talent he doesn’t do so many…
    Kubica – Amazing man! He is probably the best, but we can’t see all his talent, he has not a good car… BMW isn’t Ferrari. So now if he wants to win, he need to use happiness… I think that he do that (Canada for example) I think that Kubica and Ferrari could be The Lightning and The Championship!
    F1 for a few years = Hamilton vs Kubica… And maybe someone else, but I think that Hamilton and Kubica will be rule.
    Sorry for my English, it isn’t very good, but I could not hold back!

  185. Kubica is my best leader.
    Polish drivers are invisible!!! Cause they drive so fast!!!

  186. When finish this poll?

  187. Violet – it finished yesterday

  188. Robert Kubica is my favourite F1 driver.
    And yes I’m from Poland :-)
    Keith thanks for this great blog!

  189. yes? i did not notice

  190. sajonaraman
    22nd July 2008, 17:28

    yep, just as I supposed… The more Polish show up commenting the bigger the mess…I’m Polish myself and to be frank I’m here not to hear how fantastic Kubica is (although he is of course)but to learn more about F1 from a different angle.
    Thanks for the blog Keith. It’s fanatic, oh sorry, fantastic;]

  191. Interesting results ! I missed the voting because I have been away in a place that has no internet :( (yes, such places do still exist)

    Since I heart Fernando, I would’ve voted for him & closed the gap to Kubica just that little bit more.

    Perhaps a poll to select your one and only favourite?

  192. Michael Schumacher is the only driver I truly like…

  193. Ayrton Senna Forever!!!!

  194. I have voted for Kubica – he is the best

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