Timo Glock crashes but is unhurt (video)

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Timo Glock escaped this major crash in the German Grand Prix without serious injury:

Glock lost control of his car on lap 36 after an apparent right-rear suspension failure. It happened at the exit of the final corner, where drivers have been running wide all weekend.

The failure occured on a bend taken at around 150mph. it spun him backwards into the pitwall at significant speed.

He was able to climb from the wreckage unaided but was visibly in some pain. He was taken to hospital for checks afterwards but was said to have no visible injuries.

It’s the rookie’s second big accident of the year following his crash at the Australian Grand Prix.

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9 comments on “Timo Glock crashes but is unhurt (video)”

  1. I thought it looked like the left rear tyre gave out its load first, before the right suspension parts collapsed.

    James Allen phoned me up and told me to stop screaming at him though during the ADVERTS.

  2. I’m suprised they didn’t mention more about all the bits of the car that flew over the pit wall. He crashed just before the protective fence

  3. Good job it’s a 2 week gap until Hungary, or would be tempted to think he would be a no-show. That much energy being dumped into his lower-spine could well cause some lingering problems. They seem to have given him the thumbs up a little early to my mind, but fingers crossed for him.

    Never ceases to amaze me how safe F1 cars are these days. We really do have Max Mosley to thank for a lot of this, much as it pains me to acknowledge it.

    Luckiest driver for my money still has to be Christian Fittipaldi after his mid-air 360 at Monza in 93. Remember watching in disbelief that he came back down the right way up and marveling that if he’d caught his team mate’s rear 100 metres earlier, he would have been wrapped round the overhead gantry across the start/finish line.

  4. I think its about time that these track implement the SAFER barriers used in many oval tracks (seriously).


  5. Glock is staying in hospital overnight but the team are confident he’ll be at the Hungaroring.

  6. Up until that point, the race had been going straight forward. Timo Glock’s crash forced the teams into alterations, and in McLaren’s case, mistakes, involving their pitstops. For me, the most important incident of the race and the most interesting. Watching the teams adapt to what had happened.
    As has been documented, Glock’s crash occured on the exit to the final corner. Yesterday, that could have been Kovalainen going off into the wall. A very, very tricky section right there.
    Hats off yet again, to all of the safety people who have yet again saved another young driver’s life today.

  7. Toyota intends to ask the FIA why Glock wasn’t extracted from the car in his seat, which is sometimes done to safeguard the driver in the case of potential back injury:


  8. Glad he is O.K. I hope Piquet called him up to thank him….ummm..,I mean wish him well.

  9. michael counsell
    23rd July 2008, 0:22

    Its not really that similar but after Ralf Schumacher was released from Indy with an undiagnosed broken vertebrae in 2004, more car should really have been taken over Glock.

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