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Nigel Mansell winning at Hockenheim 16 years ago

A round up of highlights from F1 blogs and other sites including: Is Nigel Mansell about to make another comeback to international motor sport? How would the 1994 season have ended if Ayrton Senna hadn’t been killed?

And why is Ralf Schumacher struggling so badly in the DTM?

The encounter down under: An alternative version of the 1994 Formula 1 season – What would have happened if Ayrton Senna hadn’t died? One reader of this blog is writing a book looking at how the 1994 season might have turned out.

An interview with Ana Beatriz and Justin Wilson – Justin Wilson on being in Indy Cars since leaving F1: “I really enjoy the lifestyle and the type of racing over here in America. I find it a lot less politics involved. There’s still quite a bit, but that’s going to be racing no matter where you go. But it’s more down to getting in the car and racing and making the most of it. We all have the same equipment, same engine, the same tires, and I like being able to compete every weekend. So right now, no, I really enjoy it here and don’t miss Formula One.”

A hack looks back – the German Grand Prix – Mike Doodson reminisces about Germand GPs past.

McLaren-Fahrer besuchen das Technology-Center – Excellent video from inside the McLaren technology centre.

BRDC members rebel at Silverstone – British Racing Drivers Club split over future of Silverstone after apparently losing F1.

Who will win Sports Personality? – Hamilton heads sports personality nomination after finishing second last year.

Unstoppable Rafa II – Is Lewis Hamilton ‘privileged’? An interesting discussion.

When team mates fight – Famous team mate rivalries in F1. More here: Ten best team mate rivalries.

The Cahier Archive – Pictures by famous F1 photographer Bernard Cahier who has died aged 91.

T in the Park festial news – Eddie Jordan’s band plays at T in the Park.

Motor racing returns to Morocco after 50 years – The last international motor race in Morocco was 1958 world championship title decider, which went to Mike Hawthorn.

Nigel Mansell considering sports car comeback with sons? – 1992 world champion Nigel Mansell considering a racing return. More from Maximum Motorsport: Ralf Schumacher’s DTM switch isn’t going well.

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15 comments on “F1 blogs & more: Mansell comeback?”

  1. I read about this persons book on a youtube comment but never found the link. Hopefully it will be a good read :)

  2. I think Kimi deserves sports personality of the year.

  3. One of the worst things about that video of Raikkonen is how, when the kid gets knocked over, not only does Raikkonen go back, the kid’s mother continues to chase him for his autograph instead of checking on the kid.

  4. quite off topic, but still an interesting thing:
    today at the presss conference of the Hungarian GP the head of the Hungaroring and a high ranking goverment official both confirmed that talks with Bernie Ecclestone about extending the track’s contract are nearing an end, and the HUngarian GP is likely to remain on the calendar until 2016.

  5. I meant not only does Raikkonen NOT go back

  6. @ TommyB
    That would be my video, then. I hope you’ll enjoy part I of my story, which is available for download.

  7. @ Keith
    And thanks for the link… :)

  8. Keith, excellent blog. I am surprised I haven’t stumbled upon this before…

    Thanks for the link.

    Quirky Indian

  9. It would be interesting to see a Mansell family car running at Le Mans next year – this year we had the first husband and wife pairing in the same team, but I’m not sure if it was the same car! And by ‘family car’ I don’t expect to see the Mansells in a Mondeo Estate!
    Ralf does seem to be taking his time getting into DTM, but I think the cars are harder to handle than they look, as they are big silhouttes, so are somewhere between a sports car and a saloon, almost a NASCAR! And if I remember correctly, Mika took a while to get his first result, if he managed at all…..

  10. The kid knocked herself out by running into the book.

  11. can anyone say “accident”? why do parents let go of their children’s hands and expect other people to watch out for them? oh, let me guess, he was supposed to stop and hand her a lollie pop and kiss it better.

  12. honestly, i’m on Kimi’s side, not because I like him…. I just hate kids, i don’t stop and help a child up when the trip up in my shop.

    at least he pointed out the fallen kid to the mother.

  13. I’m with Nick, Verasaki and Sush:

    Kimi didn’t knock the kid over, the kid knocked herself out by running into the book (held by her mother). But kids will be kids after all.

    And Kimi even points to the kid as if to say ‘WTF are you doing hounding me for an autograph when your kid has fallen over?!!’.

    I would’ve been the same.

  14. The thing about that video, —-the mother had to be told to go back….

  15. @ Dorian…you’re right,Kimi looks back like,hey!you just knocked the kid in the head,go check on him.Kimi was the only one who was not at fault here…kids fall down all the time…they are made of rubber,he’ll be just fine.

    @ Sush…I bet you are a W.C.Fields fan….”get away from me kid…yaa botha me!

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